LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen review

01 Nov 2019

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Mr. Anonymous, 02 Nov 2019For the same amount of money competitors offer also a telep... moreTrue.. and a Snapdragon 855+

Is it weird that I'm interested in this phone. It's the first LG flagship with decent battery life. It has a decent camera with a much improved camera, LG has always had good video, finally a small notch (and decent design) and a somewhat interesting accessory. It'll be down to a couple hundred bucks in a year = SOLD!

I do love this LG with its Dual Screen accessory, having the chance to use ZTE Axon M before made me in love with this two screen solution since you can run two apps simultaneously on two different screen without any resizing whatsoever. Plus, I don't need to worry about screen creasing since it's not one big screen.

But the omission of telephoto camera do worries me a lot. I know that LG started the ultrawide smartphone camera race, but it was the telephoto camera that I frequently uses a lot. God knows when was the last time I use ultrawide.

Love the Community, 01 Nov 2019Dude. Bootloop was 4 years ago. Stop. LG has never bootloop... moreThat's just Android stuff with the Huawei Nexus 6P as the worst offender. Microsoft's Lumia 950 and 950 XL uses SD808 and SD810 respectively, yet I never experience any kind of bootloop at all.

I do heard stories about overheating though, especially for early batch SD810 like in Sony Xperia Z3.

I tried the LG V50 with the Dual-Screen earlier this year.
And it is quite bulky, to the point where it is no longer "ultra mobile", and requires to carry around in a purse or backpack since it doesn't fit into standard pockets. Accessory pockets like in jackets or cargo pants are fine, but you feel the heft.

Besides that, the experience was okay. But I struggled to find a good usecase for it. To me it felt best when you're in your living room or bedroom, and to replace a tablet. But when I thought about it, a second device/tablet will offer you a better experience, better battery life, and it's cheaper. Not to mention it's Android, and not the premium experience of the iPad. And that's if you even want a tablet, since most people are ditching them to live with their big phone/small laptop combination. Overall, the un-impressive experience turned me off Dual-Screens and even foldable like the Samsung Galaxy Fold (though the Huawei Mate Fold seems promising).

I think if they could have something more marketable if they tweak the product a little. Firstly, make the phone cheaper and the accessory cheaper. Secondly, make the second screen something like a Moto-Mod, and not like an attachment case (more portable). And lastly, make sure there is No Notch on the phone or the accessory, I know its not very noticeable/impactful, but that one detail makes people not buy it (if need be, make a chin like the LG V30 or Pixel 4).

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G8X looks like a good phone, however for a G8S owner like me it is not really worth it yet.

G8X will be €819 in my country, meahwile the almost same (aside from dual screen) G8S is €389, that is now too much of a difference.so unless the price goes down, which it will it is jot worth it yet (€699 would be a better starting price)

Also oddly enough the G8S has a triple camera setup, I don't mind 1 camera less on the G8X but it is rather strange.

For the same amount of money competitors offer also a telephoto camera.
For such a late launch, it should have ufs 3.0 and Android 10.

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Anonymous, 01 Nov 2019Next year LG need Better camera! 48 or 108MPx. This year be... moreMore megapixels won't get them better camera quality, they already have great hardware. Where they really need to step up their game is processing- that's how Samsung, Apple and Google are beating them

[deleted post]Dude. Bootloop was 4 years ago. Stop. LG has never bootlooped since LG G5. If ever, blame Qualcomm for the bootloop. SD808 and SD810 are so hot that it'll bootloop. Not only LG gets it but any phone that has that SOC.

  • Oneplus loled

The company who's known for amazing rear camera(s) but my disposable camera from 1982 will always take better photo than LG's front camera(s).

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Next year LG need Better camera! 48 or 108MPx. This year best battery, next year best camera quality need.