Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro review

04 Oct 2019

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  • Roy

Unfortunately you didnt check how much time it takes from drained baterry to the point you can start using the phone while in charging.. It takes a few minutes.. Its Like hell when you need to use it.

  • Kp

In Redmi note 8 pro android auto doesn't work at all. Any solutions please guide . Needed this feature very importantly but didn't know that it doesn't work otherwise I would not HV wasted money on this phone

  • Lucky

dif1754, 17 Jul 2020I've issues with the Netflix app. I can install, but... moreI can play it on my redmi note 8 pro

  • Sravan

Getting sudden notification sound continuously with large noise?
Please slove the problem as fast as possible 🙏🙏🙏

  • Anonymous

I purchased Redmi 8 pro phone after viewing detailed report on gsmarena. This report does not mention about accepting xiaomi terms and conditions for for opperating each and every feature of this phone including setting of alarm, viewing your photo and video clips recorded on this phone. This phone has made me extremely disappointed. Also sound system of this phone is below average. You just can not enjoy melody of the old hindi cine music.

I've issues with the Netflix app.
I can install, but when I run it I get error -1001 .
Problem is, there is no internet connection issue.
I can run Amazon Video, YouTube etc., But not Netflix.
It seems that the Netflix does not accept Note 8 pro video chipset ...
I was lucky with Note 4 but now with note 8 pro I feel cheated...

Not for gaming or heavy use.

For regular browsing, watching movies and expecting Good Loud speakers. Which one should I buy?

Samsung M21 (6 GB, 128GB) = INR 15999 (Readily available with exchange of my old phone)


Redmi Note 8 Pro (6 GB, 128GB) = INR 16999 (Readily available with exchange of my old phone)


Redmi Note 9 Pro (6 GB, 128GB) = INR 16999 (Have to wait for the next sale on 21-July-2020)

  • Kls kumara

Call recording not works so help me

I have xrn8p, but the camera can't used for a while, photos/videos can't be saved on internal or sd card. To use the camera (photo/video), the phone must reboot.
Help me to solve this problem.

  • Anonymous

Labrador10, 05 Jun 2020one as usually I guessThe device has received plenty of updates depending on version. Indian version has gotten 4 major updates as far as I remember, global and Chinese versions got a lot more, and android has been upgraded to Version 10.
You can check the firmware-related posts in XDA. And custom ROM development is picking up pace.
Just search a bit before you make assumption.

  • Muzingu

Help please!!! Why is internet connection is slow in some app? When I open YouTube for example my Internet is fine but on some apps the internet is slow and in some app the internet is not even working!! Does anyone have the same issues or have any solution please??

  • Anonymous

Hardware video playing isn't good. it's like old lcd screens, sharpening video too much and ruin the experience. With mx player. u can test that. when playing a nice quality video switch to software decoder and video suddenly getting smoother. video graphic gpu settings are not wuite right imo. its not like big issue most of the people i guess but for me it's a bad new. really really bad news :/ HATE IT!

  • Labrador10

JackSally, 14 May 2020How many system updates should this device receive?one as usually I guess

  • Ptr

Emryss, 09 May 2020Is redmi note 8 pro has autocut when battery fully charged?... moreIt does every phone with litium battery does

  • YamiKaze

JackSally, 14 Apr 2020Is overheating an issue?It does even if other says it doesn't cause they're used to 45°C phones and it's probably their first phone with a good enough GPU and they don't want to feel left behind by new phones with more efficient & stable performance.

  • JackSally

How many system updates should this device receive?

  • Heyho

Emryss, 09 May 2020Is redmi note 8 pro has autocut when battery fully charged?... moreNowadays,all smartphone has auto current cut dont worry,i've had charged overnight my phone for 4 years and it still has the same battery performance as i buy it first

  • Tash

I got this phone after breaking the screen on my galaxy A50. It was cheaper, but had similar qualities so I went ahead and took the chance. The phone has a great screen, picture quality, and runs nice.... However the battery life is draining so bad and I'm not sure why. I've only had the phone for a few days but it says the Android system is using almost 50% of the battery through the day. An example would be today: I fully charged my phone and after a 10 hour work day with the use of GPS once for about 15 minutes and then minimal texts, my phone was at 5% battery life by the time I was leaving my office. I am not sure if it's a common problem or if is the MIUI updates.... But I'm not happy about it. Everything else is great like I said... But what's the point if I'm carrying around a charger all day just to be able to text a few times a day.

  • Anonymous

Emryss, 09 May 2020Is redmi note 8 pro has autocut when battery fully charged?... moreYes

  • Emryss

Is redmi note 8 pro has autocut when battery fully charged? I want to know bacause i charged the phone when i went to sleep... After 7 hours, im afraid it will be overchaged and affect battery life... Can someone tell me it has autocut or not??