Black Shark, Red Magic vs mainstream flagships

18 July 2019

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please do a 2022 version
including flagship midrange and entry level phones

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    • 03 May 2022

    FireFistFenix, 20 Jul 2019Amazing research done here. Can we have a OnePlus 7 vs 7 Pr... moreAnd the oneplus 7T, with the 855+.

      I have a SD845 device which is the Unlocked version of the LGv40 and it doesn't throttle at all in the throttle test. They should've been using the GPU GFLOPS FP32 test for a base comparison. The new Mate 40 Pro for example has a ARM Mali-G78 MP24 monster GPU and it's supposed to be 52% faster than the Adreno 650+ in the SD865+ but, in TFlops and GFlops its not. The G78 MP24 is rated at 1.089TFlops of FP32 and drops to 800GFlops after 30 seconds. The Adreno 650/+ has 1,024 ALU's and is rated at 1.2-1.3TFlops of FP32 compute. The Adreno 630 has 512ALU's and is rated at 727GFlops FP32 theoretical but, maxes out at 616GFlops in the GPU GFlops test, which is still good but, not quite accurate with certain claims. Can never really just thermals from different architecture's or process. It doesn't work that way. Though, a plain old FPS count never disappoints.

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        • 21 Sep 2020

        Hi guys please help me i can't play games on Damon ps2 emulator it starts and it will be black and nothing does not open games what shall i do 😭

          Mediateksux, 25 Jul 2019Wrong. Thermal throttling is only for keeping the battery f... moreIt's to keep components safe bro not only battery. Cpu's burn at exactly 50° if i remember correctly

            i did the cpu throttling test on my P30 pro and it remained the 15 minutes over 85% - 90% at least even with and without performance mode and it never throttled that bad like in the test , something is very wrong here ..

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              • 14 Oct 2019

              This article really needs an update including the results o ROG Phone II.

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                • 26 Sep 2019

                Mediateksux, 25 Jul 2019Wrong. Thermal throttling is only for keeping the battery f... moreNot really, thermal throttling is to keep the electronic components safe in general. PCs don't have batteries and still throttle, while their PSUs usually can take the extra power draw.

                  Orange97, 16 Sep 2019Forgot to say that instead of paying 1000$ for a "Gaming Ph... moreyeah? good luck taking that PC to play games while, i dont know, like queuing for a dentist, or on a public transport

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                    • 20 Sep 2019

                    Orange97, 16 Sep 2019I really hate the term "Gaming Phone"! They call them like... morethe price

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                      • 16 Sep 2019

                      Forgot to say that instead of paying 1000$ for a "Gaming Phone" to play PUBG Mobile and run some half-optimized emulators, you should pay that money for a "Gaming PC" to play EEEEEEEVERY game, take it from the Atari-era to the PS4-era!

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                        • 16 Sep 2019

                        I really hate the term "Gaming Phone"!
                        They call them like this, making you think there's something special about them... But... In terms of performance, there's not that much difference between them and the normal flagship phones.
                        Just try emulators like Dolphin, DamonPS2, Citra, etc... And you'll see that there's barely any difference between Galaxy Note10+ and Red Magic 3s.

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                          • 08 Sep 2019

                          Is it possible to compare Android gaming phones with the iPhone in gaming or general performance? It would be interesting if Apple's optimized software can outperform Android's hardware.

                            Anonymous, 21 Jul 2019You do realize that mobile gaming is the Future since these... moreMobile gaming has been around since Atari's The Lynx and Nintendo's Gameboy in 1989. . .

                            Mobile gaming has been living in parallel to PC and console gaming for decades.

                            AR gaming on the go is something I'm looking forward to, apart from that I don't care too much about mobile gaming as I got much bigger screens (65" and 32" respectively) on my consoles and PC.

                            Gaming in a large rooms with object based sound properly set up, and not just headphones trying to emulate this, is a great feeling. And your ears doesn't get warm. Console and PC gaming is also more ergonomic and doesn't strain the neck the same way mobile gaming does.

                              androidbrick, 05 Aug 2019I mean specs-wise, first 90Hz Amoled. Matters ? Of course not :)I'm not a huge fan of the 90Hz ones. Sure your menus will look smooth but for games the compatibility isn't all that great. 120Hz is better at upsampling as it better supports not only 30Hz flawlessly (same as 90Hz does), but also 40 and 60Hz upsampled to its native refresh rate.

                              A gaming phone should have its high refresh rate meant for gaming, not for swiping through menus and web pages.

                                Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019Meanwhile the exynos s10 throttled less than the Xperia so ... moreStop being biased yourself. The Xperia 1 does not have any competitors screen wise :-)

                                I'm not a Sony phone user btw, Xiaomi here, but the screens of the Xperia Premiums and now the Xperia 1 are amazing.

                                  Know I know what the "performance mode" means to Huawei..

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                                    Anonymous, 21 Jul 2019You do realize that mobile gaming is the Future since these... moreThis argument is as bad as people that have said that tablets will replace PCs for work . It never happened. Not everyone wants to play games on phones.

                                      Make this test standard on enthusiast or flagship phones! The Poco F1 is disappointing considering that younger people more likely to buy or bought that phone and play games with it.
                                      In fairness, popular Android games are not graphics intensive such as in these tests

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                                        Gsmarena please do these tests for each phone review in the future it is very helpful as throttling is very overlooked. Key is to keep ambient temperature relatively the same