Samsung Galaxy Note10+ review

21 Aug 2019

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  • Yondaime21

AnonF-85937, 21 Aug 2019XS Max pretty much owned the Note10+ in almost every benchm... moreOn paper yes. But in real life usage/speed test, the iphone xs max got owned by galaxy s10 plus. Eventually beaten by oneplus 7 pro.

Doom, 22 Aug 2019One of the more balanced review. Other reviews basically ju... moreIt's an excellent review. It talks about both the highs (screen quality, speakers, video, battery) and the lows (lack of the jack, bad ergonomics, iterative cameras, and high price) in equal measure. It's a good phone, but definitely not worth the price, as phones that are cheaper have some better features, and phones that will be true competitors are only a month away.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2019A Samsung phone with design of Sony phones :)How? Sony phones have a history of curved screens and hole in the screen? Don't be ridiculous.

One of the more balanced review. Other reviews basically just goes on and on about the "best Galaxy Note" yet and talks about better screen, camera, battery without really mentioning the biggest downer, not having 3.5mm headphone jack. This review mentions it up front. Kudos for not being another sheep.

AnonF-85937, 21 Aug 2019XS Max pretty much owned the Note10+ in almost every benchm... moreNot really. Web browsing sucks. It's a big downer in that.

  • Note9 User

Robbie , 21 Aug 2019Is that battery life score on Snapdragon or Exynos? Exynos.

  • Note9 User

[deleted post]Ah, maybe you're referring to:

The lack of 3.5mm jack.
They won't cry because they won't buy.
There's no need for squawks, because their Note works with aux.
We can connect to HiFi fine & charge at the same time.
It's fine for Note users to voice their opinion, if Samsung don't listen they'll lo$e many million.

Oh look I'm a poet & I didn't even know it ;)

  • Anonymous

AnonF-85937, 21 Aug 2019XS Max pretty much owned the Note10+ in almost every benchm... moreSingle and multi score of note 10 is the same or a little less than that of my iPhone 8 Plus.

[deleted post]Nah, Samsung fanboys absolutely hate this device, the top post for r/Samsung this month is someone criticizing the Note10.

  • Righty

There is nothing wrong with the button placement. I never understand when people say that buttons on the left side would benefit left handed persons, while right handed persons often use their left hand to keep their right hand free to, for example write things down.

I'm right handed and if the buttons were all placed on the right side, then that would be a deal breaker for me. One more thing Google is doing wrong with their Pixel phones.

  • Oflife

For two years rumours indicated a folding Note X that was more like a notepad. This design is blingy and impractical for creatives. I don't want: 1. A hole in the screen for Instagram narcissists. 2. Curved edges that make drawing and gripping the phone difficult. 3. A fragile rear - Bring back the Note 4 tough grippy rear case.

  • AnonF-85937

XS Max pretty much owned the Note10+ in almost every benchmark there, a whole year later. Very impressive.

Note10+ Battery Life looking beastly though, seems like a road warrior with those numbers!

  • Anonymous

Some daylight photos as well as some night mode photos look oversaturated

  • Jake550

SadSoul, 21 Aug 2019So in main camera, onePlus 7 Pro is taking better low light... moreIn mrwhostheboss and supersaf vids you can see the note 10+ night mode beat the p30 pro's j

  • Anonymous

TechEnthusiast, 21 Aug 2019Samsung lagging with new UI? Since when buddy? I guess you ... moreSo you need to check your eyes

  • Anonymous

Samsung really applies too much noise reduction (no matter whether night or day) and the noise reduction looks like watercolors. I have the assumption that Samsung's exif data in night mode isn't correct. When they state 1/4s , I have the assumption that it's rather something like combining eight 1/32s photos because with the Note 9 the night photos were sharper, so probably the Note 9 used real 1/4s exposures. The Note 10 apparently only uses 1/4s in night mode whereas the Note 9 used 1/4s when night mode didn't exist. A real 1/4s exposure is better than eight 1/32s exposures regarding noise.

  • KING Jay Kay

Okay now let me answer few important things to every one around and for those who might come later as well

For pound to pound value currently Samsung S10 and it's plus is best mobile if you do t but it from Samsung stores

The comparison they make with one plus 7 is because a dedicated camera comparison will definitely come later, like every Samsung mobile camera comparison so kindly be patient and chances are it will take some time if they did not rushed to compare it with last year flagships because this year one P30 pro is major camera phone that matters, matters in a way people know about

Again why they don't include any other mobiles in benchmarks so because now days there are few mobiles that matters

One plus for speed in Android (no more bang for bucks but for speed and ultimate specs with minimum bloat or near Android experience)

Google for best results with least hardware and Huawei for versatile camera in Android
Bang for bucks Xiaomi or Poco or it's predecessor K20 pro or what ever mi9 etc

iPhone is different story it's abither eco system and as it's a single phone so yes you can compare it with Androids but who ever will buy it will buy it for eco system or iOS first or other percs or curses affiliated with it

Rest now a days Sony Htc Lg they does not matter because their place is taken by Oppo Vivo or other Chinese brands

So stop telling n complaining, why they bring Huawei mobiles n iPhones n one plus in bench marks because
Huawei for Kirin
iPhones for bionics
And last but not the least One plus for Snapdragon SOCs

So frankly speaking there isn't any need for other OEM based mobiles for comparison because there sales tells how much people want to know about them


  • Kiya

What about DeX?

  • TechEnthusiast

[deleted post]Samsung lagging with new UI? Since when buddy? I guess you are talking about M10, M20s but as far as I have seen and known, Galaxy flagships have always been snappy.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Sony has better scores because it use lower resolution in those tests