LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen review

01 Nov 2019

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  • Satish

Overall product is nice but automatically switched off..
Great clarity of screen

Samath N8 808 owner, 21 Jun 2021There's one more thing I wish to add. There's an... moreIt is unfortunate.. but LG G8X do not use Qnovo's QNI tech. Maybe for cost reasons... licensing cost ... LG dropped it for G8X. This is why V30+ will charge much faster which has this tech. I have observed this.

However LG follows slow charging in comparison to its main competitors which in turn keeps the battery healthy... and I always try to keep charge between 25 ~80%. But it not always possible... I understand that.

LG flagship phones are very close to my heart... for oblivious audio reasons... but they are never my primary phones.

RishiGuru, 02 Dec 2020The label on the LG G8X retail box clearly states: Voltage... moreThere's one more thing I wish to add.
There's an app called Accubattery on the Play Store. It has quoted few research papers across the world, claiming that you can extend your battery life by 3 times (211% increase) by just charging your phone upto 80% and not beyond it. The app has a built in 80% charge alarm.
These scientists claim that battery heat is greatly reduced by this, thus enhancing battery life.

With LG's service availability somewhat of a question mark for now, I guess I better follow this method.
The only problem I'm facing is that my phone remains connected to Laptop for tethering and file transfer, and then it gets charged a lot... hardly have I seen it go below 40% recently.

One more thing I didn't quite understand, in cons you mentioned, "Unimpressive 4K video recording across the board"
But, you're basically appreciating them inside the review itself, with exception that there's just average detail.. You say, "Regarding quality, the 4K videos from the main camera turned out to be nice - the dynamic range is commendable, the noise is low, colors and contrast are simply excellent."

So, what's the real situation?

@GSMA: Guys, this statement is a bit inaccurate:-

" The front of the (Dualscreen) case is all glass, dark gray or black - it's hard to say. "

In my observation, it bends under pressure, and also its reflections also distort if you apply pressure on it. So, its a sort of plastic or something.

  • Anonymous

Hem, 16 Nov 2020Too many flaws in Lg g8x 1. When using single screen witho... moreyes there is, using it right now.. long press the overview (square) button

  • nsks

Gary paul, 07 Mar 2021can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on t... moreit can play pubg with smooth+ extream... and every graphic with extreme

  • Anonymous

Gary paul, 07 Mar 2021can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on t... moreSnapdragon 855 can game..

can any user shed his experience on how good is gaming on this phone ?? can it play games in high frame rate and full hd.?? im planning to buy this.

Kymita, 27 Dec 2020Only?Usa market gets Fm radioSadly, Indian units are devoid of FM radio.

  • Kymita

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2020No radio in my phone alsoOnly?Usa market gets Fm radio

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020@Rishi, where you purchased, online or offline?Flipkart, BBD sale during Diwali festival period, 2020. I am from India.

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 02 Dec 2020I got mine on the same sale @ INR 18K [$245]. For that pric... more@Rishi, where you purchased, online or offline?

Oomph, 18 Oct 2020They apperently sold 1 lakh units of lg g8x during flipkart... moreI got mine on the same sale @ INR 18K [$245]. For that price with the Dual Screen case slapped in there is nothing on the Indian context that can come close to it.

Extremely happy with the purchase. LG G8X is an excellent device if you know how to use it. For $245 there is nothing that can come close to it.

Kumar, 19 Oct 2020My phone doesn't have fm radio... Can some one check ... moreIndian units do not have FM radio.

Boreas, 11 Oct 20200-100 charging time? How's the camera quality? The label on the LG G8X retail box clearly states:
Voltage, Wattage: AC 150-240V, 16.2 watts

This indicates LG G8X will support a maximum of 16.2 watts of power from any wall charger. LG after the Samsung Note battery fiasco have been using a very sophisticated and expensive battery charging tech (named QNI) made by Qnovo. QNI ensures prolonged battery life while safe fast charging.

This QNI tech on my LG V30+ used dedicated hardware found embedded in Snapdragon SD835 SoC (any SD8XX SoC from SD835 onward) and very special algorithms to precisely monitor the battery 30,000 times (you read that right!!!) during a single charge from 0 to 100%. On real time QNI will calculate and provide the optimal power to battery for fast charging. Sony uses this same QNI tech in their flagship phones after their battery burn fiasco. However this a very expensive tech and Chinese companies do not use it. They provide high wattage chargers to destroy the battery in no time while advertising super fast charging.

This QNI tech in LG smartphones required wall chargers to output power very different from standard 10 watt (5V x 2A) & 18 watts (9V x 2A) chargers found abundant today. In comes LG's own wall charger with below rating:

5V x 1.8A = 9 watts
9V x 1.8A = 16.2 watts

I own a pair of these chargers from my pair of LG V30+'s. With my LG G8X I use these LG original chargers which matches the 16.2 watts power rating. The lightning sign (representing Fast Charging) which is present in the dual screen tiny charging adapter is also present on the wall charger. Charging with LG's original charger also shows Fast Charging on my G8X's lock screen.

Below are the charging times I found on my G8X using LG's original 16.2 watts charger with battery completely depleted to 0%.

Optimized Charging Enabled: NO
0 to 16% -> 640 mAh -> 15 mins
0 to 25% -> 1000 mAh -> 25 mins
0 to 30% -> 1200 mAh -> 30 mins
0 to 45% -> 1800 mAh -> 45 mins
0 to 45% -> 1800 mAh -> 50 mins
0 to 50% -> 2000 mAh -> 51 mins
0 to 57% -> 2280 mAh -> 60 mins -> 1 hr
0 to 70% -> 2800 mAh -> 75 mins -> 1 hr 15 mins
0 to 75% -> 3000 mAh -> 81 mins -> 1 hr 21 mins
0 to 82% -> 3280 mAh -> 90 mins -> 1 hr 30 mins
0 to 80% -> 3200 mAh -> 87 mins -> 1 hr 27 mins
0 to 85% -> 3520 mAh -> 94 mins -> 1 hr 34 mins
0 to 90% -> 3600 mAh -> 100 mins -> 1 hr 40 mins
0 to 92% -> 3680 mAh -> 105 mins -> 1 hr 45 mins
0 to 95% -> 3800 mAh -> 111 mins -> 1 hr 51 mins
0 to 98% -> 3920 mAh -> 120 mins -> 2 hrs
0 to 100% -> 4000 mAh -> 125 mins -> 2 hrs 5 mins

Optimized Charging Enabled: YES
0 to 15% -> 600 mAh -> 15 mins
0 to 25% -> 1000 mAh -> 27 mins
0 to 28% -> 1120 mAh -> 30 mins
0 to 40% -> 1600 mAh -> 45 mins
0 to 45% -> 1800 mAh -> 50 mins
0 to 50% -> 2000 mAh -> 56 mins
0 to 53% -> 2120 mAh -> 60 mins -> 1 hr
0 to 65% -> 2600 mAh -> 75 mins -> 1 hr 15 mins
0 to 75% -> 3000 mAh -> 88 mins -> 1 hr 28 mins
0 to 77% -> 3080 mAh -> 90 mins -> 1 hr 30 mins
0 to 80% -> 3200 mAh -> 95 mins -> 1 hr 35 mins
0 to 85% -> 3520 mAh -> 102 mins -> 1 hr 42 mins
0 to 88% -> 3520 mAh -> 105 mins -> 1 hr 45 mins
0 to 90% -> 3600 mAh -> 109 mins -> 1 hr 49 mins
0 to 95% -> 3800 mAh -> 120 mins -> 2 hrs
0 to 100% -> 4000 mAh -> 132 mins -> 2 hrs 12 mins

No matter what I do, G8X will take more than 2 hours to go to 100% battery. However with such small difference, my advice will be to always keep the 'Optimized Charging' turned on so as to further prolong the battery life.

  • Hem

Too many flaws in Lg g8x
1. When using single screen without dual accesory. There is no split scren option
2. When using dual screen i have app lock installed .  but when dual screen is ON the app lock does not work on secondary screen.
3. Network signal reception is very bad. Same network on other mobiles are of better signal.
4. Even after notifications kept off the whatsapp messages are visible on notifications

Comparing to lg g5 camera it seems disappointing but battery is good on g8. G5 has shown its quality for the past 5 years. Hope G8 will. I have used lg k8, g4 stylus, g5, g6, and now g8. Thing is lg mobiles are good but lack of improvement in software tech. Samsung gives a lot of options. All the phones of lg gives same options, even after years of use i never felt something new is there. Need some important improvements on smart side so we can call it smartphones like samsung.

  • Gagan

I was eager and excited to use this phone but unfortunately after usage of week i found that massive hype was created about this phone
As its battery draining very rapidly even my 4.5 years old moto g5 plus is even performing better than this phone eventoday.in very moderate usage of 1 hour this phone has drained nearly 40percent battery on single screen which is nearly half of the battery.

2. It has big issue with downloading speed even though it has sd855 but its has big software optimization problem.

3.camera of this phone is below power if compare to other phone in the same price range.
4.charging adapter is not provided in the box which is very strange way of cutting cost also charging of this phone is far too slow it take ages to charge this phone,even with 4000 mah battery

5.overall waste of money as it has nearly zero market value.and finding accessories of this phone is all about finding aliens.

Seek out for better options rather than this pathetic phone as lg was so impressed as people bought this phone without proper research and simply on the basis of hype created by youtubers who r doing it to increase views and subscribers and have nothing to do with hardearned money of buyers,they r just doing for their own sake as they r earning huge through youtube views and subscriptions.

Bash, 29 Oct 2020Had a lg g7 thinq . Was supposed to be waterproof etc but f... moreI have a LG Q7 plus and this is a tough phone. It resists dives well and has suffered heavy falls without causing any damage.