Huawei Mate 30 Pro review

02 Oct 2019

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  • Anonymous

No big deal perhaps, but it's strange there's no Wifi 6.

Wwoooww.. it's a great phone.
Good job, huawei.
I love huawei

  • Kt

While we gloss over the hardware and camera, not many ppl focused on how well Huawei phones work with 3rd party apps like Fitbit and others. Most of them works very poorly with EMUi.

On the iPhone however, everything just works. Swapped my P30 Pro for an iphone 11 pro max, liking iOS so far.

So DxO & GSMarena share the same thought.

Best camera smartphone till date.

No Google Apps is a bad thing though.

  • Anonymous

As great as this phone is, let's face it, it's not good for people like me who rely only with Google Play services. Plus, crippled by Kirin 990 and EMUI, this phone, no matter how great it is, I will be replacing it so easily with something like OP7 Pro or Xperia 1, clean and straighforward Android devices. Don't really care about the camera at this point. Plus, its got an ugly notch, ugly design and those curved screen, will cost me a lot in repair. It's the best phone right now, not the most practical.

future owner here!!! just waiting 5g model.

  • Taurus7King

long live the king!

  • Anonymous

Just looking at the video section they had again with marketing lies... 7680fps video are bs, as 480fps video are bs on my honor 10.
And 4k60 is bs too, given the fall of sharpness and bitrate I bet it's a lower resolution

Curt, 02 Oct 2019How come this has playstore installed We installed the PlayStore on the Mate 30 Pro for our review purposes using the LZPlay app but this no longer works.­ll_google_apps_on_the_mate_30_pro-news-39439.php­­
Huawei does not provide Google services pre-installed on this phone, nor have they encouraged or assisted in the side loading of the Google PlayStore.

  • Anonymous

"Save for that, those are likely the best low-light ultra wide-angle shots you can get out of a smartphone"
Would be nice to see a comparison with the iPhone 11 24 megapixel capture outside the frame results. Then the field of view is the same and then theoretically the iPhone should perform similar as the Mate 30 Pro ultra wide angle camera in the center of the image.

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019"Lack of physical controls makes some operations awkward" Exa... moreYes, that screen will be very fragile. Not built for butter fingers!

Volume can be changed from either side of the screen.

AnonD-706668, 02 Oct 2019Huh ! Its camera even can’t beat my Sony DSC RX100 poin and sho... moreYour camera can't make or receive phone calls/text, runs apps etc...
So are you happy now?

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019"We say 40MP, but it's a Quad Bayer type meant to output 10MP im... moreOf course is having more mp better, for less lagg, more detail and less noise. Then it just depend on processing, qbayer is challenge but with these samples its obvious thats not limiting.
40mp samples are in camera comparison tool, looks better than previous huawei flagships.
If you want top hi res performer asus rog 2 is the one for daylight.

  • Sean

These images especially daylight are the best images i have seen on a phone to date!! Zooming in the detail is stunning and yet we have Trump banning Huawei. I hate him

Super wide and normal fov cameras got both similar performance, its like having 2 main cameras(ryyb/rggb). Details are unlike any 12mp cameras, similar to the difference in sharpness of raw and jpeg(lately seen with nokia9 samples), of course its without noise.
Its impossible to find competitor for that kind of processing which looks like downscaled 23mp shot.
The most close in terms of detail be it low res or hi res is asus rog 2, but you got to use mate30 non pro(as it got smaller superwide sensor).
Its already 4th generation of using this hi res sensor, the most - 4 flagship devices in top 10 of dxo says it all.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 02 Oct 2019My Sony Ericsson K750i had night mode back in 2005, but it's not... moreIt doesnt matter if the standards wasnt that high obviously the tech in smartphones wasnt as advanced.

In 10 or 15 years from now the Night mode in the huaweis will be considered useless and phones in the future will be better.

Regardless if the tech wasnt a high standard other phones did it before its still the same idea.

Samsung S2 amoled displays werent the best but after years and years of Samsung pushing them and improving on them they are THE best displays around and now other OEM's buy them.

  • Anonymous

"We say 40MP, but it's a Quad Bayer type meant to output 10MP images." I can't believe that you always repeat this nonsense gsmarena. Ask engineers that really know about camera sensors.
Apart from the HDR feature a Quad Bayer sensor in the low resolution mode has no advantage over a a sensor with the same size with the same low resolution. Ever asked yourself why Google, Samsung and Apple don't use the 48 megapixel sensor? Because there is no advantage apart from the slightly larger sensor size and more details in the high resolution mode. The main purpose of Quad Bayer sensors is less costs: a high resolution camera (which doesn't capture as much detail as a high resolution Bayer camera and also produces demosaicing artifacts) and a low resolution camera without the costs of two cameras. A better solution would be a high resolution Bayer camera and a low resolution Bayer camera, but this would be more expensive and also the perspectives would be slightly different. Also don't confuse hardware pixel binning with software downsampling, these are two completely different things.
Disappointing that no 40 megapixel jpgs were shown in the review. The main reason for Quad Bayer sensors is that you have the option(!) to use either a high resolution camera (which produces more read noise, but of course captures the same amount of light) or a low resolution camera (which produces less read noise).

Play Store app on this device, GSMArena? Hmm...

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Galaxy Gran Prime had night mode, way before Huawei. You need ... moreMy Sony Ericsson K750i had night mode back in 2005, but it's not about having a feature, it's about how well that feature works. No "night mode" truly delivered a satisfying result until P20 Pro's Night Mode & Pixel 3's Night Sight came up.

The Grand Prime you speak of had a mediocre image result even in daylight, there's no chance it would produce even usable images with it's "night mode" in low-light conditions.

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena, do you notice any stabilization of the main camera in the preview? The OIS of the P30 Pro seems to be nearly useless and likely the worst OIS on the market. I compared the P30 Pro with the P30 (which doesn't have OIS) in pro mode with raw turned off and there was no advantage at a long exposure time. When you use the periscope camera, you can see that the stabilization is working. But there is no evidence that the stabilization really works for the main camera.