Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ hands-on review

07 Aug 2019

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  • Magandah

I love this beast even though it looks like the P30 pro at the back.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019"Camera placement is quite good in S10 series, unique samsung de... moreIn which way LG camera placement is same design to you? Or you meant the horizontal dual camera plus another LED dot is same as s10 series?

Jun1250, 08 Aug 2019The vanilla Note10's compromises are just intolerable. Less RAM ... moreYou've said too little. A phone which is inferior in many regards to the last year's Note and priced as almost 1000 euros.
This is not a flagship phone to get the same price tag as if it'd be one.

Yeah, It is a Note 10e and wouldn't be too tough to say it, overpriced with at least 300 dollars, if not with more.

  • Anonymous

I was all in until seeing they got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Moronic that they followed this trend. My wife has an iphone and it is the worst trying to locate the adapter all the time. Very frustrating as i was excited about this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019SPEN + 60hz is much a better deal than 90hz screen.. Have you used a 90Hx screen... You don't ever want to go back to anything lower. I miss the spen but I would miss the butter smooth screen more. I was extremely hyped for the Note10+ a few months ago but I think I'll hold on to my One+ a little longer, at least until the new Asus Rog. Sorry Note10 and SPen just not that compelling this year. I was sooo hopful.

  • Anonymous

Jun1250, 08 Aug 2019At the price they're launching at, not very excusable, probably ... morePrice go down to half in 6 months? You won't even get a used note 10 at half price after 6 months. This in not a sony phone, it is a samsung.

user, 08 Aug 2019I doubt you'd manage to see a difference without trying your best to.At the price they're launching at, not very excusable, probably the most expensive non-luxury phone with an FHD display. Besides, it'll make a difference in VR, if a GearVR compatible with these jackless phones gets released that is. But hey, I'd honestly buy any Note when it's price comes down to half in the next 6 months.

I`ve just encountered both phones in a local shop. I had the chance to examine both phones:
- the Note 10 is really attractive and manageable size. this is the note I was waiting for. it will not be so chunky and big that I can not slip it into my pocket or jeans.
- Note 10 screen is really good, however the 10 plus screen is more vivid and sharp (only if compared side by side).
- the small bezels are so attractive.
- the phone is light weight (the note 10)
- the camera is not that advanced, I compared photos shut by my currently daily driver, HTC U11 and the Note 10 , the difference in the photos for the same scene is not that big (all photos in artificial light inside the store). the Note 10 photos however, are brighter and more vivid.
- I would upgrade to the note 10 (but later, when the price goes down)
- If you have note 9 or even 8 and they are working properly, I think you can wait one or two years to upgrade, unless you follow the trends and cannot wait ;-)

The note 10 plus is bigger, heavier, looks more premium, better screen, more battery and more expensive . The size is good but less manageable.

I do not think that I would buy Note 10 plus someday...

  • Note9 User

Panda eyes, 07 Aug 2019In love with the Aurora Gradient, one really funky tripppy color Yeah it's lovely, I might paint my front door (psychedelic portal through time & space) this colour ; )

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019You dont count the power consumption like that . 1080p having ... moreNo... Less pixels to render means less energy used.
It is easier to push brightness on lower resolution screen.

  • Anonymous

S10+ is better than note10

  • Note9 User

Whackcar, 07 Aug 2019To anyone considering the Note 10 (Standard), i suggest you go f... moreOkay, unless the Note9 is too big for them, in a World of phablets, the Note10 could be the smaller Note solution that they've been waiting for:

Note9: 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm
Note10: 151 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm.­3&idPhone2=9788

  • user

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Is there an ir blaster or not... Can someone confirmSamsung hasn't made a phone with IR port since 2016... So no.

  • user

Jun1250, 08 Aug 2019The vanilla Note10's compromises are just intolerable. Less RAM ... moreI doubt you'd manage to see a difference without trying your best to.

Here we go to the party no jack no problem.
Expect the upcomming S11 line without jack as well.
There is no need for that big fat useless pointless hole which had no place and space in future like phones.
Samsung can go very well without it and they will do.
Other brands will follow soon.

We were forced to stick with non removable batteries and here we go are forced again to live without jack. People complain and companies doesnt care.
Its like always same story. Words are spoken and the bread is eaten and on the end of the day noone will bother.
Hey its the samsung so what.
They have the money to do whathewer they pleases. Hey people pass over it they dont care anyway.
With money samsung earns every single day by selling million plis cell phones a day and more than 20 millions of devices with samsung sticker on it they can buy you your family your town your people and you and noone of you would care a thing.
Its just that easy if you sells milion phones a day. And more than 20 milions of anything everything and all with samsung sticker on it daily.
Thus the story.
So come and get over it. We have no choice anyway. Just to live with it.

And the memory slot and charging port will be next.
Internet get cheaper and cloud storage as well.
And the QI charge will be the future.
Be prepared.

  • Dev_Mauritius

I believe that having the punch hole on any phone is a downside for me. Especially on a Note 10 Plus, the camera could have been added on the bezel while keeping the 18:5:9 aspect ratio and briliantly delivering a new Dynamic OLED, smarter S Pen and all the nifty features delivered with this iteration. Having a larger phone with a black hole on top - no matter the size of this black hole - is black. I could live without the 3.5 mm jack provided that the battery lasts as long as the Note 9 despite delivering audio over bluetooth. Now it's true that the wand-like S Pen gestures will also eat into its own battery life. Microsoft One Drive - I currently myself own 1TB - is always a pain to access and maintain stable connection. I would rather wait for an S11 or Note 11 that could feature an under-the-display front camera and offering a proven 5G connectivity with decent battery life balance than bargaining for a new device with large screen, punch hole and higher power consumption.
The ToF, added video effects, design features and audio zoom-in are very attractive and are a Plus soon-to-be must-have mainstream set of capabilities, alongside 12 GB RAM and 512-GB or 1-TB variants by December 2019. Let's wait and see how the prices go about.

  • C3PO

C'mon Samsung really? This is a 2020 flagship phone for you?
I'll just stick to my almost 5 years old Note4, hope I'll find another battery to change it since my second battery is getting tired.
I mean really:
- 19:9 screen you are really going to "lady tampon"aspect and size.
Note 4 has 16:9 and is way more usable in portrait mode for reading and in landscape for watching videos.
- Screen: 401 ppi :))) vs. 518 ppi on Note 4 released in 2014.
- Useless curved screen, light bending on the sides and prone to crack easy if dropped. Flat screen on Note 4, clean image, dropped many times over the years, even on concrete or bathroom floor, no cracks, only the frame was lightly bruised.
- No notification led anymore... Very useful thing, Note 4 has it.
- No light sensor for Auto Brightness. Note 4 has it.
- No UV measuring, no heart rate. Note 4 has them.
- No card slot. Note 4 has one.
- No headphone jack. Note 4 has it.
- No IR blaster. Note 4 has it.
- 3500 mAh sealed battery (for which h jack was removed) :))) vs. 3220 mAh removable battery in Note 4.
1000 Euros for something like Note10 with everything removed, this is just spiting your fans in the face.
-Samsung also bought Harman/Kardon who owns JBL.
And they released the JBL Charge 4 portable speaker, a mono speaker with no microphone to be used as speakerphone and not even a charger in the box.
By comparison when Samsung was no owner of JBL, hes "older brother" JBL Charge 3 was made a stereo speaker with microphone and had a charger included in the box.
Its just veeery very sad what Samsung has become. And how he treats us.

SNA1970, 08 Aug 20191080 uses 25% energy . this means 25% more battery life for the ... moreWell the battery is larger than the S10- so that is not an argument against using the same screen.
Both has a 855 CPU - for some regions the Note 10- has a CPU that is supposed to be LEANER on the battery than the S10-
(and the S10- is offered with 512GB option)

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019but you would still have to buy apple pencil separate and cary i... moreI already have iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The vanilla Note10's compromises are just intolerable. Less RAM is still okay, no expandable storage is a little bitter to swallow, but the 1080p res - just traitorous. Should've just called it the Note10e and $100 off at that.