Best midrange all-rounders 2021 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 30 June 2021

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There you go... they added the Poco X3 pro, you just have to be patient (editors take time)
Yeah and Sony is not average consumer focused, with tall aspect ratios
M51 is more of a battery sipping monster, these are more overall all-rounders

Topbuyer, 11 Sep 2021How can anyone take a list like this seriously when the son... moreBruh, Sony can't make a phone under £500, how do you expect them to be in mid-rangers

  • Topbuyer

How can anyone take a list like this seriously when the sony range is excluded

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me the best phone under £200 in the UK?

  • Rashed

I think u have problems with oppo,realme and huwei.perhaps money problem

Cant find the Samsung galaxy A22

  • Phil McQueen

You should include the tecno phantom x....its a nice midrange beast

  • Rishabh

Redmi Note 10s can be the number 1 or 2 now

  • Tina

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021Mi 11 lite is the best....Yes very great

  • Anonymous

Mi 11 lite is the best....

  • Mushal

There should be M51, it is a great midrange phone

  • Tahsin

I just wonder why m51 is not in the list

  • Not So Anonymous

Poco X3 Pro - Overall superb! (y)

  • Y2J

The Nokia G20 is an absolute instant buy, really nice phone I can definitely recommend it to anyone.

beginner, 21 Feb 2021Samsung A51 or Xiaomi mi lite?Samsung a52

Tech BoyDexe, 26 Feb 2021What Samsung A51 and M31 have " friendly gaming chipse... moreIt is friendly gaming chipset

  • Ex Nokia fan

Bought this phone on June of last year. Right away I noticed that GPS quality is awful...a few months later battery died and a guarantee center from Hungary just returned my phone as it is.
I was a user of Nokia for the last 19 years, and I am so much disappointed with this phone and their customer service that this would be the last one.
Good bye!

  • Anonymous

This is outdated, quite a few phones came out in March, April.

Go for note 9 pro . Despite its just 60 hertz refresh rate and just mono speaker, it one heck of a durable device ... great selfie camera , great daytime video recording ... Eis video shoot upto 1080p .. efficient .. glass back with gorilla glass 5 .. and can play asphalt 9 legend on 30 fps efficient (game limited to 30 fps on Asphalt 9) ... And dual sim card input along with sd card slot .. Poco x3 is not bad but plastic back makes it looks cheap and hearing complain about ghosting issue ...

  • Lukfie

what about poco x3 pro? is it not included bc of cameras?