LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen review

01 Nov 2019

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  • 10 Jul 2022

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2022have you noticed V50s/G8x OLED screen had tinting issue? it... moreYES

    How's the EMW version?

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      • t7x
      • 11 Jun 2022

      have you noticed V50s/G8x OLED screen had tinting issue? it's obvious especially if you are using it in a very dark room and the brightness is set on the lowest levels. try to use Display Tester app under Burn-In detection slide the green and red sliders to check.

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        • 21 Nov 2021

        RishiGuru, 21 Jun 2021It is unfortunate.. but LG G8X do not use Qnovo's QNI ... moreHello, why not LG phones and LG flagship phones as primary phones? so Samsung is good? Mid-range or more expensive phones? It has good features like QuickMemo+ If they are still on new lg phones, give you good screenshot when phone has navigation bar. it could be better if gives screenshot instantly without writing tools. Lovely phones they were but not good performance on all model, and battery dead after 3 to 4 years of use and hard to find new battery that works.

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          • 28 Oct 2021

          David, 06 Aug 2020Lg great. Something different. Everyone has a Samsung but n... moreAbsolutely right brother

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            • 22 Jun 2021

            Overall product is nice but automatically switched off..
            Great clarity of screen

              Samath N8 808 owner, 21 Jun 2021There's one more thing I wish to add. There's an... moreIt is unfortunate.. but LG G8X do not use Qnovo's QNI tech. Maybe for cost reasons... licensing cost ... LG dropped it for G8X. This is why V30+ will charge much faster which has this tech. I have observed this.

              However LG follows slow charging in comparison to its main competitors which in turn keeps the battery healthy... and I always try to keep charge between 25 ~80%. But it not always possible... I understand that.

              LG flagship phones are very close to my heart... for oblivious audio reasons... but they are never my primary phones.

                RishiGuru, 02 Dec 2020The label on the LG G8X retail box clearly states: Voltage... moreThere's one more thing I wish to add.
                There's an app called Accubattery on the Play Store. It has quoted few research papers across the world, claiming that you can extend your battery life by 3 times (211% increase) by just charging your phone upto 80% and not beyond it. The app has a built in 80% charge alarm.
                These scientists claim that battery heat is greatly reduced by this, thus enhancing battery life.

                With LG's service availability somewhat of a question mark for now, I guess I better follow this method.
                The only problem I'm facing is that my phone remains connected to Laptop for tethering and file transfer, and then it gets charged a lot... hardly have I seen it go below 40% recently.

                  One more thing I didn't quite understand, in cons you mentioned, "Unimpressive 4K video recording across the board"
                  But, you're basically appreciating them inside the review itself, with exception that there's just average detail.. You say, "Regarding quality, the 4K videos from the main camera turned out to be nice - the dynamic range is commendable, the noise is low, colors and contrast are simply excellent."

                  So, what's the real situation?

                    @GSMA: Guys, this statement is a bit inaccurate:-

                    " The front of the (Dualscreen) case is all glass, dark gray or black - it's hard to say. "

                    In my observation, it bends under pressure, and also its reflections also distort if you apply pressure on it. So, its a sort of plastic or something.

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                      • 13 May 2021

                      Hem, 16 Nov 2020Too many flaws in Lg g8x 1. When using single screen witho... moreyes there is, using it right now.. long press the overview (square) button

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                        • 22 Mar 2021

                        Gary paul, 07 Mar 2021can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on t... moreit can play pubg with smooth+ extream... and every graphic with extreme

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                          • 22 Mar 2021

                          Gary paul, 07 Mar 2021can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on t... moreSnapdragon 855 can game..

                            can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on this phone ?? can it play games in high frame rate and full hd.?? im planning to buy this.

                              Kymita, 27 Dec 2020Only?Usa market gets Fm radioSadly, Indian units are devoid of FM radio.

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                                • 27 Dec 2020

                                Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020No radio in my phone alsoOnly?Usa market gets Fm radio

                                  Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020@Rishi, where you purchased, online or offline?Flipkart, BBD sale during Diwali festival period, 2020. I am from India.

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                                    • 15 Dec 2020

                                    RishiGuru, 02 Dec 2020I got mine on the same sale @ INR 18K [$245]. For that pric... more@Rishi, where you purchased, online or offline?

                                      Oomph, 18 Oct 2020They apperently sold 1 lakh units of lg g8x during flipkart... moreI got mine on the same sale @ INR 18K [$245]. For that price with the Dual Screen case slapped in there is nothing on the Indian context that can come close to it.

                                      Extremely happy with the purchase. LG G8X is an excellent device if you know how to use it. For $245 there is nothing that can come close to it.

                                        Kumar, 19 Oct 2020My phone doesn't have fm radio... Can some one check ... moreIndian units do not have FM radio.