Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, 30 RS hands-on review

20 Sept 2019

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  • Shahid

Ibrahim54321, 17 Mar 2020Mate 30 pro is now in Bangladesh 🇧🇩... moreIt's price?

  • Anonymous

Huawei last best phone is mate 20 Pro.
Please note if phone don't have Google. Don't buy. Later totally going blocked. My honor 8x max
I accidentally reset. Play store disappeared. So many shop
I try fail. Last clement using laptop to install for$35.
I sold phone for $100.What for again I reset. Will gone.

Mate 30 pro is now in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
I'm using it & im proud of having it

A great all rounder the "mate 30 pro"

  • Anonymous

Katzzzz, 22 Dec 2019Let's not pretend no company can have these features. The e... moreII am Chinese. Please don't slander our government

  • Anonymous

The battery should perform well in this phone.

  • Anonymous

Desparatly waiting for a display and battery full review.

  • Rafi

I in Bahrain but still not come mate 30 device is there???
when come the mat30 device in Bahrain?

there is come only mate 30pro...

  • Katzzzz

Let's not pretend no company can have these features. The entire camera tech is So y, the screen is LG, an honestly other than that there are no advantageous differentiators. The only reason you dont see these crazy specs on other phones, like these Sony made camera sensor on Xperias, etc, for example, is because of the cost.

Making such a phone would cost a lot, maybe a bit more than Huawei's asking price to break even. So its not economically viable yet for anyone. But then the question: How come huawei are selling it at 1100 euros? Well, its simple. Huawei is, de facto, owned by the Chinese government, and its basically been used for spying (see the server fiasco a year ago).

So it costs nothing for them to sell such a feature rich phone with the latest hardware inside from Sony, LG, etc. at a loss.

However, you have to be an idiot to buy it, sorry. Not only does it not have Google services, it exchanged them to practically Chinese Government made ecosystem, and the second you register they got all your info. Not a private company (like Google), the REPRESSIVE CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

YEAH, indeed, all governments spy, but considering what China does to its citizens, which is BARBARIC, compared to how The US for example behaves, I know who'd I rather be spied by.

Because im not an idiot.

  • Bokha

When is coming to south Africa

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019The elephant in the room: No Google support: No Playstore, ... moreU realize u can get any apps apk right? U don’t need google, Apple or Huawei can’t go at it alone. Apple & Samsung slow down ur battery, all phones, govt, apps use spyware. It’s about the 5G, China won this race fair and square and deserve its comeuppance. I’ve been Apple since day 1. Literally switched so many people over, bought 7 iPhones past 5 years, 2 chargers, car chargers, wireless charger, 2 pairs of beats solo 3 wireless headphones, beats pill, Apple Watch and the specs haven’t even compared to what others are offering, made with universal ports/chargers. Albeit Apple is amazing at getting the buck, I’m just sick of settling & giving it to them. Both headphones broke, 3 phone screens decided to no longer power up, endless chargers, and shattered 3 screens, latest from lazyboy arm of chair, meanwhile
others have stopped theirs downstairs, from helicopters & airplanes, rooftops. I’m just over the “conveyer belt consumerism”. If only the P30 had stereo speakers, Samsung wins hands down but didn’t like old Samsung phone and only have the tablet cuz my husband bought it as an Xmas gift which is odd as I asked for a much more expensive vacuum 😕

  • Kalm Daln

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019I will switch to Huawei from Apple just because of the ban.... moreTwo thumbs up. Sayonara Google et al!

  • Anonymous

Been using samsung since s4 and had every huawei flagship since the p8

Huawei: B- software, A+ hardware

Samsung: B+ software!B+ hardware

Take your pick

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2019It was never about the spying. It's about Huawei being bett... moreI will switch to Huawei from Apple just because of the ban. My whole family ditch Samsung for Huawei as well.

  • Anonymous

Wazzupyall, 25 Sep 2019Only country proven and continues to conduct the most intru... moreIt was never about the spying. It's about Huawei being better than Google phones. Check how many phones sell Huawei and then see same for Google. US is dirtier country when it comes to things like this, competitions or being better than you. They want be best on muscle. The good thing is that the world is getting aware of their policy.

Good phone, still not as good as Samsung however

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena, it would be nice to see 40 megapixel sample images from the 18mm camera because the 18mm camera has a larger sensor than the main camera, so the 40 megapixel images should be better.

  • John

Brilliant technology and design, however I do prefer quad HD displays to make the most of the camera.

  • A

Jipun, 26 Sep 2019If Huawei is so great why should they rely on American tech... moreSir, keep in mind that most of materials used by USA companies are from china, even the infrastructure of all communications, means the comms towers that US companies use, so dont mix apples with oranges

  • Anjuk

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019number 1 is oneplus, number 2 is huawei, number 3 is xiaomi... moreand number one sales belongs to .....zeng zeng zeng

  • Jipun

Wazzupyall, 25 Sep 2019So true. Huawei is kicking US company’s butt so if US can’t... moreIf Huawei is so great why should they rely on American technology, come on put on their own software, pls come clean and mean, your argument carries no weight