Redmi Note 8 Pro vs. Realme X2: Showdown

30 Dec 2019

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  • Paul Pheonix

I think I will choose Redmi note 8 pro because of its powerful performance and long battery life like me gamers.

  • Anonymous

Redmi the kingpin of the smartphone industry

  • mayshlddn

Note 8 pro still a budget king phone

  • Yash suthar

My mobile has not good quality video taken in slowmotion video so i have to know which settings to realme x2 quality match redmi note 8 pro

  • Shankar N

Which has dolby atmos audio feature?

  • Anonymous

I picked the Note 8 Pro for one reason only: I do not wish to change all my QC chargers and powerbanks over to VOOC ones.

It is a detailed and schemtic review of both the phones. The winner is selected by one side and that's clearly shows. The realme X2 lags far behind in bench mark score than redmi note 8 pro but it's been given a tie. and in the photo comparison mode for eg in the car rear picture the redmi note 8 pro capture the details under the spoiler rather than the realme x2. also in the daylight camera samples realme x2 lags details rather than redmi note 8 pro. but its been given realme x2 as winner.
also under the display debate the redmi note 8 pro has a 6.53" screen with upto 700 nits wheras the realme lags behind by 300 nits than redmi note 8 pro. also the redmi note 8 pro is HDR capable and it performs without interruption. But a tie is given.
And redmi has " Alexa " inbuilt whom can make calls play videos, songs and read news handsfree but it was not mentioned in the user interface section.
Redmi note 8 pro is the real winner!

  • Nahusha

The realme X2 has a macro camera but the flash is not near the macro camera so capturing shots up close is a nightmare but this is not the case in redmi note 8 pro

Yep, good point.

  • Fact check

Redmi note 8 Pro comes with dedicated memory Card slot in India. Base model of 8 Pro comes 30$ cheaper than x2 and with 6GB RAM instead of X2's 4GB Ram. If you want X2's 6GB ram you have to pay 40$ more than 8 Pro.Pubg FPS is capped at 40FPS in X2 compared to 60FPS in 8 Pro, The latest X50 from realme with 765G also cannot run pubg at 60 FPS,don't know what does G stands for in Snapdragon chipsets.

Please keep me informed when Realme and Xiaomi release their mobiles based on Snapdragon 720G, 662, 460 SOC.
Thank you very much.

  • AcaM

no, 30 Dec 2019Realme's ColorOS has an app drawerI Aldo like app drawer. So, I installed Poco launcher. It works great.

  • Krambit

Penalves, 14 Jan 2020Dude, is that Redmi Note 8 from an official retailer?It's a pre-release model

  • Penalves

Gusta, 01 Jan 2020In my country (Indonesia), Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/128 price is ... moreDude, is that Redmi Note 8 from an official retailer?

  • Penalves

davk, 01 Jan 2020Can someone explain me how the Realme X2 has more dense pix... moreThe Redmi Note 8 having a bigger display, and same resolution means the Realme has more pixels per inch, because it has less perimeter to cover.

  • Penalves

Oppaii, 01 Jan 2020Am I the only one who prefers the color of Redmi's camera o... moreI kind of like in some shots... I don't necessarily like the warmer tone of the Realme, still I would definitely pick the Realme.

  • Anonymous

Zuzuz, 12 Jan 2020I play call of Duty without problem in Mi9 Lite.Lets play mobile legeds

  • Noypi

I already have really x2 8/128 global here in Philippines and it very good.. Pubg is smooth also mobile legends . The screen is good for gamers like me because is suit in my hand .. salute to Really x2 .. no problem as of now.. fast charging and also the phone is not heated while I'm using it for an hour

  • Anonymous

nondescript, 08 Jan 2020On paper, Realme looks like a promising choice, but on real... moreYou can always order on aliexpress and such. Global version should do.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2020Realme x2 or Mi 9lite? I play pubg..But x2 don't have smoot... moreI play call of Duty without problem in Mi9 Lite.