Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro, 30 RS hands-on review

20 Sept 2019

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vrvly, 22 Sep 2019xperia 5 for 5, what 4 for?Xperia 5 still kills them. Wait and see...

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JIJOK, 22 Sep 2019funny, the government that has been proved to spy you says that ... moreyou're smart indeed what I'm trying to say is both are spying us, it's depends which one you prefer being spied by who? All I said is how they treat your collected data, more likely about the ethics how each government using these informations, whether they just use it to keep an eye to us or they leak or sell it (corporate espionage sponsored by government), it has been a raising concern since years ago, sometimes it's not without evidence but because they can't disclose the evidence to the public

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Dnd, 22 Sep 2019Very good phone. Even without Google, it is the best choise. Not... moreIts better with outGoogle can reduce the billing payment...good job this idea we hope successful always and God blessed always to us.

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Leather is king after all (lg g4)

  • RealBest

Guys, this is the best device the world is waiting for. I love HM30Pro.
Huawei one side other products one side.

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019spied by google: your behaviour pattern will be analyzed and the... morefunny, the government that has been proved to spy you says that X company spy you, but without evidence ..... you are really smart ( or troll )

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Hope they do a Mate 40X because my 20X will be fine till next year at least.

Fettyyo, 21 Sep 2019Will do everything to get this dude even without that Google shitThe os of this phone is androi (made by google), so I think you can't avoid google s***

  • Dnd

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019spied by google: your behaviour pattern will be analyzed and the... moreVery good phone. Even without Google, it is the best choise. Note the M pen feature!

Anonymous, 21 Sep 20195? I think you mean 4xperia 5 for 5, what 4 for?

realitychecker, 22 Sep 2019do they have xenon flash? Its a quad flash, it is not a xenon but its style could be intentional, so there is hope its good enough. They were also proud enough to boast about it, surely its better than before.

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Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019No google services is good for those who want not to be spied on... morespied by google: your behaviour pattern will be analyzed and they will use the big data they collected for business purpose, such delivering ads or products that suits with your profile, and maybe view/watch your information as part anti-terrorism purpose.
spied by chinesee: they also collect big data for business purpose too but more than that. You designed new stuff/products that might selling like hot cake, several months later another company will released new products that similar to your product before you. You sent some sensitive blueprints like F-35 fighter or new battle tank under development, then these blueprints/design are even available to sell on deep web/blackmarket. You generate a great fortune, they will analyze your informations to dig probability or finding chance to bring you through the court to get some of your fortune or extorting you.
So, which one will you choose?

  • ph03n!x

Why would they do away with the square camera island from the Mate 20 series?! That was a distinct identity, meant something special. Not that this looks bad or anything...

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Saadhin, 22 Sep 2019A man posted a video at YouTube. He has installed Gmail, YouTube... moreYou pay 1200$ for 4gb iphone 11 pro max with not much inovations not even 5g andvwireless chatge and reverse wireless
Then come over here and say mate30pro is expensive
Well it is not

Silver 001, 21 Sep 2019Its probably gonna b super easy to install playstore ,in my coun... moreA man posted a video at YouTube. He has installed Gmail, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.
They are working fine. here is the link

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The elephant in the room: No Google support: No Playstore, no Youtube. No Facebook, no FB messenger. Things the Chinese market don't have and don't care because they have analogs for those apps - Chinese apps with backdoors as mandated by the Chinese government. Huawei became #2 not because of the Chinese market only. There's the US, Japan, UK, Australia, Europe, India, and the rest of Asia. How will the rest of the world react to such exclusions? My forecast: Some buyer interest at first but rapidly fizzling out in the medium to long term (unless Trump and Huawei become friends again).

I own a Mi Pad 4 Plus LTE without Google services. Had to install unofficial Google Play Services and unofficial Google Playstore for it so I could add all my other essential/frequently used apps which are not available on the Chinese Appstore analogs. Besides, the Chinese Appstore analogs are all in Chinese text, making app search difficult, even if the app were available in the first place. It will certainly help if it were translated to English like what Huawei I suppose, will be doing with the Huawei Appstore in the Mate 30. But still, many apps would not be unavailable or if available, unofficial ported versions riddled with bugs and malware will hound Huawei's App store analog. Then there's even more security issues to deal with given the Chinese government has now even more control of the forked Android operating system.

I don't know how anyone outside of China (even if you exclude the US and UK) could react positively to that, assuming they were technically savvy in the first place to install unofficial Google Play Services apps or navigate/interact with a completely new appstore interface (Huawei appstore).

do they have xenon flash?

  • Google-B-Gone

That circular camera setup really looks awesome, very professional.
The cameras are setting new standards, once again, and hit any competition right out of the water - especially lame ducks like Samsung and Apple with their 2016 12MP cameras XD

I'm especially happy about them coming without any Google garbage, that's best for your privacy.
Most people are under the ridiculous assumption that Google apps would be free. Nope, not at all, you're paying with your privacy.
All movements and searches on Google Maps, Google Fit etc. are tracked and recorded, so Google knows where you work, how long, where you live, your favourite places etc., without you specifying it. They also save all Google searches, the Chrome browsing history, read your Google Mail etc. All that is combined to create a user profile of you that's as detailed as possible.
The creation and sale of user profiles is very profitable and Google's main source of income - not ads, and even much less hardware sales like smartphones etc.
Google only became as rich as it currently is because it constantly collects as much data as possible about you, when using their apps and services, and creates detailed profiles of that to sell them. Compared to that, everything else (even Google ads) is just peanuts.

Besides that - I already had a China-only device from Huawei, the Huawei Honor Note 8. I had ordered it directly from a Chinese retailer, and it arrived factory sealed and still shrink-wrapped. Installing the play store on it was super easy, with a small download and detailed instructions from the internet, and didn't even take 5 minutes.
It still gets regular updates, so no problems there as well.

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Nathan, 21 Sep 2019No you don't. I have the p30 pro and can adjust volume listening... moreP30 Pro has buttons.
I am talking about this new one.

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Fettyyo, 21 Sep 2019Will do everything to get this dude even without that Google shitOS in this mobile belongs to google then how you gonna buy?. According to you its a google shit!