vivo NEX 3 hands-on review

16 Sept 2019

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I love the Vivo brand❤😍😘, but its new flagship disappointed me😕😣😫He still has no wireless charging on his phones😣😑 Why really????????????????

  • Anonymous

Balo, 29 Sep 2019But a S8 gets into a I got water inside mode when touched w... moreSo,which has more juice...s8 or Vivo?

  • Viga

I dot know hw 2 appreciate da great innovation bt all thanks go 2 u

Chamaproject, 03 Oct 2019U'll get used to the "dead pixel" and to be honest way bett... moreThanks for your input. gonna wait for pixel 4 to compare, (but with the design that leaked i'm not happy). I'm used to good cameras. my htc u11 still have best in class camera. Doesn't have the versatility that a P30 pro have, but what it have and does, it does very well. If i upgrade it needs to have good support, not going to change the phone for at least another 2/3 years but I always give my phones to my girlfriend so she will be using for another 2/3 years. She still using my htc 10 that is still as new. I miss the htc 10 form factor and build quality. Wish they made 1 like it, but without holes or notches. Small bezels doesn't bother me. Samsung, never liked the brand..the devices old bad. I look at a 2/3 old samung,it looks 10year comparing to my htc devices. Still, without many options to short list still is s10e, now added note 10, i can get one less than 700 unlocked. iphone 11 pro is freaking expensive but at least I know it would last 5 years so it would be good for me and for my girlfriend and it takes fantastic photos. pixel 4 with the htc team in the back I know it will have fantastic photos also, and the support will be the best in android.

acemang, 21 Sep 2019s10e is on my short list and i can get it for about 550&Ac... moreU'll get used to the "dead pixel" and to be honest way better then having a notch in the upper middle either android or iOS smartphone. For portability/compact this one is the best as former user of the best compact in the market a few years back (Xperia Z3C). Didn't want to go for Samsung again after S3 but after Xiaomi Mi5 tried S8 and liked it. I've upgraded for S9+ for only to weeks and then S10e. Overall package, if you're not a big screen kind of guy, it's a must have.

  • Balo

Regedit, 17 Sep 2019Agree with you. Hence i consider Galaxy S8 to be a well des... moreBut a S8 gets into a I got water inside mode when touched with water. Although it is sold as being waterproof. Mine had to be repaired. And my Vivo Nex S (the precssor if this phone) dives already much deeper (it fell I to the pool) that my S8 once went.

And the difference in battery life was huge. Going to need extra juice at 5PM vs at midnight.

shawman123, 20 Sep 2019s10e is very compact and comfortable with just 150gm weight... mores10e is on my short list and i can get it for about 550€ or less. it's not perfect, i don't know if i will be used to lateral fingerprint, and that "dead pixel". I prefer bezels vs holes, at least i can put my fingers on and doesn't give any touch problems. still theres not much alternatives, iphone 11 pro is too fk expensive and apple slowing down devices after 1 year (with battery related issues excuse), i don't want to give 2x more for a phone that will be slowed down on propose 1 year after. and that me. pixel 3 is nice but that battery and performance problems. waiting for pixel 4 to see what google done this year. if google somehow done it again with a sub premium product with premium htc u11 still girlfriends wants it so bad that makes me crazy...that's the only reason i'm considering to change the phone (and the size,....that's my excuse ;)). quite frankly an htc u11 update with smaller bezels (not larger screen) with an updated camera system and new sd855, i would buy it in a heart beat.

  • shawman123

acemang, 18 Sep 2019Fortunately for me i'm walking home to work, that's why the... mores10e is very compact and comfortable with just 150gm weight and still a full 5.8" screen.

AlexandruDraghi, 18 Sep 2019I do walk over 10.000 steps every day but that's on a tread... moreFortunately for me i'm walking home to work, that's why the 10k steps. Carrying my "huge" phone is painful but It needs to be done. I could not think carrying a larger phone than my htc u11.
Regarding of watching content on my phone all free time...i kinda try not to. the brain needs time to think...having nothing to do is a good think...i remember those when we don't have nothing to do in 5 seconds...we pick up the phone to "do" something....that's wrong in so many ways that I can't explain it here. Even when I pick up the phone to do something while wait or something...5.5" is more than enough for me for that brief time. Like I told if i need larger display, i have alternatives to appreciate more the content I need to watch/play. I'm from a poor country also, and I'm also a programmer.
You don't need to upgrade a computer every year. My last major upgrade was 7 years ago with intel 3570k and some years ago the gtx 970. I spend more money on smartphones than in computer parts. I'm not keen about having 1 device suits it all. Usually it's pretty average doing all those things you need at best. My shampoo is not those 3 in 1 like head & shoulders if that's a sign of my way of life. Maybe it's time to ask for a raise or try to get a better boss if money is a priority to you? ;)

acemang, 17 Sep 2019I guess you don't walk to much with your phone. I walk mor... moreI do walk over 10.000 steps every day but that's on a treadmill while my phone waits for me on a shelf. Also I don't use a tablet because you can't always have it with you everywhere like you can with your phone. I watch youtube videos and read news while eating or drinking coffee in the morning or while waiting for someone or something and you can't carry your tabled with you all day. Sadly I don't have enough time to make use of a proper gaming desktop even tho I wish I had. To spend 2 salaries on a gaming PC and use it 4-5 hours a week is just not worth it for me. Also if I would have bought a gaming PC my girlfriend would want one too so we can play together and then that's 4 salaries 4-5 hours a week lol. Honestly I live in a poor country and it's just my job as a programmer that allows me to afford pretty good stuff but my car is worth around 4000 euros (about the amount I would need for the two gaming PC's).

The rear camera assembly looks like the Predator's targeting reticle.

The current phone design trends suck. Not a single new launch appeals to me. The CD-ROM like paint jobs and other weird pearlescent ones, glass sandwich builds, pop up cameras, axing the headphone jacks, notches/punch holes, raised circular camera assemblies, etc are way too much focused on show and not go. The only one I could tolerate is the Redmi K20 with the carbon fiber finish which looks a lot more sober than the red and blue flame paint jobs. Oh well.. I'll hold on to my V20 for another year till I run out of reliable spare batteries. Hope the trends improve and become kinder to us consumers. Rant over.

  • booldega

Does it support video-out over usb-c ? This is the first vivo smartphone with USB 3

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"The NEX Dual Display is yet to be matched by any of its competitors."

What are you insinuating at? Nubia X and Nubia Z20 are MUCH BETTER than the Vivo Nex Dual Display. Look at the rear display with half circle "embossed" on the rear display itself. Yuck. Not to mention the funtouch os. Even color os is more tolerable than it.

I feel like something is wrong with the upper bezel, the screen looks like a samsung phone form 2 years ago, not that it doesnt look pleasant, it just looks a little dated.

And for the love of god, ive used s6 edge, s7edge and note 8 - to be honest i find the curved screen useless and just a gimicky way to sell the phone, it may look good, but it is so hard to protect and hold the phone.

  • Dude

Should have had 2K 90hz display. Fail.

AlexandruDraghi, 17 Sep 2019I'm saying it feels thinner in the hand because the edge is... moreI guess you don't walk to much with your phone.
I walk more than 10.000 steps a day and on weekends +20.000.
A phone so big and heavy like the one plus only work well in the places you talked...not in your hand or body. To CARRY the phone, it's a nightmare for me. I've a htc u11, and i think its to big my previews htc 10 was much better in size. I wish they made one with that size, with small bezels.
The few time I've to spend on gaming, i use my desktop computer (24" 144hz).
To watch youtube videos, i've 2 android smart tvs (55" and 49") or use my nvidia shield.
On the bed I use my ipad if I need a larger screen than my 5.5" phone.
I'm glad it works for you.

Mighty thing doubt
But,considering the price in China,$640-800,don't think it'll sell globally..add some 30-40% custom,tax,margins..

acemang, 17 Sep 2019are you really comparing one plus 7 pro Dimensions 162.6 ... moreI'm saying it feels thinner in the hand because the edge is actually thinner than the edge of the squared off SE. Of course it's a bigger phone but the gaming and youtube videos experience is totally worth it, at least for me. I used to only like smaller phones but honestly I don't have a problem with the 7 Pro's dimensions. I mean sure you won't keep it in your pocket while sitting and won't feel comfortable with it in the pocket while biking or running but it stays perfectly on my office desk and on the magnetic support in my car.

  • Priyanshu ranjan kar

Is vivo support 90H display

acemang, 17 Sep 2019are you really comparing one plus 7 pro Dimensions 162.6 ... moreAgree with you. Hence i consider Galaxy S8 to be a well designed / engineered phone.
its got slim bezels, not heavy, subtle curves and beautiful display