Mi Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note10+: Do you really need 108MP in a phone?

03 Jan 2020

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enable call recieved notification.

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Anonymous, 17 Jan 2020No, I really don't need bigger pixel it's not directly corr... moreExcept you have no idea what you're saying because it's it's not a 1/2.3" sensor it's 1/1.33", the biggest sensor on a current phone which is a very good thing, the 100mpx might not be relevant but also considering the processing involved the high number of mpx is not a detriment, if you scale the picture to 12mpx it should be of similar quality to a 12mpx sensor of the same size so you have both options in one camera.

Nick Tagataka, 03 Feb 2020Your link doesn't disprove anything, it's just a video show... more"Samsung's 108MP HMX has 2.37 times larger surface area than 6P's 12MP sensor"

You're right, didn't notice that part.

So yes, I will concede that the 108MP sensor is certainly better, however the first large 48MP sensor that came in early 2019 was certainly inferior to the 12MP sensors.

The video still has merit as it debunks the myth that higher MP equals to better imaging quality.

NeonHD, 02 Feb 2020This video totally disproves everything you said: youtu(... moreYour link doesn't disprove anything, it's just a video showing an opinion from one person who thinks 12MP resolution is optimal for mobile phones, which, looking at the comment section, many people disagree upon for various reasons. Mi Note 10's main sensor has roughly the same effective pixel size as Nexus 6P in pixel binning mode, while having over twice as many pixels. Although the resolution of 27MP is a certainly overkill, it would still produce an image that looks far superiour to what current 12MP phone sensors are capable of capturing given the right software.

"Smartphone sensors obviously never increased in size, at least not to a significant degree"
Samsung's 108MP HMX has 2.37 times larger surface area than 6P's 12MP sensor. Not quite sure how this change cannot be considered to be significant, but you can keep believing whatever you want.

AnonD-754814, 04 Jan 2020808 was thick. None wants that much thick phone this day.But, Why Nokia Or Another Manufacturer Do "Miniaturized" Or Just "Move" The Camera Sensors To A Much More Modern And Thinner Phone ?

Nick Tagataka, 12 Jan 2020It seems like somebody forgot to tell you that current high... moreThis video totally disproves everything you said:


Quit your BS. Smartphone sensors obviously never increased in size, at least not to a significant degree.

My Nexus 6P still wins in picture quality, but keep on telling me otherwise.

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Look at Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra, they use 108 mp sensor and think it's unuseful 😐

Jostian007, 17 Jan 2020Yip Samsung Galaxy phones have really taken a step back in ... more"photos from the new Samsung phones look very processed and artificial"

Boy, that has been the case with EVERY Samsung Galaxy phone in the past. Especially with the S6.

If anything, pictures on their newer flagships have strayed away from the artificial processing.

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2020No, I really don't need bigger pixel it's not directly corr... moreFinally someone who knows what they're talking about!

Love the Community, 13 Jan 2020It was 2015. Now it's 2020. Miniaturization is over. We are... moreJust because everything is getting "bigger" doesn't mean it's better.

Go ahead and disagree, I don't care. There's no need for bigger screens, otherwise what's the point of tablets then?

And while a few years ago I used to criticize the thin phone trend for having small battery capacity, now I wish they could make it thinner. I actually like thin phones, it's only because of the poor battery life that I go against it. I mean, it's 2020 ffs, phone batteries SHOULD be getting more compact and hold more charge.

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AKW2020, 23 Jan 2020It seems differences are not much, so 12 MP brings pictures... moreI thought the same. There's also the issue of the power needed to process these images (the booking may happen on chip but that still costs you some energy —admittedly not much— but the bigger cost come from the next stages and the worst case would be if the steam has to go off chip —e.g., dsp— then start accruing bus access costs).
Hopefully this isn't an inherent issue with the sensor because having that many pixels as an option would be great.

It seems differences are not much, so 12 MP brings pictures with less size in MB.

Hopefully the roadmap of smartphone hardware and software, and the interplay between them, ensures that Smartphone Phone Photos and Videos make up in areas where they have weak performance:
1. Actually detail rendering in comparison with their Pixel count (especially in comparison with much larger sensors). Like a thing in 12MP and over should be able to allow for Large Prints on terms of detail. And 27MP etc should allow for reframing without too much loss in detail.
2. High dynamic range in video, along with detail in video as well. The new iPhones seem impressive in dynamic range, though they could do better in actual detail in each frame.
3. High Frame Rates on smartphones, right now, are a complete mess. The video quality on 120fps and above looks like 240p or slightly better. This needs to be worked on, to substantially improve the image quality.

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Camera is one of the three main features of a phone. Cutting corners there for ... costs is silly.

They should put the best cameras possible. I think Mi Note 10 is the blueprint to the future, immense battery life, immense camera, SoC is secondary at this point...

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108MP - No need
Sensor 1/1.33 - Yes

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Great comparison! Thanks!

How good is Xiaomi, normally, at polishing its software during the life cycle of its products?

Is there a good chance that the photo processing algorithms will be better matched to the sensor and make the camera truly great?

Mike, 20 Jan 2020Win in what? Watercolor blending of highlights and mids? Di... morePixel does have a tendency to make the scene a tad brighter than what you see with your eyes, but there's no way it turns night photos into daytime photos. I can say this because I have seen numerous low light photo comparisons where RX100 completely loses out by crushing shadows and blowing highlights completely, killing all the colours present in the scene, where Pixel (as well as iPhone and Mate) manages to retain them just fine. As for the digital noise in the sky, you can suppress it using the dual exposure control if it bothers you (and I would probably do that as well if I was a Pixel user).

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Of course You need! Photos from Xiaomi are way better than Samsung, but to see it you need big monitor like 32" or more. On small laptop screen or 24" monitor you can't see the difference and you think samsung photos are good, but they are not even close to good. I'm writing as former Galaxy S9+ user. This camera is trash and all newer samsung too. We need more megapixels to see photos on big screens. Maybe S11+ will be change something.

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Nick Tagataka, 17 Jan 2020Go take some night time landscape photos with RX100 and Pix... moreWin in what? Watercolor blending of highlights and mids? Digital noise in the sky? Undefined edges? Night shots are not about turning night into a day like it's been lit up by football stadium flood lights and that's exactly what Pixel does. It kills all the contrast of the night time shots by toning down the highlights form light sources and blending them in with jacked up mids like there is a huge man made light source somewhere in the scene.

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Nobody "needs" a flagship phone lol

Having said that, I have owned the Note 10+ for almost three months now and Samsung seems to have really stepped up their software game. Camera performance was utterly terrible in low-medium light (think a garbled mess) when I first got the phone but with the recent 2 updates it have been improving pretty drastically. Night shots are now more than acceptable even without night mode (something I did not expect) and all photos now capture more detail than ever before. It's now one the the best phone cameras (after recent updates) I have ever used. Which is of course saying a lot since I was almost set on replacing it with an iPhone 11 Pro a month after owning it cause camera performance was so subpar.

Having a new sensor is great and all, but what I learned is, taking good photos is more reliant on skill than imaging hardware. What I have is more than enough.