Nokia 6500 slide review: Slide over slim

17 December 2007
Nokia 6500 slide was announced together with its slim sibling Nokia 6500 classic, but is far more than just an attempt to diversify the supply beyond the traditional bar form factor. Both handsets drive on solid style, but the stainless steel slider...

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  • Nirod

Nokia 6500 Slade mobile I love it

  • JumpingJacques

I used the 6500 slide for 7 years. It served me well. Went through 3 batteries. I only found out today that it has FM radio and Tv out. I'll have to take it out of retirement to explore its futures

  • John

Nokia 6500 slide is a very good phone. No matter how much I would bother trying to find weaknesses, I can only say that the only thing missing is the Symbian operating system. It looks good, it moves well, you can do with it almost everything you want to do with a phone.

  • Anonymous

sohan, 17 Apr 2008could anyone confirm the expandable memory card capacity of... more8 gb max

  • Anonymous

Please i want to update my 6500's software help me

  • kaviii

im going to buy this 4n .its nt a brandnew one a 2nd hand may i buy it or no pls tell me

  • shabu

cant minimize the aplications thats a bloody thing

  • Khadarpasha

Please re produce the nokia 6500slide

  • 7777

confused gal, 16 Apr 2008hi ppl out there!!! I am a bit confused as to purchase the ... morehi, i bought the 5610 and its cool. but it has some problems :it doesnt switch camera sound off even if its on silent and it refuses
to put password on . but its cool.

  • unknown

i like my phone but i have a problem with the security key lock its nokia 5610 xpress music . i bought it last year and it was teriffic.

  • Anonymous

marko, 29 May 2010Nokia 6500 Slide has been my good partner since 2007. Slidi... morei do 100+ msging/day
will it suits me??
i am going to bu 2nd hand set!!!
54hrs used!!!

  • marko

Nokia 6500 Slide has been my good partner since 2007. Sliding mechanism is very good, still working very well. I have hit the phone several times on the ground and once dropped it into the water - it is still working. By now the battery is quite exhausted and as I have other requirements such as WIFI, I will replace the phone soon but I can say only good words about the phone.

  • unknown

DHH4Life, 09 Jul 2009i had this phone for over a year now, and iam so not satisf... morelol are you suggesting that we should stop using Nokia or you mean you will never use it? i mean the fact that you were no satisfied had nothing to do with us, i mean, really. I'm using Nokia for the second time and im fully satisfied, even though there are some challenges.

  • nice girl

hi nyc mobile

  • anony mouse

good man :), 02 Apr 2010hye.. i just want to ask.. i bought this phone a year ago... moreit seems to be flex issue... can be replaced along with a quick software update - best of luck!

my experience with this handset for 2 yrs.????? BEST HANDSET YOU CAN GET! sorry to know bad experience with other owners, but i beleive its on usage. i use it for Games, Music and all other normal things... its brilliant in all aspects... Camera is the best in its class... i have compared it time and again with SE K890i - SE fails badly...

  • good man :)

i just want to ask..
i bought this phone a year ago..about 8-9 months i have a problem which is the screen have line, so i just ignore it, then when i dropped my phone on the floor it became 2-3 lines on the screen. then again o ignored it. about 2-3 weeks later, i found that when i slide it open it became blank(Blacl coulour). so i try to turn off and on the phone but it doesnt work, so i try to use the usb cablle and connect it but 1st i turn it off then i turn back and the screen back to normal but still have lines.. after many times i did that steps, the screen goes blank again and wont turn back to normal,

SO, anyone have an idea how to fix it eg: like tighten the screw of the slide? or check wether there is untighten screw after i dropped it? or what? hehe...
pls i need help :)

  • rajesh kumar gartia

i had bought a nokia 6500.but now its keys r not working & photos catch up by camera is also not loking good

  • surendra

memory conected is verry problem

  • D.

I've bought myself this handset several days ago. Well, I'm used to have candy bar phones before, so it made me a little awkward when i use this phone.
Well, this phone really impress me with the 3,2 mp camera with carl zeiss lens. I really enjoyed the photos.
The sound? It's good. Actually, I'm not quite a music-lover and I didn't love to play music loud, but hey, this phone is really rock! I love it.

  • thaj

6500 s fiendlyuse but slide very rough