Huawei Mate 30 Pro review

02 Oct 2019

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  • Anonymous

"Nano Memory card - Huawei's proprietary memory standard, which no one asked for."
True that. They could have used a hybrid slot for fitting a SIM / NM card / microsd card.

Also on the top of the Mate 30 Pro, there is MORE THAN ENOUGH SPACE for the fitting of the 3.5mm jack as STANDARD!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Just looking at the video section they had again with marketing ... moreIt is recorded at 1920fps
And has 960fps at 1080p. What else do you want?

  • Love the Community

3.9 stars? What warrants 3.9? I don't want to read the review right now.

123, 03 Oct 2019I will just buy the chinese version and wait xda or other specia... moreyou can forget this .. nothing xda will crack .. bunch of little kid boys faffing around there..

Too early for review n ?

  • Anonymous

They may not make a perfect phone but huawei has the best cameras

My country will gets it after China.

Mate 30 6gb + 128gb = $685
Mate 30 Pro 8gb + 256gb = $955

Its the same launch price as Mate 20 & P30 series here. But pretty sure the no Google Apps will hurts the sale.

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019As great as this phone is, let's face it, it's not good for peop... moreDo you think that people who buy Ferrari thought about practicality?
Ferraris are terrible for everyday driving & shop car park. But people still buy them.

For some people Google services are mandatory, so don't buy it.
This hacky way of installing them is not a long term solution.

  • Anonymous

Using this phone are not able to use google service and the user will spy by China, so no way for me

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019As great as this phone is, let's face it, it's not good for peop... moreAMEN

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019No big deal perhaps, but it's strange there's no Wifi 6.WIFI 6 is for premium phones

abigfanoftechs, 02 Oct 2019Your camera can't make or receive phone calls/text, runs apps et... moreYour phone eather... XD

Sean, 02 Oct 2019These images especially daylight are the best images i have seen... morehail to the Trump !!!

Did anyone else got a feeling that this review is ... Well, shorter, compared to the usual GSMA affair?

  • 123

I will just buy the chinese version and wait xda or other specialists to crack things and make possible install google apps and so on
Which will happen with so good and desirable device!
See if it is some LG, they will even not know it exists
But this here is the big deal, some huge tech inside this mate30pro
I just wait november for the 5g version. faster cpu/gpu, 28 antenas, 5 bands for 5g (no other phone has so many) and so on nice stuff

  • 123

Fl80, 03 Oct 2019Just realised there is no star rating. well, should be low due to lack of google services. let's be honest. if the star rating skips that con, would be 4.7 at least

  • Anonymous

This phone would have catapulted Huawei to the no. 1 spot in market share. I'm really liking Huawei's improved in-camera photo processing in the Mate 30 Pro. Lots of real, fine detail - perfect balance of noise reduction, detail retention and sufficient sharpness, significantly different from the aggressive overprocessing employed in the Mate 20 and P30 pro. Sure the auto white balance may be off under yellow lighting, but really, only users (mostly iPhone users) who don't know anything about manual camera modes should be concerned. For the rest, it's a non-issue because you've got access to a multitude of camera controls including manually setting a white balance/color temperature.

Fine detail retention at 100% crop is more important than perfect color because you can add saturation or adjust the color balance easily in post if you find the color not lively enough for your tastes. On the other hand, adding fine detail at 100% crop when it was never captured in the first place or adding it later where the default in-camera processesing has annihilated it, is something you can never do even with extensive/advanced post processesing. Besides, if you occasionally crop photos to remove distracting elements or to improve composition, fine detail retention at 100% is PARAMOUNT! It's not just for Pixel peeping people! So NO, I will NEVER exchange excellent fine detail detail retention with lively color reproduction EVERY. SINGLE. TIME unless if the color is horribly messed up which is extremely rare in cameras unless you have a faulty color blind sensor.

Great job Huawei! Inclusion of a programmable remote (IR blaster) and expandable memory are very welcome features. Now if only it had Google Play support...

  • Simon

Love the large camera sensor feel. I have to say I'm not a fan of the somewhat lifeless processing, making images look rather bland and requiring Photoshop or another tool to make them pop before posting, but I love the large sensor and low noise. Can't wait for a Samsung phone with their processing and a sensor like this!
That said, good job Huawei!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Gsmarena, it would be nice to see some 40 megapixel jpgs from th... moreHaving a larger sensor, means likely better low light performance, doesn't indicate better performance in good lighting. You also have to consider the focal length equivalents being different, it isn't a good comparison when the lens are geared towards different photography.

If you are just trying to take casual pictures, you wouldn't even care if it had a bigger sensor or the mp count.

My eyes cannot believe this, but Huawei had finally fixed their eye-soring waterpaiting-like oversharpening. Now when I zoomed at full res, I hardly see any! I know that it's just a 10MP pic, but now I can clearly see all the details without those severe oversharpening.

A de-Googled Android companion for my Nokia Lumia 1020 and my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL? Definitely looking like one.