Google Pixel 4 review

29 Nov 2019

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  • Anonymous

Love my 4 XL!

As a pixel 4 owner, this review is just useless, like 99% of the reviews out there.
These crap reviews forget about 1 thing, the user experience.
This pixel 4 is amazing in everything. If you are a guy looking for sheet specs and nothing more, go Xiaomi or one plus. If you want the best android device there is, pixel 4 is the easy and only choice.
Battery problems? not true. SD855 is pretty much an efficient processor, better than SD845 and much better than SD835, so 2800 size is not bad. I can have 1day and 6hours with a single charge. 99% of people will not need more. The +300millioes iPhone users before iPhone 11 know that. Guess android users needs to get better specs to "win" the iPhone..more ram, more storage, more battery, more cameras....people forget 1 thing. 99% don't need those extra things and is a bad thing for the planet wasting resources in things we don't need just to tell your friend you have more ram than him.
Google made it clear that is concern about doing the environment and doing something about it. It was the only company doing that, now it's bashed for sad.
The only problem that I had with the device was the first week, the battery sucked, now with the AI kicking, I leave the house with 70%, get home with 26% that's good enough for me and the rest 99% of the people. Google have statistics of all people, do you think they don't know how much time everyone spends on a device? do you think that battery is not thought to be able to satisfy 99% of all people?
I'm a programmer and I build apps for a living, I need the phone more than most people for work, not for facebook, or social media, for that a 200 euros phone will do. They have 5000mAh 128Gb and 8Gb of ram so you can speak to 1000 people at the same time.

If you're into 90hz OLED display, then Realme X2 Pro & OP7T kill this thing in practically every way (except camera performance).

If you don't care about 90hz, then it's primary competitors kill it in every way (including overall camera performance).

  • Anonymous

Battery fail 61 hrs s10e at 83hrs
Looks like it throttled slot no sustained performance
Bad cooling design
Storage 64gb to low base
Screen 90hz at 400 nits not as bright as Samsung what can reach 800s
Just beaten by the s10e in every way except for 90hz but that is pretty useless of it's a bad phone

Judging by the specs and this review there's nothing to justify it's price.Good camera and that's it.Battery life is a joke,you can get clean Android for $200,sub-par audio output,no earbuds for the price,no 3.5mm adapter,solid display like phones that cost half of it's price...nice $375 phone,at best..

  • Anonymous

"google has somehow managed to mess up the processing/depth mapping and we often got imperfections along the border between subject and background."
That's not the only thing they messed up. They also removed the white balance presets. I was 95% sure that I would buy the Pixel 4, I really wanted a 50mm camera, but the removal of the white balance presets, the inconsistent machine learning white balance, the bad video zoom, the small battery, the lack of a fingerprint reader, a portrait mode that doesn't let you use the 50mm camera and also doesn't let you use the 27mm camera without a crop, and the bad selfie depth map were reasons why I just bought a different phone.

  • Lammo0

Shiny Dave, 29 Nov 2019The worst thing about this battery fail is that it frankly ... moreHave the pixel 4, battery life is fine, not great, but not bad either.

  • Anonymous

"if the Pixel 4 is set at '2x', it's using the actual tele camera, and that's that - there's no light threshold below which it'll switch to a zoomed-in view from the main one"
In the long exposure / astro mode the Pixel 4 seems to use digital zoom sometimes. That's a pity.

  • Zero

Poor battery life ... My pocophone f1 and mi 9t have smaller body with a lot bigger battery

  • Shiny Dave

The worst thing about this battery fail is that it frankly negates the advantage of long-term Android support if it effectively comes with the same battery life out of the box as most phones have towards the end of a two-year agreement.

The Pixel *already* has a UK reseller offering a two-year contract with a total cost of £706... Including 20GB data per month and a free Google Home Hub. That's less than the same contract on a *Galaxy A70*!

I came here to see the train wreck of the battery life and I wasn't disappointed! Crazy bad for a flagship device

  • slaia

It's sad to see that Pixel is failing. I already got a sense of it when Google announced the hiring of HTC staff, which means Pixel is made by failing HTC staff and the whole is led by a failing Moto mobile chief.

  • boemul

Meanwhile the Pixel 3A was $299 today on Amazon, a much better value for money.