Honor 20 review

24 July 2019

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  • Martineering

This phone overheating above safety level? Camera issues. Probably you should never keep any phone for the test. This device it's 100% ok. You shoul learn more how to capture nice photos... In your hands this pictures look like in 2mpx 10 years old device.

  • Raj

This screen protection in witch glass

  • Anonymous

AnnaXX, 25 Jul 2019I am using honor view 20 from last 6 months and really not so ha... moreAre you still using it ?

neuropunke, 25 Jul 2019i have 380$ on my new phone, thanks for vote for mi9t but maybe ... moreWell there's not much other phones that are perfect for the price.

Flying Donkey, 29 Jul 2019xiaomi os is really heavy mate and honor 20 is so much better th... moreWell,you should read the reviews on GSMA..

Flying Donkey, 29 Jul 2019nfc works with devices with metal backs honor v10 has a metal ba... moreThat's what I meant, so why are you replying to me?

neuropunke, 25 Jul 2019Which better, mi9,mi9t or honor 20? What do you think?Honor 20 because way better camera on front and back more durable with out a pop up and has a better chipset kirin 980

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019The front screen looks like an S10 or S10+.honor v20 had a hole punch first

Nicolas F, 25 Jul 2019OnePlus from 3 to 5T, iPhones from 6 to 7, Samsung A6/A6+ (2018)... morenfc works with devices with metal backs honor v10 has a metal back and has nfc support

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019Do you mean wireless charging or NFC?? NFC still work with metal... moreiphones nfc is dogshit only for payments and there talking about wireless charging

harwey, 26 Jul 2019Nice phone,but.. Xiaomi Mi9 have better display,better chipset,... morexiaomi os is really heavy mate and honor 20 is so much better then the mi 9 in the camera department

Surprised by the camera review on this. It has the exact same primary sensor as the honor view 20 which received a much more positive review for image and video quality. Wonder if honor has actually disimproved the image processing with newer software versions or it is mainly due to different opinions from a different reviewer

  • Anonymous

User, 27 Jul 2019why google phones using qualcomm's snapdragon chipset only. THIN... moreWhy google phones have bad reputation? Think
I don't mean qualcomm is bad. They are the best, better than kirin. I'm just laughing at this argument

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Like what? Explain. what part?

  • Siddharth

I have used honor phones from last 2 years this year i left the brand.i like the phones design and colurs and at first camera was also great but with time bugs got introduced , camera performace got degraded , updates slowed down and sound output is not that great to these bugs and no updates i left the brand .i dont say its bad but it definitely needs improvements all the way.and the thing is no frequent update from the brand is a big bummer .
The ban by us is actually lifted so dont worry about the ban but its intensively a personal choice .Now i am using One plus 7 which is great and i personally feel they are doing something as they are providing frequent updates and improving the oxygen os . emui is not bad but skinned and too much themed up which crashes some apps some times. they need time and improvements a lot .

[deleted post]Cheap components?Explain that,Huawei is using expensive components?It's not way less,just a bit less,it's got to do with..greed!

  • User

why google phones using qualcomm's snapdragon chipset only. THINK. ( qualcomm's snapdragon chipset is the best)

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019Lost me at LCD , its mid 2019......come on. don't make the amoled/oled overhyped. they are good for color reproduction but not the perfect. LCD shines where oled fails. SO STOP being whiny.

Nice phone,but..
Xiaomi Mi9 have better display,better chipset,better cameras,better OS..for even less $$.

  • Anonymous

Lost me at LCD , its mid 2019......