Samsung Galaxy A60/M40 review

23 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2019All phones with LCD displays have light bleed around notch.... moreThey mentioned that for redmi note 7 honor 8x

  • Anonymous

Big big yikes from Samsung. I have no idea why they removed the one thing that people actually look for in a midranger - a headphone jack. I don't know what thought process they are making, but i am not fond of it, and i don't see this as a competitive phone in the midrange lineup, since there's realme and xiaomi running around all over the place. Samsung, if you really want to try to keep up, then please don't do what this phone did.

  • A70user

save a little bit more, get the a70.

Now that RealmeXT came, this one looks like entry level device. XT got amoled, gg5, better camera, fps under screen, jack, better chip, bigger battery,...

I think it was pretty mighty foolish of Samsung to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack in a mid-ranger. They totally missed the needs of the target demographic.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2019All phones with LCD displays have light bleed around notch.... moreOther phones having the same problem does not make this phone's fault excusable. It is a con, and people should know about it, hence GSMArena mentioned the same.

BTW they did mention it for other phones. Honor View 20 I think, don't remember the device name. But, they mentioned.

  • Rei

The A50 is better because it has sAMOLED. Why would one buy this?

  • Anonymous

All phones with LCD displays have light bleed around notch. Why are you mentioning only on this phone? Even some notchless flagship phones have light bleed that you failed to mention or purposely not mention. Answer me.

It's medium for medium requiers.

  • orgasmic

We are waiting for a new iPhone 11 Pro (Max) review, why you are so late?

  • Anonymous

Thank you Samsung for refusing my purchase with the exchange of my old phone. This phone really didn't deserve my money. And thank you gsmarena for giving a very succint and to the point review. Thanks :-) Btw, I just thought I should say here that Samsung's services at their e-store at is pathetic, in India at least.