Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, 30 RS hands-on review

20 Sept 2019

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  • Anonymous

Imx600y = wide
Imx608 = ultra wide
Imx616 = selfie

Only country proven and continues to conduct the most intrusive spying is the US of A. What a hypocrite to smear China for doing what US does yet can’t produce any evidence whatsoever. Absolutely shameless.

Tahir Afzal, 25 Sep 2019Now, We understood why US banned Huawei.... If Can't be... moreTrue that

So true. Huawei is kicking US company’s butt so if US can’t compete fairly, US plays dirty. Shameless United States of America.

Tahir Afzal, 25 Sep 2019Now, We understood why US banned Huawei.... If Can't be... moreYup seems so

  • MISS P

huawei you are the best an you are number one brand on the markets keep it up guys the good work .. i am so impressed by HUAWEI ALL CELLPHONES of these brand name ....

  • MISS P

WOW what a cute an great phone , i am so inlove with it ,can i have it with a discount please

Now, We understood why US banned Huawei....

If Can't beat it, Just ban it... :-)

  • Anonymous

Yeah a 1080p panel, no stereo speakers, and no Netflix hd, no Google services officially, its a real bargain at only 1099 Euro..

  • Rich watarious

this mate 30 is so beautiful. i looks so great on youtube i love this

  • ooo

Huawei doesn't get it? Chinese grotesque practise don't work anymore customers request clean phones not f@kup out of the box

  • Anonymous

number 1 is oneplus, number 2 is huawei, number 3 is xiaomi... the rest is overated, overpriced and not worth...

  • Roy

First phone company is Huawei cretevite
Second is Samsung
Third is mi
Apple is nothing

  • Roy

Samsung note design is OK ok but mate 30 pro design awesome and awesome product. Huawei trying to new heights and awesome features.

  • Love the Community

Nero, 23 Sep 2019When other big brands struggled to put old but still useful... moreThis non-Pro model really stepped up comparing to P20/Mate 20 and P30 as it doesn't look intentionally neutered.

  • Ordinary Guy

That Mate 30 Pro looks absolutely stunning!
The round camera shape is pretty cool indeed.
Huawei seems made perfect step as sam & app,
Just launched what I thought honestly to be
Terrible looking phones!
Really looking forward for the review! Thanks.

  • Mato

What hapen when I copy all system settings (Phone clone) to EMUI 10 in Huawei Mate 30 Pro

  • Omid46

Excellent features .But too expensive without Google and having hybrid and without radio and rds makes it very hard to buy .Of course hiding qualifications are memories in ours....

When other big brands struggled to put old but still useful features like 3.5 Jack, Ir blaster etc. but Huawei easily put all of them. This is why they make me to believe as of now they're most technologically advanced. Kudos Huawei.

  • Pajson89

Better camera than ip11 pro and note 10plus . Great work huawei