LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen review

01 Nov 2019

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Sunny987, 03 Nov 2019Hello.. Is there a difference between the hifi quad dac and hifi... moreThe G8s does not have the 32bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, only the Hi-Fi capabilities in the SD855. If you are looking for a G8 for its audio capabilities avoid the G8s.

  • Sunny987

Hello.. Is there a difference between the hifi quad dac and hifi dac?. I mean.. are lg g8s and LG g8 having same features in respect of quad dac?

  • Anonymous

mihaidenis, 03 Nov 2019Dual screen, dual bootloop from innovator from LG. I would like... moreSo a 5 year old phone defines QC of a company? Dude 3 years ago Galaxy notes were exploding and 5 years ago iphones were bending like twigs....

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mihaidenis, 03 Nov 2019Dual screen, dual bootloop from innovator from LG. I would like... moreMy father used lg g3 for 3 and half year and that phone was worked very well and the phone was fell down and display was broken so he did'nt repair it he trade in that phone for lg g8s and it was better than my s9 plus.

Shanti Dope, 03 Nov 2019But we could blame both either way. The 2015 Qualcomm flagship ... moreDual screen, dual bootloop from innovator from LG.
I would like to thank the administrator for deleting my previous post about bootloop.
It was just my opinion as a previous user of LG G3.
Was acceptable for 10 months even the throttling make it sluggish but then suddently got bootloop.
So this is the quality is offering LG for their phones.
I'm in a big doubt that they massively improve their qc.
Beside that their enginneres have questionable experience. The best example for their profesionalism is the design they made on LG G3.
They fit a screen with a pixel density that was maximum resolution for the gpu(as per Qualcomm spec)so the problems just started.
Unfinished drivers, overheating chipset... and so on.

mihaidenis, 02 Nov 2019It is not Qualcomm to blame for poor design of the phones.Period.But we could blame both either way.
The 2015 Qualcomm flagship chipsets are simply power inefficient, to the point that they're risky to be used under extremely heavy usages, as they tend to get smoking hot enough to fry an egg.
And I do blame the internal design of smartphones as well.
Xperia Z3+ and Z5 series had overheating problems, but never to the point of it to cause bootloop, and that's practically because of great internal design and engineering by Sony.
Even OnePlus 2 didn't face such problems. The HTC One M9 was technically free from the issue as well.

  • Duke1

Nice one. I think this will be my next phone.
I’ll use the phone on it’s own when out and about and add the second screen when at home.

  • WhySoSeri0us

So an downgraded V50 5G for €935? The V50 is arround €550.

  • Anonymous

Better than Pixel 4 and Galaxy Fold. Cheaper too.

  • Anonymous

Where is this for sale at in the USA unlocked?

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Will there be a Vivo IQOO Neo camera test and why, when you had meizu 16th in hand, you didn’t add its camera test to your program for comparing shots. I think that you would do a lot of scientific work, but we all so want to see all the smartphones in this program. But the developers will improve the work of cameras with updates over time, I think if you tested the phones over the course of a year this would be the height of scientific progress. Thank you for your work! But for meizu 16th, it’s terribly insulting to have a sensor with a pixel 1.5 = the only competitor mate 20

mikinawa, 02 Nov 2019lg hatters trollling here Nice bait, but I do own a G8 with the triple camera setup.

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mikinawa, 02 Nov 2019lg hatters trollling here yeah bro there are more lg haters because lg has done what other can't do

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Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019Why not launch a late 2019 flagship with flagship specs ? A Snap... moreAndroid 10 I do agree on, but SD 855+ is only better on paper, you will barely see any improvement with a naked eye, in essence it is a slightly overclocked 855.

  • mikinawa

YUKI93, 02 Nov 2019That's just Android stuff with the Huawei Nexus 6P as the worst ... morelg hatters trollling here

Love the Community, 01 Nov 2019Dude. Bootloop was 4 years ago. Stop. LG has never bootlooped si... moreIt is not Qualcomm to blame for poor design of the phones.Period.

  • Adam_F

Kangal, 02 Nov 2019I tried the LG V50 with the Dual-Screen earlier this year. And ... more"And lastly, make sure there is No Notch on the phone or the accessory, I know its not very noticeable/impactful, but that one detail makes people not buy it (if need be, make a chin like the LG V30 or Pixel 4)."

Absolutely - this is the first LG that ticks most boxes for me (mainly because they finally brought good battery life), but the notch makes it look like a random midranger IMO. Notch on the second screen is just ridiculous.

If only Redmi K20 had quad DAC...

I've owned LG phones from the G3 to the v10 and to have a 4000mAh battery in the G8X is a step in the right direction. My main concern has always been LG's slow to Android updates. hey do plan to update in 2020 in the US but I wouldn't hold my breath. Other than that, LG priced this competitively.

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Please do review of LG G8s

duncdawg, 02 Nov 2019Is it weird that I'm interested in this phone. It's the first LG... moreRight on.

My first thought after reading the battery section: 'Is this really an LG?'

But in my country the phone would probably be prohibitively expensive.

Regardless, I'd urge the GSMA team to do the audio tests separate for QuadDAC enabled/disabled. No other company offers this level of sound hardware and it deserves a proper testing. How hard/long it can be?