LG V50 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen review

17 Dec 2019

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  • Anonymous

Gopi, 08 Jan 2020One of the worst product from a big brand like LG. Bought one re... moreso happy with mine
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@you live with your set-up.

  • Anonymous

Is the headphone output louder then the v40?

  • Gopi

Oates, 05 Jan 2020The one thing that makes these LG phones truly unique is their Q... moreOne of the worst product from a big brand like LG. Bought one recently on my overseas trip. The Hardware itself is good on papers, but suggest it is LOUSY and really SLUGGISH in comparison to what Samsung is offering.



  • Oates

The one thing that makes these LG phones truly unique is their Quad DAC, and you guys don't even bother to test it, let alone MENTION it!?
This made me think that it didn't have quad DAC, because surely GSM arena wouldn't make the mistake of not even mentioning it if it was there? Apparently they could.
That's just fucking sloppy!
By the way, since this line of phones has the attention of a lot of audio enthusiasts it wouldn't hurt to at least mention the "boombox"-feature as well. Me for one would love to see what effect that feature has on the speaker sound.

  • Used to be a fan

Owned a few LGs over the years, stopped at V30. Unfortunately hardware doesn’t mean much if your software is years + behind. This phone looks cool hardware looks neat but if you are waiting months and months for OS update what’s the point?

  • Shav

a3des, 19 Dec 2019No more QUAD-DAC in this phone?Yes, quad DAC exists and hope to stay on future devices as well. But GSMArena guys are so lazy and neglecting that they missed it completely from the review. They didn't even mention about the audio performance with quad DAC switched on. Please update it.

  • Anonymous

Ugly, slow updates, outdated software. Sorry LG but the good audio quality won't save it, not without a headphone jack.

Jack, 21 Dec 2019I picked up the new model Samsung W20 5G in China yesterday.. ... more Yawn.

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2019Buy LG and wait for years for update? No - THANKS!Who cares about non security updates... they generally make battery life worse, and in some cases, MUCH worse.

  • Anonymous

Buy LG and wait for years for update? No - THANKS!

A really decent flagship phone overshadowed by competitions and dismissed as being gimmicky because of its dual screen accessary. With a headphone jack and the dedicated ES9281P Quad DAC, it's easily the best phone that can be recommended to casual audiophiles. The rest of the package looks solid as well, well done LG.

  • LOL !!!!`

Hard to navigate cause of this dual screen , Cant focus properly
-> No offense but its true

  • Anonymous

Ok so one major omission. Is the 5g low band...mid or mm?????? Makes a big difference as I don't see getting a new phone till all 5g bands are built in.

what do you need ... to draw you to be silly ... cumbersome and unnecessary to have two big screens ... and move meaning .... not stand out at night .... pointless and stupid to a company that used to be name now loses

  • Jack

I picked up the new model Samsung W20 5G in China yesterday..

So far very impressed.

Small and practical for the pocket, beautiful smooth engineering, yet opens to a very solid mini iPad style unit.

The front screen is ideal for checking messages and emails at a glance and if necessary to reply ...you can just open to the 7x 7 screen and get a practical sized keyboard that fits my big fingers...

I have been a Samsung Galaxy Note fan since converting from iPhone to a Galaxy 3 many years ago...and used the pen for typing before..but now, changing from a Note 10 to the W20 5G the pan is not needed now with the big keyboard.

The camera and other functions are excellent so far as well.

Congratulations Samsung..

As my son who converted me to the Galaxy 3 said back then.. "Dad, peoplebuy an iPhone for prestiege.. if you want a great camera and a great phone change to Samsung"

I did back then and still never had any refrets

  • undulose

Wow, the low light images were spectacular!

  • Dometalican

nino77ns, 20 Dec 2019i haven't seen anything worse than lg this is such a funny move,... moreThat was a lot of babbling for a comment that didn't explain why this is a bad phone. In the US, you could find this for like $450. For those specs, this phone is worth it.

  • Nick

One thing i like about this phone and anyone talk about it is the good old 3d rolodex multitasking!!!I hate all the pie's horizontal cards multitasking

i haven't seen anything worse than lg this is such a funny move, lg needs to be aware that it has not made anything better since the lg g4, which most people confirm ,,, they are all farther from something more serious, i dont know if their designers are following the trends ?? And what do new phones look like ,,, I find this ridiculous I wouldn't even pay 100s for something like this, dual ,,,,,funny ;))))))

ipolit.matveich, 18 Dec 2019Very strange proposal. Maybe good for gaming, but I really canno... moreI definitely can see real life applications with that accessory.

- Emulate traditional book reading. Two pages at one time? Why not.
- Simultaneous usage of two different app side-by-side without any resizing whatsoever. And since this is still a smartphone shape, the app will act like a legit smartphone. If this is a Samsung Galaxy Fold, the app has to be optimized for large screen which is a faff to redevelop it.
- Nintendo DS and 3DS emulation. In fact, it's mobile gaming in general as you can use one of the screens as the gamepad.
- Mini laptop? Why not, Office apps on one screen, full screen keyboard on one another.

You definitely wouldn't understand the whole point of dual screen smartphone until you have personally tried it out. I was lucky enough to feel the dual screen experience with the ZTE Axon M, and it was definitely worth it! I know the screen is not symmetrical or identical to one another, but would I buy this over the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Absolutely YES!