OnePlus 7T review

26 Sept 2019
With the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, it was the first time the brand launched two versions of a flagship where one offered superior features over the other. The OnePlus 7T fills in the gap that was left between the 7 and 7 Pro.

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  • Amal

My question is
Can we trust it's hardware and software blindly
Is this long-lasting?

  • mary

i just use this phone. this phone is awesome

  • tlschowdary.

Anubhav Jha, 21 May 2020I am confused in OnePlus 7t and Honor 20. For which can I ... moreJust go to oneplus7t

  • Vinay

Anubhav Jha, 21 May 2020I am confused in OnePlus 7t and Honor 20. For which can I ... moreU can oneplus 7t

  • Anubhav Jha

I am confused in OnePlus 7t and Honor 20.
For which can I go ? Which one is better?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Which is good Samsung a71 or 1+7top7t. it has the sd855+ (big pp)

  • Anon

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2020Which is good Samsung a71 or 1+7tI chose the OnePlus. I was struggling over both those phones.

  • Anonymous

Which is good Samsung a71 or 1+7t

  • Erick

lol, 09 Apr 2020Bro oneplus 7t is way better than p30. better chip better ... moreHuawei has better camera and y most countrys better price. In México, for example, they give you a P20 Lite for free buying P20 Pro.

Oneplus has better software and chipset, is faster, lighter. And better design, no other phone has the same aestethics of Oneplus. Plus the Oneplus has the 90 hz display.

The two devices are great choices. If not for the camera, i would choose the Oneplus.

  • lol

Tonmoy Sarkar, 08 Apr 2020I am confused between 7t and huawei p30.... Which one to ... moreBro oneplus 7t is way better than p30.
better chip better camera and better desgin

  • Tonmoy Sarkar

I am confused between 7t and huawei p30.... Which one to buy? Please consider battery performance also

Actually my only desire is for qualcomm's X24 LTE modem, and does it really get 2GB downloads speeds on TMobile?

  • slaia

After reading this review I bought the OP 7T from in Nov 2019 and sent my Pixel 2 in retirement. However since then one thing that made me factory reset OP 7T and went back to Pixel 2: the security patch level is a few months behind. So in Feb 2020 I switched back to Pixel 2 and has been using OP 7T as a reading device without security risk apps like banking, password manager app etc on it. I documented my experience ( and I don't want to repeat it here. Two things I'd add to it (they are there but they don't bother me a lot): 1) the battery life is a bit underwhelmed considering the huge capacity; 2) It sometimes freezes in the middle of scrolling Twitter feeds, browsing with Chrome or listening to music etc. without any reason. But the huge and bright screen really pleases my eyes.

  • flagshipper

bit annoyed with battery ratings here.
i realized i need to be looking at 3G value only on this website.
although critical of oneplus all of the time, i must admit the battery is simply incredible matches what is presented on notebookcheck dot net.
e.g. 7T gets 90h rating
6T gets 90h rating
Mi9 gets 95h
in reality, both 6T and 7T last way longer than Mi9
2 days with 5-6hr SOT. Every single flagship last 5 years lasted only 1 day under same conditions, and precisely same configuration (I perform a complicated full restore).
let's make the ratings better.

  • sidd_techie

Honestly- Best phone in this price range...

U will get some issues while sending pics and videos in whatsapp...

and Main pblm is vibration... if your phone is in your pocket in vibration mode.. you will never know your phoone is ringing.

Vibration density is very low. (Like Heptic Feedback)

  • flagshipper

Got this piece so i can compare with 6T and other flagships:
- it's heavy, looks like only Samsung can produce normal weight devices
- fingerprint is great unlike disfunctional Samsung's
- faceunlock is also very fast but not functional at night, unless you want strong flash effect
- to unlock you shall tap or double tap screen first
- everything is insanely fast.. like super fast
- unlike reviewer, i totally miss the Pie navigation, that app scrolling he shows is exactly the best feature of Pie OS and now it's replaced by some terrible gestures
- they don't have Hide Notch function like in 6t anymore:( they can only cut the notch bar completely :( this was OnePlus distinguishing feature and it's gone
- local backup is gone
- animations are not comfortable for eyes, especially when switching apps the app will blink each time
- there are no profiles so you cannot turn off lockscreen in car for example
- small text hints on the bottom of the screen are unreadable, you will miss all of the text
hope Magisk can fix some software issues

  • Samma_bro

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020Oneplus 7t or one plus 7 pro..Which is betterHey,

Hardware is pretty much identical with an exception of sd 855+ on the 7t, which should guarantee a better performance however it's barely noticeable if you're not a heavy user.
If you want a pretty phone you should go with the pro but the 7t is more practical and I would choose the 7t because I don't prefer a curved screen as there are some quirks and the 7t has the exact hw for a lesser price.

  • Anonymous

Which is best from OnePlus pro and one plus 7T

  • Anonymous

Oneplus 7t or one plus 7 pro..Which is better

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 20207 hours battery life. No thanks.That’s only with 90 hz display on...