Mi Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note10+: Do you really need 108MP in a phone?

03 Jan 2020

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Nick.B, 03 Jan 2020Bigger is begger. End of story :)better

Bigger is begger. End of story :)

We established the ~60% cheaper xiaomi has better camera performance then the all mighty samsung. Just prooving samsung has taken the Apple way.. which is little to no updates in every years new model lineup, but higher pricetag, harder advertising and other methods but not innovation (what we want). Or if they do innovation they will be banned as Huawei were banned as been too better than others (mainly apple), and respectively were banned and done huge harm to them. No company wants that.

  • Anonymous

The headline should be rather 27 megapixels because the 108 megapixel mode doesn't capture much more detail than a 27 megapixel Bayer sensor.

Would be intersesting if you compared all the cameras and throw in Huawei too cause they still at the top

  • Sean

Is it just me or do both phones images look dreadful when zoomed in?? Samsung looks like an oil painting and the Xiaomi doesn't look like a 108mp camera at all. Awful

  • UrsuGras

Fairlady Z, 03 Jan 2020It's Will Be Great To See Mobile World Now Coming Close Eve... moreIndeed, the Nokia 808 had a 1/1,2" 41MP (38MP effective) sensor. But this 108MP 1/1,33" inch sensor is pretty close and it is clearly superior in terms of dynamic range to the 6 years old technology used by the Nokia 808 sensor. The 27MP pictures that come out of the Mi Note 10 are better overall than what comes out of the Nokia 808.

  • Anonymous

Truth Sayer, 03 Jan 2020Only Indians will say yes.Well said.

Only Indians will say yes.

I really don't need a 108MP camera on a smartphone. I just need a 6000x4000 3:2 24MP 1/1.5" sensor behind a 24mm f/1.4 7 element optically stabilized zeiss lens

  • Anonymous

Mi note 10's camera is amazing

All phones perform weak compared to full size cameras, but there are few that come close, with Big sensor and high enough resolution output is finally more useful than just for social media sharing. Even if on the phone processing is bad, using raw 108mp even if with quad bayer should on pc yield some good results. Wish there was some lossless format like raw for lower res computed(like stacked) output though, not jpeg.

  • Anonymous

Is Mi note 10 fixed standby drain?(That everyone mention in GSMarena Battery test.)
and, Is it can compare to Huawei for all day 4G LTE usage or just standard SD level?

Davy Jones, 03 Jan 2020Xiaomi has done a really good job this time :)Yes, This Post Is Posted When In A Few Hours Until Xiaomi Unveiling The Xiaomi MI Note 10 On My Country, So I Can Reconsider Again

It's Will Be Great To See Mobile World Now Coming Close Even Exceed The Resolution From 41MP To 108MP,. But Even Until Today, They Still Can't Compete With The Sensor Size Of The 808 Right ?

Xiaomi has done a really good job this time :)