Oppo Reno Ace review

31 Oct 2019

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  • bEnz

Hoping this has a global version...this is availanle only.in china i am right?

  • Ehsan

This is to gsmarena, hope we get a answer:
1-There are 1.3 billion people living in China and are the most potential costumers of these phones, yet, you only give recommendations to European and Indian users. I hope you also consider this from now on when giving suggestions.
2-I personally expected to have a more detailed description regarding the x2 pro and reno ace camera as this is the deciding factor for choosing one over another. Yet, we only received a simple explanation of sepc which all know!!! I hope you clarify which one has a better camera.

Essen, 31 Oct 2019Thank you. Your explanation sounds logical and makes perfec... moreWell the fast charging process itself doesn't harm the battery, but heat does. The more a phone heats up during charging, the more likely it is for its battery to degrade in health.

On this review they've mentioned that while the phone does get warm, it doesn't get quite as hot as while gaming, which means any harmful effects on the battery should be minimal.

If a phone heats up a lot during fast charging, then that phone is more likely to have a degraded battery sooner.

the night mode of the Reno Ace is way better than that of the Realme 2x. That one looked hideous. For everything else they are basically the same freaking phone

I would choose the Reno Ace over the Realme given this one has a card slot and better night mode but I would opt out from using the Super VOOC 65.

  • Anonymous

All flagships should be at least QHD.

  • Anonymous

What sad that the photos are too noisy. I was thinking in buy this one. Now looking elsewhere. Even with OIS their software isn't enough good... Maybe the Gcam could be ported but a device that is not popular sure that will not get the ports.

  • Anonymous

oppo & realme should replace their color os to be Oxygen os

  • Essen

Whackcar, 31 Oct 2019In the battery section, you compared it's 65w charging spee... moreThank you. Your explanation sounds logical and makes perfect sense. Would you happen to know anything on what this kind of fast charging does to the longterm life/endurance of a battery? Do these new battery charging tech harm the battery in the long term?

In the battery section, you compared it's 65w charging speed with Realme's 50w one and mentioned a 2 minute difference (from 0 to 100%), making the 65w seem pointless.

Well, the difference might seem minimal here, but it's only because the charging throttles down on practically all phones after 2/3 of the battery is full.

If you were to just top-up the phone in 5-10 minute cycles (which is the right way to charge phones that support ultra-fast charging, as it consumes the least amount of recharge cycles this way), then you'd notice that the 65w one has charged significantly more than the 50w one. That's where the higher watts benefit the user.

Just wanted to clarify it for those who are confused.

Will definitely buy this one. The 65watt charging sold me.03

GSMArena team ...where are the Photo and Video Compare Tool Charts. Would be nice to have comparison to the competition you mentioned in your review