Best midrange all-rounders 2020 - buyer’s guide

Last updated 05 January 2021

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  • iamDesCyRiE

Is realme c15 good for gaming???

  • Anonymous

beginner, 21 Feb 2021Samsung A51 or Xiaomi mi lite?But this all mid range phone to better one is Huawei nova 7i

What Samsung A51 and M31 have " friendly gaming chipsets " on this list make up your mind Gsmarena

  • beginner

Samsung A51 or Xiaomi mi lite?

  • Anonymous

Sale, 02 Feb 2021Samsung a51 or Huawei p40 lite? Tnx.A51 duh! It is riskier to use Huawei

  • Sale

Samsung a51 or Huawei p40 lite? Tnx.

  • Anonymous

Why have you dropped the call quality portion of your review? Reviews are unreliable as long as as you omit this vital part.

riz, 22 Dec 2020why no Nova 5T? I think its deserve to be hereAgree, Mate and P series to... But again it's GsmArena choice, they are just human like you and i and do not have any mobile super knowledge skills, it's their opinion...

  • Rus

mike, 10 Jan 2021What about oneplusnordNord is very expensive in comparison to the other entries on this list

  • mike

What about oneplusnord

  • riz

why no Nova 5T? I think its deserve to be here

Alex, 07 Oct 2020I used to be a fan of pricy phones, no more, the price - va... moreEurope right? Buy Nokias. Nokia phones are non gimmicky and suits for daily life for a working person. They last longer and clean.

Moto G fast (US special) is ain't Android one phone. You even mentioned in detail but added Android one as plus point for the phone. You people, are u in rush? U people miss details in every article!

  • Darknoor

The Mi Note 10 Lite is the underrated champion, why isn't it here?

-Good cameras.
-Large battery (117hrs)
-SD 730G will provide decent gaming but don't expect the highest performance.
-AMOLED HDR10 curved screen is gorgeous and even thought it is 60hz it is better than an LCD woth 90hz. (surprisingly not a very annoying curved one)
-Loud speaker is clear and loud.
-IR, 3.5mm port.
-Supports aptX HD and aptX Adaptive.
-Premium design and materials.

-No SD card slot.
-Maximum storage is only 128GB ROM 8GB RAM.
-The speaker is on the left side as opposed to most smartphones, which is very annoying.
-No optical zoom or stabilization for such a good 64MP camera.

Give realme 6s a review!!!
You forgot realme 6s review?
It's the same as realme 6 with a worst camera the realme 6 20-30 euros cheaper.

If you read updates you will see.
Realme 6i was in the list but it's replaced by realme 6 , which now is cheaper ;)
(Realme 6i Europe is the nazro 10 in India ;)
And the Indian 6o is called 6s in Europe)

  • Miggy

Why samsung a71 not included bruh

  • Miggy

Why samsung a71 not included bruh

Diegofnc, 07 Oct 2020GSMArena needs to update the buyer's guide. It's ... moreYeah I agree

What about huawei nova 5t ???
Slightly lower battery than 9t, but everything else (except lcd) is better..