OnePlus 7T Pro vs. OnePlus 7T

28 Oct 2019

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  • Satyapriya

OIS is mentioned for both is true

  • Anonymous

Ali , 05 Nov 2019Feature in 5g support ?5g support or not

  • Ali

Feature in 5g support ?

Neither. Just get the 7 Pro. It's cheaper than the 7T Pro, and it's literally the exact same thing.

Don't recommend going for the 7 or the 7T, that notch just makes the whole phone look cheap compared to the Pro.

  • Mimi

Oneplus 7T & 7Tpro mobile all features is good,

Between 7 and 7T, I would definitely go for the 7T. It really is a vast hardware improvement over the 7.

But between 7T Pro and 7 Pro, I just stick with the 7 Pro. To be honest, I cannot see any noticeable between the two, the 7T Pro really is just a tiny mid-cycle update. Nothing interesting there.

7T really.

  • Anonymous

Nicolas F, 29 Oct 2019Lolwut? Oh yeah, it's customers fault that they bought phones w... moreSupport removable battery that would make phones bigger and less reliable? Why?
Like Galaxy s5 was unreliable and bigger.... Riiiiiiiight
Market trends dictate manufacturers not vice versa. They select features based on requirements of majority. Go live in your delusions if your think they care about you not wanting notches curved displays and what not.. market wants it, market gets it. Otherwise Galaxy s7 won't have an SD card slot and 3.5 mm Jacks would be in every flagship. You have a redmi 5 or something, do you really think they're gonna keep you in mind while making s11?

  • Anonymous

According to the site, there is no laser AF on the oneplus 7T

1+7 Pro (8/256) for 560euro is the way to go..

  • Anonymous

excellent post. Thanks a lot

  • Beebee

flat edges > curved edges
no notch > waterdrop notch

basically, if any of these two had flat edges and no notch, it would be complete awesomesauce. otherwise, both have disadvantages imho.

a more modest increase over the 4800mAh on the 7 Pro.

it should be 4000mAh

Does oneplus 7 pro have imbalance issues in audio or is the same as 7t pro.... What abt the speakers. Are they same or are there any differences in 7t pro

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019you know what it is people like you who just say something onli... moreLolwut?
Oh yeah, it's customers fault that they bought phones with notches [sarcasm], not manufacturers that left them (us) with almost no choice - and they leaving us with almost no choice again with these curved displays, hole-punch displays, pop-up cameras - and, in comparison to these, tiny teardrop notch is absolutely bearable.
Support removable battery that would make phones bigger and less reliable? Why?
Support Meizu that that isn't doing good with their global software? Why?
"stop buying from these companies"? Lol, why do you think I even started? Last time I changed smartphone from iPhone 5s to Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus =))
And, yeah, I won't buy a smartphone that isn't smart - that has curved screen, hole-punch display or pop-up camera.

  • Ultimate Legends

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019How is the software on Meizu phones? As good or better than OnePlus?Well there is no comparison between those two. OnePlus is near stock android while Meizu is custom skin and OnePlus mobiles are really fast.

  • Anonymous

OP 7 Pro is better deal - its cheaper on many online places including eBay... I did wait for both T versions and eventually purchased the 7 Pro instead as 7T Pro is not worth the money for upgrade and 7Pro is already on discounted price and currently running android 10.

  • RoNīN Ga&am

that's a cop out. if they are truly that close that one can't be an obvious winner, it proves a minor tweak here or there creates the illusion of an upgrade.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 28 Oct 2019Personally, i would advise against buying either one at this poi... moreDont go for the Oneplus 8 series. I had a vision from the future telling me that Oneplus 9 series is the one to wait for. It will be way better than the 8 series...
In fact why not wait for the 10 series ? Or not buy one at all..

  • Anonymous

r33fd, 28 Oct 2019I usually agree 100% with gsmarena recommendations, but this ti... moreTrue..for there are just more obvious choices.. the Mi 9T Pro or the Realme X2 Pro come to mind

  • Maverick

For me a 1080P screen is substandard now when you get QHD on even 2 year old flagships. And fullscreen display over a notch anyday. if you have to make a notch then make it little bigger and install a 3D face recognition sensor.