Google Pixel 4 review

29 Nov 2019

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  • Zero
  • a4j
  • 29 Nov 2019

Poor battery life ... My pocophone f1 and mi 9t have smaller body with a lot bigger battery

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    • Shiny Dave
    • mpy
    • 29 Nov 2019

    The worst thing about this battery fail is that it frankly negates the advantage of long-term Android support if it effectively comes with the same battery life out of the box as most phones have towards the end of a two-year agreement.

    The Pixel *already* has a UK reseller offering a two-year contract with a total cost of £706... Including 20GB data per month and a free Google Home Hub. That's less than the same contract on a *Galaxy A70*!

      I came here to see the train wreck of the battery life and I wasn't disappointed! Crazy bad for a flagship device

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        • slaia
        • nw}
        • 29 Nov 2019

        It's sad to see that Pixel is failing. I already got a sense of it when Google announced the hiring of HTC staff, which means Pixel is made by failing HTC staff and the whole is led by a failing Moto mobile chief.

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          • boemul
          • mAQ
          • 29 Nov 2019

          Meanwhile the Pixel 3A was $299 today on Amazon, a much better value for money.