Google Pixel 4 review

29 Nov 2019

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  • 28 Apr 2024


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    • XND
    • 08 Jan 2024

    Battery backup need to improve for better experience. But the phone was smooth and awesome . Love the phne

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      • Sinan
      • fCG
      • 04 Sep 2023

      Veryyy bad battery life

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        • tA$
        • 27 Jun 2022

        Still more beautiful Pixel 3 altough no 90hz (yes not all people have very keen eyes to detect 60 vs 90) and smaller size and lower ratio but battery is bigger, telephoto doesn't mean much while pixel shift does the job and tele will not activate if not bright enough, just pixel 3 should have eSim at all region and 6GB ram altough 4GB is enough if not understrain condition

          Haha, 08 Jun 2022Still has better camera than 11 lineup Pixel 4 can only outperform midranger, not even the entry level iPhone 11. But true that its good for the price.

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            • 08 Jun 2022

            Kriegsherr, 31 Jan 2022pixel phones doesnt come close to any iphone because of the... moreStill has better camera than 11 lineup

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              • 13 Feb 2022

              Skothiya, 08 Jan 2022Should i buy this phone at $270? Is that a good deal?phone is ok but the battery life is really bad, even with extreme battery power saver, doesn't last a day. but at $270, might be worth it

                AlexG, 06 Dec 2019iPhone 11 doesn't even come close to Pixel 4... Pixel 4 is ... morepixel phones doesnt come close to any iphone because of the horrific production issues and low quality of the devices. always plagued by issues and that is why the sales figure is so low. true for all pixels.

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                  • Skothiya
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                  • 08 Jan 2022

                  Should i buy this phone at $270?
                  Is that a good deal?

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                    • Emann
                    • aup
                    • 17 Oct 2021

                    My favorite 👍

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                      • gBV
                      • 16 Oct 2021

                      "The telephoto camera does take '2x' shots even though its lens' focal length isn't strictly '2x' - the coverage matches the 50-ish millimeter equivalent of the iPhone and Galaxy's 2x teles"
                      No, the 16 megapixel tele camera is equivalent to 44 or 43mm, though you couldn't access it at 44 or 43mm. Only at approximately 50mm you could access it with an effective resolution of approximately 12 megapixels. And at 2x (54mm), the effective megapixel count is only approximately 10 megapixels.

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                        • vqp
                        • 09 Aug 2021

                        My Pixel 4 is still going strong. It's battery life is pretty pathetic, but other than that, it's a good phone.

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                          • 10 Mar 2021

                          Pissed, 20 Jun 2020I have a pixel 3 that is a year and 3 months old. It just d... moreMy pixel 3a xl is starting to have bugs and I've took the guarantee and because they don't have mine in stock they send me the 4

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                            • 21 Nov 2020

                            I have a pixel 4. Worked great at first then my messaging stopped working would suddenly work. Now it won't work at all. We have tried everything possible to fix this issue. Been on the phone with customer service at least 5times. No one can give me a real answer as to how to fix messaging. I also don't think the pictures are any better than any other phone. Google said they would send me a new phone; however, I have to send my phone to them and they would send me a new phone. I would be without my phone for a I don't know about anyone else but that is ludicrous. I don't have a land line. I would not be able to communicate with anyone. I'm extremely disappointed with Google's customer service and their pixel 4.

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                              • M8r
                              • 29 Oct 2020

                              joe nodden, 23 Apr 2020Jeez that battery life is abysmal. actually, the battery is quite okay. I get through the day with about 4 hours of screen on time and idle for the rest of the day and it also has the new android 11 update which is nice

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                                • 20 Jun 2020

                                I have a pixel 3 that is a year and 3 months old. It just died one day and will not turn on or charge or anything. Tried all the tips found online to no avail. It is now a certified brick. And I'm not the only one, based on the number of entries in threads online. Doesn't bode well for any succeeding pixel phone I would presume.

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                                  • Mike
                                  • eVT
                                  • 20 May 2020

                                  I read on Reddit that the Pixel 4/4XL in March security update, they enabled an adaptive boost where the screen under auto brightness outdoors can reach around 600 or so nits. Not quite the S10 or iPhone, but still a nice bump that an update lifted an artificial lock. Plan to update, and re-test and update just that portion of the review for this written article GSM team?

                                    Jeez that battery life is abysmal.

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                                      • c{6
                                      • 13 Mar 2020

                                      I have a pixel for XL purchased in December. It worked well in Europe and Africa in December and then in January. But after 6 six separate long discussions with Google techs, I have not been able to get it to stop dropping calls even when I am 3 ft from a new router that has a fiber optic link on which computers and other devices work just fine. The technology frankly doesn't work if you don't have a strong cell signal to fall back on. I am reduced to making important calls on Skype through my computer, or calling friends back when the phone fails and I fire up the laptop. I am past of course the refund date so I'm stuck with a $1,000 brick. I never have this problem with Huawei

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                                        • 07 Mar 2020

                                        I have a 4XL i have owned it since it first came out in fact we have one each about 5-6 weeks ago NFC started being intermittent then stopped. Googles service thru this whole thing has been absolutely ridiculous. as follows.
                                        I Logged the call by chat to be told the first time that I was moving the phone too fast. I then advised Google that we have 2 phones which are identical and that the second one didn’t have the problem. Google then told me to restart the phone and to remove the app and re install it. This was done but it did not fix the fault.

                                        Another day another call. Only to be told on the next call I was moving the phone too fast (again) went through the whole thing again despite them being told everything that had been done so far. Was advised that someone would email me as they needed to take it up a level. Waited 2 days. Google did not call or email having promised to do so. So I the customer had to get into contact with you.
                                        Called again, again told I was moving the phone too fast went through the whole thing again with google. Then got the below email. Okay this has don’t forget gone up a level only to be told by the higher staff member its my fault (again) and I am moving the phone to fast. But it always does fail it worked fine when I first purchased the phone until a few weeks ago. I Explained (again) my wife had to use her phone and it worked. Hence Can’t go shopping without the wife or her phone.
                                        Then the next thing if this does not work I was told to access the Boot loader function As I am not a qualified technician I am not going there.
                                        The script on the desk must have been read again only to be told turn on yours NFC make sure you have turned on NFC well I would never have thought to check that before I raised an issue however just so I could say I did I checked and it is on.
                                        Then the next part of the script was Go to “settings>more” so I checked the phone settings and no there is not a “more “ so thought maybe it is in the Gpay app. Again no such function as “more” .
                                        GPay is the default app yes I did already check this and of course it is as naturally the only one I would use on a Google phone as I WAS a Google die hard.
                                        Clearly there is little intention to deal with an issue with my phone I am thankful that I actually have an identical one on hand to make comparisons with if not for that I would have been really given the runaround. Perhaps that is the intention make it so hard that you just give up.
                                        Twice by two different people I was told "I am a supervisor" and will escalate your case. after two days of not hearing back from the " Supervisor" and calling back myself still nothing.
                                        Every time you get someone you get the "Its your fault you are moving the phone too fast."
                                        I now have an older Sony and although it lacks a whole lot of stuff it actually all works.
                                        Google service has been absolutely horrible it should not take nearly 3 weeks to sort an obvious issue given we have two identical phones.