Nokia 6500 slide review: Slide over slim

17 December 2007
Nokia 6500 slide was announced together with its slim sibling Nokia 6500 classic, but is far more than just an attempt to diversify the supply beyond the traditional bar form factor. Both handsets drive on solid style, but the stainless steel slider...

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  • Zubi

I think this is good handset

  • Microcell

there is the problem I have to display the way I would doubt someone will send me the screen the way here?

  • Microcell İleti

I got my nokia 6500 slide mobile phone. My problem is that the screen does not light, but images. What do you suggest I do? I am waiting for your help. please.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2009I have had the Nokia 6500 for over a year now. I have had it rep... moreYep, the software is laggy, but the camera and screen are very good for the price. Maybe firmware updates can help...

  • Anonymous

I have had the Nokia 6500 for over a year now. I have had it repaired 3 times already as it is rubbish and should have been recalled! there are so many problems with this phone it is not funny.. just to name a few!

1, it freezes all the time!
2, switches off by its self!
3, changes all settings back to default including ring tones and wallpapers by its self,
4, it will not read my memory card ( i brought a new one thinking it was that) its the phone!!!!
5, my screen goes blank all the time,(and yes the phone is fully charged.

and last the battery will only last a day before needing to be charged, even if i make no calls, text or do not use the internet!

thats just to name a few problems, there are many more.

my partner has the same phone and has the exact same problems!

I would not recommend this phone to anyone! i would rather go with out a phone before getting another Nokia 6500!

Yes, this phone has some good features like the big screen, however, it has more problems than its worth.

anyway this is my experience with this phone, anyone else had problems?


  • DHH4Life

i had this phone for over a year now, and iam so not satisfied with it, it gave me many problems, and it is the second Nokia phone that i bought thats causing me problems, never ever Nokia again !!!

  • Phil

BJD, 20 Jun 2009how turn of the shutter sound effect when taking pix?On NZ models... While in camera mode
Options (Select) > Settings (Select)> Camera Sounds (Select)> Off (Select)
Back Back
No click!

  • Anonymous

BJD, 20 Jun 2009how turn of the shutter sound effect when taking pix?I don't think it's possible, sorry. But I might be wrong, so just don't give up yet...

  • BJD

how turn of the shutter sound effect when taking pix?

  • DMD

I am using Nokia 6500s-1 for the past one week if i do not slide the screen the light on the screen will not light i do not know why its so i also have problem with speaker if i do not put it on loude speaker i will not hear anything i can only hear someone voice when on loude speaker

  • Yvonne

Nokia User, 08 Jan 2008Got 6500 and very disappointed and especially with NOKIA support... moreThank you for your opinion. I am not buying it!!!

  • Anonymous

code restriction

  • Anonymous

i have 6500 slide would not recomed to any

  • Syntax

Help me, 19 Jan 2009How i use phone's flash, when i turn on flash in the dark . About your problem:
Check to see if you have "Night Mode" on or off (you should see a little crescent moon on the bottom of the veiwfinder screen). If you see this, turn "Night Mode" off, and the proceed to the "Flash menu", then choose Automatic or Flash On. On the veiwfinder screen, if you chose Automatic you will see a black lightning bolt with the letter "A" next to it, if you chose Flash On you will see a yellow lightning bolt. If you are still onsure, check your manual or find one from the Nokia website. Hope this helps!

  • Help me

How i use phone's flash, when i turn on flash in the dark .

  • Syntax

I currently am using the 6500s, I am quite happy with it, I do seem to have a little trouble veiwing it in sunlight, and I am experiencing a few troubles with the OS (keypad freezing on slide, music track not changing names, and slow response times in menu). The latter may be my fault since I enjoy my 900+MB of music *big smile*. But in any case, that's my opinion, great phone, a few OS faults, and I can't really see it very well in sunlight, otherwise a great phone (and one of the better phones I have used (6288, 6230i, 3310, 5110). I do enjoy using a phone encased in stainless steel!

  • farhad

can any1 inform me that is there any diff between microSD and microSDHC. And whether microSDHC will be supported by Nokia 6500 slide? its important. please let me know ASAP.

  • Bill

I got one of these last week as an insurance replacement for my SE W810i, which was lost or stolen. So far, I'm fairly happy with the phone and have had none of the problems that others are complaining about. I suspect I got a new revision though which solves the problem with the battery compartment sensor.

However, had I paid full price for this phone ($700 New Zealand Dollars at the time of this writing) I would have been less than satisfied with it. It's not that there's anything particularly wrong it, I just don't feel there's enough to it to command such a high price. As it was, I only paid $150 for it - the insurance excess charge. Plus, the settlement covered a new crystal case, a new leather carrying case, a Nokia WH-700 stereo headset (I didn't like the packaged ones, plus they weren't comparable to the SE HPM-70's I lost) and a 2GB MicroSD card. Hell, after everything was purchased, I even had enough left over from the settlement to buy an extra 4GB MicroSD card!

Maybe I should lose cell phones every other day! LOL :)

  • d-6500-slide-hater

this phone = rubbish, i have it and DO NOT recommend!

  • Jaydatt

This N6500 slide phone is very good at all categories but it doesn't have mp4 video RECORDING.!!!!Is there any software to record videos in mp4 format...
please reply me (