Nokia 7.2 review

23 Oct 2019

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WOW GSMArena,show more of the back of this phone!Thought this whole review was going to be about just that!!, 26 Oct 20197.2 frame itself is plastic that is polycarbonate. Back sid... moreThen the only thing missing is wireless charging which could have been implemented when it has a glass back. Sadly there wasn't that green color in the shop, that looks superb and I wonder how good it looks in real.

Carol, 26 Oct 2019I am actualy very aware of HMD and their Nokia devices. Alm... morethe fact is everybody is not a deep user like you. You are missing the point here. Nobody is complaining the software part. Because HMD has nothing to do with the OS due to their Android One project. And I am okay with it. PROBLEM starts

When you charge hefty premium during launch and start reducing device prices with every other day afterwards. Who invested are the looser here.

When you could not take good usable pictures with HMD camera app and have to load GCam, as everybody not a geek like you so they live with these crap pics and can't even do anything as they have already invested.

When you charge hefty in the name of NOKIA quality and your charging port goes bad in just months time, company takes either months to repair it or says it's warrenty void asking money to replace.

When devices like 5.1 plus have screen issues at launch and need system reboot to fix that multiple time and switch of ambiant light sensor.

When your after sells service is just hectic and not customer friendly.

The bugs are endless in this new Nokia. Why i know these. Not reading forums but by first hand user experience.

  • Carol, 26 Oct 2019i dont know if you actually have used any HMD devices (ther... moreI am actualy very aware of HMD and their Nokia devices. Almost everybody in my family has Nokia. Because, why not? Because people say so? It has nothing to do with nostalgia, it has more to do with the fact that they offer good quality for a good price and a great clean OS to just be proud of. People that do not configure their devices cannot and will not be able apreciate a clean OS. People like me, that configure (have to configure) the devices for all their family, friends, and sometimes strangers they quite appreciate Nokia. Especially, after they configured ugly abomination OS as samsungs or ads golore, privacy abomination like xiaomi and other cheap crapp. Your perspective of a device is most probably, paperweight, what is their writen is good. I actually get deep into a device and it's potential before i give the verdict. And this highly unprofesional reviews garena in the past years released, are just ridiculously biased to a point of i don't bother to read them anymore.

Aadrian, 25 Oct 2019Very nice phone, it feels premium when you hold it. Got it ... more7.2 frame itself is plastic that is polycarbonate. Back side is frosted glass with Gorilla glass protection.

Carol, 26 Oct 2019Or you do not pay the "influencers". In the same time you a... morei dont know if you actually have used any HMD devices (there are 25-35 models of them). And again i dont know if you have actually used Xiaomi, Oppo Vevo , Realme, OnePlus devices.

But from my hands on experience with above said brands,
I cam only say, YES it's HMD's stuberness to exploit the NOSTALGIA factor and loot early adopters and Nokia fans.

  • Carol, 25 Oct 2019Good or bad its your perspective. People who love Nokia wan... moreOr you do not pay the "influencers". In the same time you are still to small to actually make a more aggresive marketing, letting you out to hope for the best. Also, this people are a bit stubbern, they do not understand this days to make someone buy something you need to: pay some money to useless youtubers that do not even know how to change some settings. Then pay some to sites "specialized" in the mobile devices industry, or at least them sites that look like they are. And because why not? Pay them to also put down the competition. Yeah, is that easy! Aaand suddently, Nokia devices have the best camera, are daaamn fast and woth the last penny...
Now do they need to change? Yes. Will it help a lot? Nope. Not as long as they do not pay for the internet awareness. Sad, but true. Hack if i was them, i would build some crappy as devices with cheep 3 quality batches hardware, and sell for cheep. Then pay all this so called experienced people... oh still laughing at the fact that a site like garena does not even struggle to actually research where this design comes from and just throw dumb comparisons, highly unprofesional living a lot of questios behind, one of them beeing: are you actually reviewing, or just release reviews without actually usind this devices at least a day? Yeah, the last is true. And all is set, in for the ride with a sudden very good set of devices.

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Nokia have done this notification light inside a hardware button before on the n8, almost 10 years ago

Carol, 25 Oct 2019Yeah, all is good, though, ever tought about why? Why are t... moreGood or bad its your perspective. People who love Nokia want it to succed. And if your sells decline across all major markets like Europe, India then you are doing somthing incorrectly.
Hope you understand.

Very nice phone, it feels premium when you hold it. Got it in my hands yesterday for the first time in the shop and I liked it. It's good this phone has an always on display despite the LCD, which looks great by the way, but remember the Nokia Lumia 920 got the glance screen after the denim update too and it too had an IPS LCD. The phone is snappy and fast. Build quality is incredible for this price, same like my 5.1 Plus which feels more premium than phones of 500+ euro. FM radio check, USB-C check, micro SD card check, 3.5mm headphone check. Only missing wireless charging because of the aluminium back.

  • Carol, 25 Oct 2019Its not only with PocoFone, Xiaomi is really good at their ... moreYeah, all is good, though, ever tought about why? Why are this devices so cheap? Even tough they use "high end" hardware? Think about it before you comment.

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Meh, to many void excuses to justify a dated hardware. Business people buy other kind of products with a lot better hardware too because they have the money for it. So at the end, this is no more and no less than an overpriced mediocre phone. And people that spend that quantity in a phone will ignore it due to old hardware, bad cameras, generic design, etc.

I think that the importance and value of having 2 years of GUARANTEED android updates and 3 of GUARANTEED monthly security updates is not been streesed enough. Especially for a phone that has to be used in a "grown-up" way, so managing banking apps, working activities and the like. Having a blazing fast, high-tier processor with a good camera is pretty dangerous if you are stuck on two-years old OS or even just 3-4 months old security patches. I feel that more often than not these smartphones are reviewed more as toys than as tools.
Another thing that should be noted is that most of the contenders are from Chinese companies: this exposes them to possible "Huawei-style" bans and "not-so-transparent" behavior from the OS developers (many times Chinese phones have been discovered sending data to shady servers).
These things ARE a value and so have a price. Furthermore, all the recent Nokia handsets I put my hands on have all started with a not very mature software experience, but improved massively with subsequent updates.

I don't think people who expect good picture quality from their 350$ phone out of the box, are ignorant!

DirkPV, 25 Oct 2019I would agree on the pricing, except for that current Nokia... moreIts not only with PocoFone, Xiaomi is really good at their marketing strategy, they already keep their prices low with low margin, promote products well and sell more numbers and earn profit. most of the Xiaomi phones see lesser reduction in price in comparison to Nokia phones. Classic example hefty loss for early adopters is Nokia 8.1.

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Comments come from mostly seemingly ignorant users, who really do not understand a smartphone, its specifications, etc... In short, do not know how it should be used and taken care off... They just power on their phones and use, without understanding about the unit, what its made of, its safety handling, others... 80% or over users are simply ignorant...

Yoedi16, 25 Oct 2019Lmao what are you smoking, pocofone already in android 9 an... moreApologies, that was sarcasm. It seems from long-term reviews that the F1 is actually doing well over time., 25 Oct 2019When this Nokia is charging premium over its competitors it... moreI would agree on the pricing, except for that current Nokia devices seem to drop very quickly. A quick look on eBay confirms that the 7.2 can be had for £249 in the UK whilst the Pocophone F1 is still £269, to name one.
It depends what you want of course; I really enjoy the Android One experience so far.

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Plz add some system app lock like mi..

DirkPV, 25 Oct 2019I think this review is unnecessarily harsh. The new Nokia i... moreWhen this Nokia is charging premium over its competitors it should also give very good quality experience. But that's not the case. Many bugs at launch time, charging port issues, screen issues with Nokia 5.1 plus are all well known.