Nokia 7.2 review

23 Oct 2019

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  • Anonymous

I stopped reading at 660.

  • Anonymous

I buy only MADE IN CHINA products for support.

  • Anonymous

It has the typical generic chinese front, mediocre cameras with poor result, old hardware and overpriced. Exactly what it was expected from HMD.

  • Cat

Ok! This is going to be my next phone! Finally, Nokia 7.2!

  • Fabula

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2019Best Nokia Smartphpne ever???You mean including the old legends? Hell no :D no way
Old lumia 720 was better than this

To be honest, this Nokia phone are very bad. It fails scoring on the most important parts: battery life, camera, performance per price.

Looks like HMD going downsouth.

  • Boeing 747-400

Only Nokia Android phones that had succeeded over the past 2.5 years is the Nokia 6, Nokia 8, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1. My next phone is going to be the Nokia 8.1

  • Carol

Sori, 24 Oct 2019Oneplus, Vivo, now Nokia designers: Let's stole 3 year old Motor... moreEver seen lumia 830? Look the released year, then talk about who copied who... even worse to see a so called garena reviewer that has no idea what he talking about. Well this money though, they do not come from hmd for sure...otherwise Nokia phones will be the best.

  • Anonymous

Finally the review is out

  • Anonymous

Let´s face the facts, HMD has failed miserably to revive the Nokia standards of quality , innovation and desirable.

Not only these last Nokia phones are less than desirable, they are not affordable, poor quality etc.....i meanthe only reason to pay such amount of money is, nokia badge or the android ONE program. Had the 7 Plus and the 6.1 Plus and that´s enough for me, rubbish phones with several faults on charging ports.

it´s a shame I would really like to see these brands thrive but they simply can´t keep up with the competition. Same gos for my beloved Motorola

Love the Community, 23 Oct 2019Some Filipino Tech interviewer managed to interview one of the h... moreThat interviewee's answer is trash. They chose SD660 because its cheap and because that's what they can secure in bulk, I might say that they might have lots of excess SD660 due to poor sales but that's pure speculation on my part. It's ill reasoning to choose a very old SoC this 4th quarter of 2019.

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2019Gah! What are they thinking... I really, Really wanted to giv... moreyes, business of Nostalgia is what HMD is aiming for.

DroidBoye, 24 Oct 2019HMD Nokia couldn't seem to secure as much hardware as they could... morethis new Nokia ie HMD, are just here to do business.
They were never back, to live up to the Legendary old Nokia. HMD could have simply released very few handsets just in 2-3 price points(unlike OnePlus) and backed them with solid Battery, Build, Camera, After sells support(like OnePlus) but instead they thought to out run well established highly competitive Chinese brands. Now they are all over the place.

I'm from Hong Kong and personally I refuse to use any mobile with a Chinese-brand, both for security and political reasons. If Nokia cannot satisfy my needs, I would rather buy a dated flagship from Samsung, LG, Sony or other non-Chinese brands. Currently I'm using a 4-year-old LG V10 (which has died once but I got it repaired for free)., 24 Oct 2019An user review for Nokia 7.2 Look and feel - Very good materi... morePhone getting hot by just using it continuously just shows that aging SoC, SD660. No matter how good the build is, if the SoC is already old, then your phone would heat up faster. The problem here is that Android and even the third-party apps increases complexity over time everytime they update. If users invest in a phone with old SoC, they will replace that new phone faster than necessary in the future.

HMD Nokia couldn't seem to secure as much hardware as they could for their respective smartphone. For it's price:
1. The SoC is dated. Atleast SD7xx is expected.
2. Only eMMC and not UFS for storage.
3. Small battery, unimpressive endurance rating.

Only one thing I could think that Nokia thinking is not about being the best anymore, they're just giving whatever they have at their disposal at this point. No matter how good the build quality is, if the SoC is weak, the phone will lag. The next Android 10 major release for this phone would make it lag significantly, I guarantee it.

An user review for Nokia 7.2

Look and feel - Very good materials are used, even if the rim is made of poly carbonate it feels cold if you hold it after long time.
Screen - I don't have any issue with the notch or the Bezels. Screen is comparable to cheap FHD+ AMOLEDS in normal use and in color reproduction. Blacks are almost there.
Brightness is fine. Screen is a bit reflective. Dynamic mode in pure display can be assigned to each application with different modes like Original, Photo,Video,Read, Game. This is a good feature.
Call quality - Call quality is very good, Ear piece output is loud, I have to keep the volume at around 50% while at quieter places.
Speaker - is okay and loud.
Processing - Mine is 6 GB RAM with 64 GB, Tasks are super snappy, even if 15 tasks are open the phone is snappy. I don't game a lot so could not comment. Tasks remain in RAM and start from where you left.

Camera - Simply saying, Nokia camera software is very Unreliable and Inconsistent. I have to install a Google Cam mod as soon as 2nd day of my use.
Main camera shoots pictures with great detail, pictures are mostly in darker side.
Wide angle - it just does its job, colors are muted, details are missing
Low light photos from Nokia cam are very poor when you compare same with GCAM night sight output.
Front camera is good in daily life use.

Battery - Battery when in full charge the device will tell you more than 2 days to go. But as you start using the phone battery life reduces, i am consistently getting 4.30 hrs to 5.00 hrs of SOT and i am not very happy with it.
With 2 sim cards in use battery life takes a hit and the SOT reduces considerably.
Battery does not support Quick charge but takes more than 1.40 hrs to charge fully.

Bugs :
Finger print scanner did not respond at all, rebooted the phone and then tried, it respond. Happened couple of times in my 30 days of use.
Phone rebooted suddenly Once, while browsing chrome. nothing was lost it just came onto same place after reboot.
Phone feels warm to hot after using continuously for 15-20 mins. just in normal use.

  • Carol

I remember GSMarena prasing Samsung and pushing all of it into it's readers eyes, then, there came Apple and now there is Xiaomi and It's even crappier brand, realme. Ah, HMD, why can't you just pay the dudes?

  • Anonymous

Gah! What are they thinking...

I really, Really wanted to give Nokia a shot. Between how they are screwin up custom ROM development for their models and their Horrible design and pricing decisions like what you find in this phone...I think Nokia will only find it's niche in nostalgia.

  • Bem

Low specs with highpriced even there feature phones . nokia is already dead for me.