Samsung Galaxy Note10+ review

21 Aug 2019

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  • Abdelrahman UAE

The phone is still working well except the battery 🔋
After two years of using, now I can charge the phone for three times per day.

  • Socrates

My Galaxy note 10+ has a chronic problem of loosing network. It started 1 year after buying the phone. It was repaired by an approved samsung care repair center. Few times after repair, the problem came again. This is the 4th time I'm experiencing the same problem. Is it a general problem or I was unlucky to buy a device with congenital disease ( =fault) ?

  • Abdurrahman

Mine is still android 12

  • Anonymous

Reverse wireless charging is 4.5w on main page and 9w mentioned on review page

  • toton

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021Serious advice please. Which one should I go for between n... morei got s20 fe bro, its a beast. you should pick s20 fe.

  • Anonymous

Serious advice please.
Which one should I go for between note 10 plus exynos and s20 fe snapdragon? Getting both for roughly the same price. But I think the aging exynos 9825 won't be as good as sd865 in 2-3 years from now.

  • Caezar

They really need to fix the S-Pen Air Action issue. It's been a while.

  • Nan

Segun, 28 Sep 2021Is this phone 5g capable?Yes.. mine Is 5g version with 512gb on board...

  • Segun

S.S, 27 Sep 2021I have been using this phone for nearly three years. It is ... moreIs this phone 5g capable?

  • S.S

I have been using this phone for nearly three years. It is really a very good phone with a wonderful battery life. Like it so much

  • Anonymous

Samsung galaxy note 10+
Very nice phone

I can't believe that this thing is only 427USD only, I might snag one out during sales. lol.

  • Remy

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Be aware: Got android 11 One Ui 3.0 and now mega battery dr... moreYeah.. I noticed it too. Eventhough I am not die hard gamer/user but my battery will only last for about 7-9 hours.

  • Remy

Sheila, 20 Feb 2021Note 10 plus S Pen issue: air actions is disconnected and S... moreYeah.. same goes to me, exactly! My S Pen will always suddenly disconnect. Sometimes I have to insert few times to reconnect it. And its battery (S Pen battery) will drastically drop from 100% to 30%/10% when I press the button. What should I do about it?

dani, 19 Jul 2021What about sound quality in video recordings? It's som... moreYes good point... and also shutter lag for all reviews would be useful for photos

  • dani

What about sound quality in video recordings? It's something you usually skip to review despite it's a key point for some users

  • Squadron Ldr Esiri

Thank you so much indeed for an opportunity to buy
This excellent Samsung galaxy note 10 plus . Which I have ever taken. Samsung brand is the best...
SQUADRON LEADER Esiri Samaranayake
Sri Lanka

  • Anonymous

Mun, 23 Feb 2021I thinking to get samsung note 10+ or note 20.. Please giv... moreNote 10plus the best

  • Robin

10+ super phone no dought

  • Baburaj

Sanju, 15 Sep 2019Note 10+ better phone compaire to 1+7proOneplus 7pro feels better than this