Nokia 6630 review: Focus on camera

20 November 2004
Nokia is going to launch its best camera mobile phone, the megapixel 6630 model. It is a Symbian Series 60 smartphone and itís functionality is not much different than Nokia 7610 for example. Now we are bringing you a review dedicated to the integrated camera only.

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  • lay

AM a nokia 6630 user my problem is this...what is the meaning of re programming on my 6630 if my messaging says "message sending failed and the details is full memory general application is full delet some files" even do when I scroll my phone and memory card it is still not yet the technician recommends to re programming my 6630 phone....all my photos,videos were gone!!!so am starting again to the beginning shooting some photos and videos and games too but my messaging is now normal but again when I download again themes,some photos,videos,music and sound here comes again the message failed again...what seems wrong again since the details says full memory general application full again hence the phone and memory card is still has more I delete some photos and games ...seems normal again so whats the meaning of all this I had to limit my downloading some games,photos,videos,ets. evendo my phone and memory card is not yet full or say I will buy another bigger memory me with this expert in 6630 phones.....!Is this normal of my phone to hung up...why do phone sometimes hung up....what would I do....will my phone ok evendo it is being re program....are there dis advantage with being re me with this I need suggestion....