Asus ROG Phone II review

10 Sept 2019

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Dishonored, 11 Sep 2019Just answer me gsmarena writter How do u want a phone who... moreIP rating is to protect against dust too, not just water.
6 means level of dust protection.

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DrakeX, 11 Sep 2019Best phone of the year easily goes to Asus ROG Phone II. Th... moreNope. The phone of the year is xperia 5 and I know sony fanboys will agree with me.

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I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, i really like your reviews but this specific one felt a little... off?
It sounded suspiciously positive and it was much longer than other reviews, which is understandable with such a feature rich phone, but it was, much, MUCH longer.

In last info NVIDIA start's a service where u Can play pc games like stream in you're phone so :3 futur IS here for them

Its liké psnow

Just answer me gsmarena writter
How do u want a phone who put a 6000mha jack triple USB C
Not to go 240gramms
And IP rating IS for water and photo lover's if someone love games how the heck does he néed the water protection ??
No wireless charging since Asus aim for those who wants to bé like damn look at m'y ps4 m'y High pc and phone while gaming they charge they dont néed wireless so out with that for more battery

108n, 11 Sep 2019Y u push one plus 7 pro. There are far better phones to com... moreYou clearly haven't actually used a OP7 Pro. It is a brilliant phone. I too used to criticize it until i actually got to try one. It is a very satisfying phone. Mi9 has nothing on it.

Besides, The ROG Phone 2 is a gaming phone, and thus OP7 Pro makes a better alternative than the Mi9. The 90hz 1440p large notchless display, stereo speakers, bigger battery & faster charging all make it a better phone for gaming than the Mi9. Then there's the added benefit of it having better cameras too.

The Mi9 is cheaper though, so it has that going for it.

  • 108n

Y u push one plus 7 pro. There are far better phones to compare it with.. Mi9 seems better in numbers and an tu tu. Really get rid of your one plus complex.

Best phone of the year easily goes to Asus ROG Phone II. This thing is what defines cutting-edge technology and pushes the boundaries of what phones are capable of. 12GB RAM and 1TB is totally overkill so I'd prefer going with the base variant. Now if only if I can get the Tencent edition at around MSRP as the markup resellers sell this phone is excessive.

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Whackcar, 11 Sep 2019Asus has shown immense progress in the past few years. Both... moreIf I were a gamer this the phone I would get. They´re still exploring a market which is still growing and has a lot of potential. It´s nice to see a new contender, Asus may be the n1 in gaming devices

  • chmod xxx

Amazing all around phone. Between top of the line specs and 120Hz display I can't really find a fault with it.
Of course I wouldn't even bother with playing games on a phone because mobile gaming is complete nonsense - the lack of games and bad controls being the prime reasons why.
For gaming on the go the only real option is the Nintendo Switch with its great library ranging from first party Nintendo games to ports like Witcher 3. What good games Android has? Literally only emulated titles up to PS2/GCN era and some 3DS ports. Oh and Infinity Engine games ports. Notice how all of these were originally released on real gaming platforms like PC or consoles. Freemium mobile games and gatchas are an insult to what is being released on other platforms.

So in a nutshell RPG Phone II is a great device even for people who don't want a 'gaming' phone. Anyone spending 900 EUR on a gaming platform with no games is a madman. Compared to other 900 EUR phones the RPG P2 is still a good choice even in normal tasks.

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If it would have had 16:9 display format and memory card slot I would have bought it...

if zen phone had an Amoled screen I would have bought it
Asus makes best Phones in the market
most of its phone's are underrated
I hope it continues with the innovation
I want it to become a very big player in smartphone market
I'm assured being a big player it will push the smartphone industry
that is what we were missing in the industry
Now we have Asus

It's a beast
Shut up & take my money

Asus has shown immense progress in the past few years. Both their Zenfone flagship lineup & the ROG Phone lineup are delivering awesome phones back to back. They certainly deserve appreciation & recognition for it!