Motorola One Zoom review

22 Oct 2019

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Anonymous, 14 Apr 2020"For whatever reason, photos taken in this mode appear noticeabl... moreHow is the wired audio quality on this phone? GSMArena says is good but low volume levels.. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

"For whatever reason, photos taken in this mode appear noticeably sharper than regular 12MP ones. The general softness is almost entirely gone. Granted, some of that could be due to the lower output resolution. However, even when pixel-peeping, results do look better."

How 'for whatever reason' that was possible? Oversampling.

With that SD675 chipset, the camera won't perform in the equal level as a flagship-tier smartphone. But the fact that you can have a 3x optical zoom on a midrange chipset is totally insane! More than that, you also have FM Radio receiver. I only see that on an LG or USA variant of Samsung flagship, but even that only offers 2x optical zoom.

  • Anonymous

I understand this review. I think the negatives are a bit exaggerated. The camera in my opinion is excellent for normal use.

In my opinion since Motorola has lowered the price to $349 it is a great value. The phones you compare are not readily available in the U.S. and have limited cellular band support and no warranty or after sales support. Xiaomi has incredible hardware but the lte bands are limited and the OS has ads built in.

The zoom does have a couple major issues in my opinion which are the lack of wifi calling support and lack of Android One adoption. They should have it in another series. Motorola one should be sononmous with Android One. Otherwise it would be pretty close to perfect for the cost.

There are advantages to the 675. It uses less power, has latest architecture and advanced features. Combined with the 4000 mAh battery the phone lasts a long time on a charge. Also as far as performance is concerned the 675 is fine for most people.

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domodrum, 28 Dec 2019Provided that Motorola One Zoom and Huawei P30lite had the same ... moreChoose the moto, you wont regret.

Great Amoled Screen, clean UI, and great camera.

  • Anonymous

Martinx, 24 Dec 20192 sim cards and no SD card, or 1 sim and 1 sd card only.2 SD slots, 1 sim

  • domodrum

Provided that Motorola One Zoom and Huawei P30lite had the same price, which one would you choose? I don't play games, just regular everyday tasks - calls, social media, taking photos,... I had Huawei P8 lite and P10 lite and I was rather satisfied (except for the quality of pictures).

  • Martinx

Sunny, 03 Dec 2019Can i use two sim and sd card at same time?2 sim cards and no SD card, or 1 sim and 1 sd card only.

  • Anonymous

Not sure if it is just my device but the display looks grainy when looking at a white screen. It seems as if the display glass is tainted.

  • Sunny

Can i use two sim and sd card at same time?

  • Trishul

On Brand of Motorola very trustful device in mobile .No heat and slow or hang issue .. No any issue found last 1.3 months ..Damage control strong area of Motorola ..Value of money

  • HexGremlin

Does this device run Android 9.0 or Android 9.0 on the Android One platform?

  • Anonymous

Shiny Dave, 23 Oct 2019This phone is proof of just how far ahead of the game on price-p... moreyou´re forguetting that mtorola still manages the software far better than xiaomis and realmes, being close to android stock.

I think that GSMArena don't like Motorola phones. Well, Motorola One has score 3,6 and Motorola One Zoom has the same score, but is way better than Motorola One, which is shit phone in every aspect. Motorola One Zoom definitely deserves better score.

  • Anonymous

Got this phone and what can I say. I expected more. But then again this phone is enough for everyday tasks. Only the existance of xiaomi phones keeps this phone down. And though Xiaomi creates great phones, it feels like they release like 5 phones every week. The prices are way low for reasons I don't want to think of...

My 5 Cents:
- photos could be better, I hate the 3x zoom but like the regular lense (weird gsma does different)
- I like the overall smoothness of the device, be it the smooth vibration motor, the nice OLED screen or the lagfree, close to stock UI
- I hate the "pill" and rather have the gesture control of miui
- I wish it had 6Gigs of Ram, 4Gb is a fail
- the 675 is a great processor
- the back-design is outstanding besides all the same looking apples, samsungs (cept note), huaweis, oneplusses (i like the glowing batwing)
- it's bezels are pretty thick (coming from a mix3) and the rounded corners arent round -> that's ugly
- 128GB ROM is great, take that pixel 4

-> biggest failure of this phone: it needs to be 300$ not 450$!

I was looking forward to this phone since the in hands review stated that its build quality was flagship level. I agree with the review and the others saying, main problem this phone has is its price. if it was priced on the same tier as the Moto One Vision then it would be a good deal.

  • TC

SigmaR, 24 Oct 2019No it's not. There are far better phones for that price. Or muc... morewhich exactly?

Mi 9(T) - no OIS, only 2x Zoom
OnePlus 7T Pro - double price
Realme, Oppo, whatever - lack US/EU LTE bands

sure, if one reduces a phone's specs to playing Fortnite at 60fps, there is enough competition.

BROKEASS TECH, 23 Oct 2019You obviously cannot read, so here it is again for your pleasure... moreNo it's not. There are far better phones for that price.
Or much cheaper with same performance. So while not a bad phone overall, the quality/price ratio leaves to be desired

  • Anonymous

Overpriced, underspec. Motorola is a disappointment since G5.

  • TC

Tele + Auto HDR bug looks like the phone randomly chooses to upscale the Main