OnePlus 7T Pro vs. OnePlus 7T

28 Oct 2019

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2019you know what it is people like you who just say something onli... moreHow is the software on Meizu phones? As good or better than OnePlus?

  • Anonymous

Nicolas F, 28 Oct 2019Which one? Of course OnePlus 7T - it doesn't have curved display... moreyou know what
it is people like you who just say something online and then nothing
if people actually supported companies that did no notch, the notch would have died
if they supported the removable battery then it would have stayed
go support meizu and stop buying from these companies otherwise your argument is pointless

  • Max

Very confused about speakers:
[this compariosn for 7T] "the earpiece speaker is still very treble-heavy and the bottom speaker is more focused on the mids and the lows"
[Original 7T review] "The bottom-firing speaker produces mid-range sounds while the earpiece outputs treble and bass".

  • Mahi

So many mobiles coming to market with high spec and almost same. But price wise 50% less compare to 1+. It's better to go for other options instead buying 1+ if u r not a mad for brand.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for the honest comparison. Stay true and honest this way, and all your users will continue reading your articles.

P.S. I'm waiting for you to bash the Pixel 4. I feel like they managed to make it worse than Pixel 3 - a phone that I own and only keep, because of it's camera and unlimited cloud storage. Latter one doesn't exist for P4 anymore btw.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is slightly better than the OnePlus 7t, and due to having a longer sale time it will get more sales, and more third-party support (ROMs).

The OnePlus 7 Pro is still on sale, and some places have been doing deals. So you could actually get it slightly cheaper than the OnePlus 7t, and that's what I recommend people do.

Remember the OnePlus 8, Samsung S11, and iPhone SE X will be released in a few months.

  • Woxic

r33fd, 28 Oct 2019I usually agree 100% with gsmarena recommendations, but this ti... moreThe only reason I see anyone picking a Samsung over a Oneplus at this time is just the camera, because in all the rest I can't see Samsung being superior at this point....

  • Roger

7t pro if it had a flat screen, it would be my pick. Other way.. I'd but 7t.

  • 123

Whackcar, 28 Oct 2019Personally, i would advise against buying either one at this poi... moreAnd than after wait another 6 months for the 8T ant 8T Pro
Makes zero sense.
Just buy the best now. When better comes. Sell and buy the new one. Otherwise you are never gonna buy anything. Waiting for the next one.

I usually agree 100% with gsmarena recommendations,
but this time I see no reason anyone would bother with any of these devices.

If value for money is a great concern then there are much better deals out like the xiaomi and realmi.
And if you want the best of the best Oneplus does not hold a candle to Samsung or Apple in both hardware quality and customer support.

Suggesting to go for a pointless edition of a phone that is already overpriced is simply irrational, when there are much better devices out there, especially in the camera department.

> OnePlus 7T specs
> Rear telephoto camera: 12MP f2.2, 52mm OIS, 1080p30 video

It doesn't have OIS and it's 51 mm.

Which one? Of course OnePlus 7T - it doesn't have curved display (which is unnecessary to exist, uncomfortable to use, and it distorts content) and it doesn't have pop-up selfie camera (which decreases phone's reliability, collects dust, and also is unnecessary to exist). "Unnecessary to exist" - because the pursuit for "bezelless" displays is unnecessary. And, there is more rational example of that - Meizu 16/16s/16s Pro did display with thin bezels, but without notch, hole-punch display, curved display or pop-up camera. If Meizu did that - any other manufacturer can.

  • Gui

Where can i buy one plus 7t PRO in US?

Spent about an hour with both devices before buying a 256 7T (today). The curved screen has been done to death by Samsung and Huawei. All the points mentioned in the article explain why. I'd rather live with a notch, than pay all that extra for a pop-up camera.

Personally, i would advise against buying either one at this point. OnePlus 8 series will be the first to offer wireless charging (I'm counting on it). Possibly the first to come with an IP certification (no bets on that). It will likely replace the 48MP main cam with a 64MP or 108MP one. Might improve on some other aspects as well. If you've waited till now, then might as well wait another 6 months. Just my two cents.