Xiaomi Redmi 8a hands-on review

27 Dec 2019

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  • Tamil

Ivr remote sensor not this phone 8A...this is big problem mi phone

Trice, 20 Jan 2020I bought it but playstore doesn't workTry installing Google Play Store by following this video. It helped my friends.


  • Trice

I bought it but playstore doesn't work

  • DM

I bought a Redmi 6 in January 2019 and now they're two generations ahead, how is this even possible?

  • Rohit

Bad Mobile Redmi-8A.
Use external-memory-card and take selfie photo and see the image will display as 90% rotated.
This handset has touch and performance issue which Hang mobile frequently.

Using it for a couple of months, its a good set at a reasonable price in India

It is okey for what it does.

Way too big.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2019Yeah set your phone to any EU country. In the EU these type of a... moreWhy samsung have ads if they are illegal in europe?

  • Anonymous

Yeah set your phone to any EU country. In the EU these type of ads are illegal so Xiaomi had to disable these.
The only thing remaining in the EU version is the recommended apps in folders but that's it.

Let me eiiiiiiiiin, 29 Dec 2019Agreed Also, easy way to disable ads is set your region into ... moreExactly plus i heard somewehre in settings there is a killswitch for all the boring adds.

prasad-gsma, 28 Dec 2019Basically all Android phones running Android 8 and above support... moreThanks

CptPower, 28 Dec 2019Cons sluggish performance and mediocre camera funny. Would lik... moreAgreed

Also, easy way to disable ads is set your region into UK on first startup. It also will prevent REDMI install some bloats ( random app and games) unlike of you set it in any other regions.

Or, if you hate UK for some reason, To remove bloat safely without root/bootloop risk, download xiaomi add tools on github. It's easy, simple program, just need to enable USB debugging (tutorial on YouTube)

  • Anonymous

This phone looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

That's some terrible resolution for that screen size, I miss the days of smaller phones.

  • Persia

Donbenie, 27 Dec 2019You obviously must be a Troll,what is different in design of the... moreYou mean its design is like for example HUAWEI honor 8C or Y7 2019 Y6 2019 ?! or Galaxy A10s, A10, A20 ?! this ugly device is like Nokia phones also a bit worst! MIUI is full of bugs after updates, not user-friendly , very local chinese ! but Samsung & HUAWEI UI are great

Cons sluggish performance and mediocre camera funny.
Would like to see a better device for 100 bucks.
Probbably noone.
No Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC etc for 100 bucks with better performance and performance.
Also no Crapple. Even the old Iphone 4 or 5 in a brand new condition would cost more than 100 and is far worse in every single aspect.

  • akw

I'mPhone, 28 Dec 2019Actually I have to admit that the design is fine. On paper the s... moreas i know in some countries there is no ads , plus ads are only on Redmi series , and Persia or Iran , yet there is no ads here as i heard

  • Anonymous

Techstro, 28 Dec 2019For $30 or $40 more we could get the full version [Redmi 8]. It ... moreDual camera? You really consider depth sensor a 2nd camera?

i tested it few days. it is verry good phone for someone who get first smartphone. call quality, battery, camera is ok. i tested only camera with motorola x play indoor. many times quality was same. quality on headphones should be better