vivo Z1Pro hands-on review

12 Aug 2019

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Sam.atx2, 25 Nov 2019Usb type c port or notNope

  • rofishguts

I use this phone for more than a month. The battery is a badass, no complain about it. And the charging time quite fast. The primary back camera 16 mp is helpful to shot in every occasion, front selfie camera is one of the best for it's sharp and wider colours for selfie. My complain is just for it bulky size and heavy, force hand to hold it longer.

Usb type c port or not

  • avransingh

Rajan, 13 Nov 2019Vivo z1pro in myanmar lounch datez1pro

  • Rajan

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019Charging will be wast Vivo z1pro in myanmar lounch date

  • Anonymous

Charging will be wast

  • Kashif

Vivo z1 pro in pakistan lounch date

  • Manojkumar Vyas

Immobilizer, 13 Aug 2019This is the worst phone of 2019 simple because if Micro USBThen take another phone. Simple.... :)

  • Rashid ali

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Is the 16mp sensor on this one a 519 , since it looks similar to... moreNice

  • Anonymous

Is the 16mp sensor on this one a 519 , since it looks similar to the realme 3 pro

hi from z1 pro user, i just got it recently from last saturday,
coming from mi max prime for me z1 pro is a big upgrade, its felt much premium despite its price point with antutu 7 score of 180k+ it really is reliable and the perform really good compared to my old phone.
the screen indeed not amoled yet the quality is still an upgrade for me (felt much slimmer tho, harder to read manga now).
camera is also an upgrade on this phone, wide angle, 1080 60fps, 4k, cool.
mini usb port is not a big deal for me as long it still support double engine fast charging, really not an issue at all.
at first RN7, realme 3 pro, oppo k3, realme x, a50, a70 came into my consideration, but i ditched oppo k3 and realme x since for me memory card slot is a must, RN7 is kinda good alternative but i felt the screen is kinda too small for me and the i dont wanna see unwanted ads on my phone, as for a50 is a good option but its priced more in my region and with the trade off of performance, and a70 is kinda overpriced for me.
it has plastic body yes, but i dont mind, plastic body is more durable than glass for me, and either way i will put jelly case on it so not a big deal at all.
5000mah is realllyyy cool..
for me for the price vs performance, vivo z1 pro is worth every penny at least for now

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019Also a20 packed with the wayyy inferior soc than z1 pro, dont fo... moreFor what i want to do, the A20 is good enough of a camera.

  • Anonymous

GAMIRSFM, 14 Aug 2019A20 Cost less than 200$ and it has Type-C and AMOLED display...Also a20 packed with the wayyy inferior soc than z1 pro, dont forget about camera, you must try to compare that a20 cannot compete z1 pro camera

Riaz Madappally, 15 Aug 2019In my personal experience, Funtouch OS is much more convenient t... moreYou know nothing about ColorOS, sadly that those shortcut function that you mention is available if you not a newbie user that can only use without setting more deep, still imho ColorOS is better than FunnyOS

This phone can be used as a power bank also, it has reverse charging system

zillion, 18 Aug 2019This vivo cannot be compared with xiaomi redmi note 7 series. Th... moreI have never used a Xiaomi phone but I have Samsung A50, Z1 Pro and Realme 3 with me, among all these Samsung's one ui is the best and more convenient, next comes funtouch os 9 of Vivo Z1 Pro. I have no idea about the previous versions of funtouch OS but this one is really user-friendly, almost similar to iOS. Realme 's colour OS is the terrible os which I have ever seen, its menu, settings etc are very complicated and not at all user-friendly. I had used one Asus Zenfone Max M1 before, which I found the most user-friendly interface.

This vivo cannot be compared with xiaomi redmi note 7 series. The UI, design of this phone so terrible than redmi note 7. The premium feel design, material and bunch of MIUI features of redmi note 7 is unbeatable from the price segment.

  • Kaushy

Lordaeon, 14 Aug 2019There's no "always on" feature because it is only feasible with ... moreAlways On has nothing to do with the Display

If you check Vivo Phone then the pattern is that handsets which have rear fingerprint unlocks will not have Always On.
Handsets which has onscreen fingerprint unlocks will have Always On which is ridiculous

  • himzy

guys how long does it take been answer your question?

NEWBEE, 14 Aug 2019I don't understand? A20 costs 200EUR / 16000INR and Vivo Z1 cost... moreEU and Indian pricing and taxations are different. DO NOT rely on this site for pricing on your region.