Samsung Galaxy A51 review

31 Jan 2020

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thisisrhs, 01 Feb 2020Most reviews (Video Reviews) I watched on YouTube specially... moreThat 7-8 hpurs of SOT is same with the A50, 98h. Still, the "heavy usage" doesnt count the 3G talk time kinda parts os there is that

A lot of people don't want to buy Chinese smartphones due to brand reputations and not so great after sales.

Samsung should ensure it eats up the market for all competitors.

Samsung's A Series is coming along pretty well.

People don't really care about the chipset, as long as it is reasonably peppy for a mid range. What they do care about, though, is the camera. The A51 just needs a firmware update, to improve the photo and video quality further. Also on the next iterations of the A Series of the A5xxx and above, Samsung should throw in OIS (on the main camera), even if the competition isn't doing it.

  • Anonymous

Which is better? A51 Vs A70

  • helmyfekry

where are speaker test

  • Nemo

Wow, the camera is absolutely garbage, like any other midrange from Samsung. Sales are kept up by the sheeps that buy anything that apple and samsung throw at them :))

  • Dan

"Galaxy A51's back panel is made of plastic, so we wouldn't trust it to be too durable - a sheet of Gorilla Glass would have inspired a bit more confidence."

Plastic is FAR more durable than glass.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-914486, 01 Feb 2020Why the hell there is a small notch on the right side of th... moreSay what?

  • AnonD-914486

Why the hell there is a small notch on the right side of the screen?!...

Most reviews (Video Reviews) I watched on YouTube specially the ones which test the batteries say that this phone gives 7-8 hours of screen on time on heavy usage.. How on earth the durability is 86hrs in GSMArena battery test? I expected at least a 100hrs if not 110+ hrs..

  • Anonymous

They basically re-released A50.

  • Pajson89

This phone sucks just like a50. Bad camera and slow chipset.
Huawei nova5T and xiaomi mi9 T Pro are far better .

  • Izi

Charlie, 31 Jan 2020Well, it's still a good phone none the less if you're in th... moreHad it for about a month myself. Go to developer mode, got to drawing section, change window, transition and animator scale to .5x. Almost completely eliminated the lag. To enable developer mode, go to settings, about phone, software information, tap on build number till is says developer mode activated. Cheers

GSMA mentioned Huawei Nova 5T
GSMA made article Huawei Nova 5T in for review
But the review doesnt exist -_-
I know Nova 5T is rebranded of Honor 20, but i wanna know is there any difference between that 2 phone instead of their "name" ?

  • Kotaro

Well battery endurance looks so dissapointed.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2020It is january, I would be surprised if those lights are sti... moreThey can use anything similar and its not hard to get christmas lights

Samsing still meh in giving true manual camera mode,just ISO,WB,Ev, how disappointing for light painter or astrophotography hunter like me..

  • I'mPhone

I don't think the front camera (punch hole) will annoy me. I dislike the back cam design. Chipset is underpowered. I have tried the A50s (not A51) in a store, and opening apps take long. Redmi Note 8 is also the same, but Pro version does it much quicker. Camera is just okay in my opinion. Redmi Note 8 Pro costs the same as the A40 (or even less) in my country. Sorry Shamesung, try harder. I also hate the ads (from Samsung Gift and Samsung Push Service), considering the price, though this can be turned off. Ads spawn in certain countries/models.

  • Nick

Brand premium ? Don’t be ridiculous. A brand new S10 can be bought today at half of the iphones 11 pro price. Samsung is not premium, more like mainstream.

The conclusion sums it up straight to the point. This midranger is just a "Brand Premium" due to its Samsung name, other than that, there were lots of phones out there offering better chipset, better camera (daylight and lowlight), and better battery endurance for the same price as this A51 or even significantly lower.

That off-center front camera though, it would infuriate me since I would always look at it everyday if it's my phone.