LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen review

01 Nov 2019

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  • casterboink

This phone LG G8X Thinq is released in Japan for JPY 55,440 Yen Carrier lock to Softbank. That is roughly USD505 which is really good price considering it is bundled with the dual screen case. I bought mine used in Grade A condition, but already sim unlocked.

got mine with case included, first LG phone i own, coming from huawei and my last phone was a one plus 5,

love the phone so far, need to learn every single posible option available (im that obsessed with a new gadget), also wondering if its possible to root

miss my op5 rooted

  • JPH

hey, I have a new G8 duel screen unit. So a week ago when I was on holiday it randomly overheated to an extreme. It was hot enough I had issues picking it up and turning it off. So the second screen seems to be the part that over heated and is dead now. The main part of the phone is fine. Has anyone else experienced that? Im about to deal with LG for warranty for the first time so wish me luck!

  • Anonymous

If I bought this phone would I be able to use in UK?

  • Patterson

I've owned now for a few months. Very happy with overall performance. Installed 400gb card and more than meets my needs
Camera actually performs well. Video also good but the head phone audio is top tier. I personally believe LG is going to finally be a big player in the cellphone game. Keeping the 3.5mm Jack is very smart ...Oled screen great processor ,I mean you can't go wrong.

  • Anonymous

it comes with a chargers headphone and a magnetic adaptor for charger

ILoveEeEe , 22 Dec 2019Dual screen? How much does it help to improve my work on phones... the dual screen is the best part. it helps a lot.
Multitasking will be breeze with this phone.

  • ILoveEeEe

Dual screen? How much does it help to improve my work on phones...

  • J

No charging adapter. Need to purchase it separately. Waste of time.

  • Anonymous

AresinUAE, 04 Nov 2019Ive had g3, g4 and g6. All great phones that died within a year,... moreWell here in south Africa. Sony has pulled out of the country so now I have decide on LG due to the fact that Samsung and Huawei come with a free first screen repair which says alot about the brand and that it's flimsy... LG and Sony are actually the only 2 brands that are durable and long lasting...


mateus_S, 06 Nov 2019We are in 2019 now, let the terrible G3 goWell G3 was not bad at all, he have some trouble with bootloop but not with all I still have working G3 in box..

  • Blablabla

Definitely gonna buy this baby coz i mostly like the dual screen for multitasking while im doing my work on the other screen & when im done i just can slide it out & put it inside my bag without having any weight burden on my pocket.

hey lg: when are you going to add wifi 6 / 802.11 ax to your handsets?

  • mateus_S

mihaidenis, 03 Nov 2019Dual screen, dual bootloop from innovator from LG. I would like... moreWe are in 2019 now, let the terrible G3 go

  • Anonymous

mihaidenis, 03 Nov 2019Dual screen, dual bootloop from innovator from LG. I would like... moreDude get over it, G3 was 5-6 yrs ago. Still holding grudge? Move on so you can fell better.

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2019B & HNovember 12...about two weeks after available by carrier (AT&T) it will be available at B&H, which seems to be THE online retailer for the latest LG phones. I got my V30s there a year ago.

aknsreddy, 04 Nov 2019Wish they added battery to accessory display. That would lasts l... moreIt would be waaay too heavy if they did that (it's already bad enough as even the base phone is 40g heavier than the V30). That's probably the main reason they kept the screens at 1080p only also.

How bout some real questions instead of the Samsung trollers...

Contemplating this phone but wow did the weight increase--we are now in Note 8 territory of 190+ grams just for the main phone itself. V30 was at 155g so doubt that was due to the battery size increase. The cameras also seem to have been upgraded and how nice is it to not have any camera hump to deal with.

For many people still, the main reason for this phone vs the others is the Quad DAC. However, the volume seems to be lower here than on the previous V series per your measurements (vs V30 and V40, which I currently have). That''s always been then case when in "regular" impedance mode, but 45+ ohm headphones will trigger hi-impeance mode with noticeably more power. Was that mode tested on this?

Sure would be nice if *EVER* LG would let us change our own impedance gain value! We are not stupid enough to put 8ohm IEMS on high impedance--but I doubt that option is offered here once again...

Can you show a screens shot of the audio options/effects pageof the Quad DAC to see if anything was added (or removed)?

Wish they added battery to accessory display. That would lasts longer than two days... killer opportunity.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019Where is this for sale at in the USA unlocked?B & H