Nokia 6500 slide review: Slide over slim

17 December 2007
Nokia 6500 slide was announced together with its slim sibling Nokia 6500 classic, but is far more than just an attempt to diversify the supply beyond the traditional bar form factor. Both handsets drive on solid style, but the stainless steel slider...

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  • amras

OMG! What a dull display it is.

  • long-shorty

pretty slick phone. For some reason the nokia pc sutie doesnt work with this phone. I dont know anyone else, but if the pc suite doesnt work, why do we need all the mutimedia function on this phone? I have seen lots of posting on the nokia forum regarding the pc suite connection issue with 6500 slide and classic, but I dont see any nokia service reply regarding the issue. Never thought a big company like nokia doesnt have any men power to address a serious software issue like this.

  • the killer

hmmm...the looks dont impress me. atleast when compared to 5610. 5610 is just so s_xy. wonder why nokia produced 3.2 megapixel and still 15fps 3gp video.

  • Anonymous

do you freakin pray infront of gsmarena 24/7...freakin first:P go die...get a life lol... ;)
jus kiddin
anyways i like the looks of this phone!

  • Anonymous