Nokia 6630 review: Focus on camera

20 November 2004
Nokia is going to launch its best camera mobile phone, the megapixel 6630 model. It is a Symbian Series 60 smartphone and it’s functionality is not much different than Nokia 7610 for example. Now we are bringing you a review dedicated to the integrated camera only.

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  • Talisman

I still have the Nokia 6630 and it is in working condition. I have jumped in the ocean by mistake with this phone in 2006 and it survived, dropped it so many times and still is in working condition. It is not my main phone anymore but I travel with it just as back up.

  • Jhomari_raga@yahoo.C

Please continue this product because 6630 is more feature and high ferformans 6630 is ok for me and other people in philippines

  • Anonymous

This 6630 is god gift I love nokia6630

  • gowtham

for great fast of ur mobile take these steps.
1. Switch off ur mobile.
2. Hold *3 and call botton(green) at a time and switch on.
3. Then set ur time and date.
4. Then its very fast.
Try and see.

  • Kiran

Bought it as second hand. Replaced my sony walkman from then. Good camera, great video quality with camcoder software, great music with power mp3 software, cost me just 1300 rs. Overall superb. Am gonna use this uptill someone steals it from me.:-)

  • Aadi

for @lay!
bro when u get some song image etc through Bluetooth!
it goes in your mobile's inbox!
so it lessens the phone memory! as the internal memory is only MB so it can fill in hours!
Re-programming means to reinstall the mobile software! it deletes all the stuff present in phone memory! so when u re-install the software that mes sending problem vanish!!
shopkeepers will tell you different solutions just to fill their own pocket!
Here is the simple solution! just go in message setting and change the message memory from phone mem to memory card! it will temporarily show like there is no message in your phone! but those msgs which were in inbox remains save in phone mem until you don't format the phone!!
Nokian's Rocks :)


I love this phone but developed this issue of camera not supported and same with my blue tooth even after flashing it still persist, I will really like to keep using this phone and need your advice

  • mac

Great phone. My first one. Love this phone.

  • gillbates

Almost 6 years after it was first released, I still love this phone! It's getting a little long in the tooth, some apps slows it to a crawl, and it doesn't have the slick functionality found in, say, an Android phone. However it still has a few surprises up its sleeves despite its age. I just installed a Collins dictionary on the phone, and it ran like there was nothing to it!

  • Shameer Ali

Hey guys its a great phone i love this............

  • karan

lay, 08 Nov 2007help my phone got easily off due to battery needs rechargin... morei think u should buy a n-battrey it is the best. it give more pack up than other.

  • karan

6630, 31 Dec 2008this mobile is super i bot a 2nd hand one and i get a backu... morei think there are no any n-phone which give 4-day pack up if we use as normal

  • 6630

this mobile is super i bot a 2nd hand one and i get a backup of 4 days

  • lay

help my phone got easily off due to battery needs recharging u mean after I used it for 2yrs....whats the problem need to buy new battery for the nokia battery good only for

  • kishore

picture qality is nice and music is superb

  • ravi

its supurb and classic

  • ardian

hi! im using now the nokia 6630 and i think that is a great phone
it has a great camera and mp3 tones:P

  • lay

hello again 6630 users here is my comment since I deliver my phone to nokia service center to check it up due to message sending failed well they just reflash my software and looo!! it go good now to used it hence I had 512 mb memory and now my 6630 is amazing I rate it 9.2 out of 10 hello??? I love my 6630 now its a great phone

  • Anonymous

I've been using the Nokia 6630 for months now and i am very happy with not only the image / video capture capabilities, but even with the overall performance. Its highly recommended for everyone.

  • mitko

does it make nice videoclips ?can u pls send 1 to my e-mail