Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review

28 Feb 2020

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Anonymous, 29 Feb 2020Exynos is just cortex core now . Samsung already shut down it's ... moreActually Samsung shut down the custom cores division fter production of the Exynos 990. So these are most likely, the custom cores. The custom core division were a bunch of people probably just scamming Samsung. They should have been shut down a few years ago.

Easa, 29 Feb 2020No audio & loudspeaker review for this one?Big disappointment. This phone can't output audio and has no loudspeaker.

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Pajson89, 29 Feb 2020best phone on the market right now idk about that, but it sure is the most expensive one in his category

AnonD-914443, 29 Feb 2020My Sony RX100 M3 has same 2.40 microns pixel size like Samsung G... moreI dunno... maybe, just to start, because of the optics? a front lens of about 18-20mm diameter on the sony vs a puny, maybe, 5mm on a smartphone? a relatively normal z direction lenses development in a regular camera, compact be it like the rx100, vs a "flattened" one in the smartphones? with the resulting effects in luminosity, aberrations, ghosting, .... that even heavy computational post processing cannot compensate?
and, again..., just to start with....

Pajson89, 29 Feb 2020best phone on the market right now in top 50 for sure ...

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best phone on the market right now

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My Sony RX100 M3 has same 2.40 microns pixel size like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. But my Sony M3 camera has far superior image quality. Why ?

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Future Leader, 28 Feb 2020Yes I still remember that how much I required for the Exynos ver... moreExynos is just cortex core now . Samsung already shut down it's cpu department .

Tbh, I'm not that impressed with the 108MP primary wide camera in 12MP resolution. It's far from being the most detailed photos yet. Even my 7-year-old Nokia Lumia 1020 can capture a much more detailed photo than that Nonacell camera.

I am, however, very impressed with the 48MP telephoto camera. The bokeh (aka background blur) produced at 4x zoom is just simply amazing. I'm not sure whether that bokeh is done without any software alteration whatsoever or Portrait Mode was enabled. But nevertheless, I really genuinely like the telephoto camera.

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2020No it is not. 4K60 = 70Mbps 8K24 = 80Mbps 8K is 4x 4K. ... moreExcept that the 8k is in H.265 and 4k is I'm H.264 (please correct me if I am wrong). Which would me, way better efficient and way better quality at the same bitrates.

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No audio & loudspeaker review for this one?

i'll probably hold off my impulses for now. i am pretty much hoping the note 20 will have the same less curvy edges. i have had 30 minutes with this beast as well as the z flip and am totally impressed. it is just the same exynos version that i was able to fondle as here in the philippines that's the only version they sell. as impressed as i am, i still am holding back because i am a note guy, and not an s guy.

Nick.B, 29 Feb 2020Iphone is no Android phone. All android phones need new battery ... moreThis dude livin in 2014 while we all in 2020

Dear Team GSMARENA, could you also test the photo quality on the Snapdragon Version. I suspect that there will be a quality difference. Hopefully, it isn't as pronounced as one guesses.

The S20 Ultra is waiting for a firmware update. The photo quality is great, but it needs to push he limits of the nona cell and the noide reduction, sharpness and shadow details could be better during the day. Samsung could also slow down the speed of the processing, to allow the number of frames for HDR, as well as the post work. The colour calibration on the camera is perfect. It's almost identical from all cameras.

"Or maybe get an iPhone, that's always an option. A sensible 256GB 11 Pro Max will leave you with $150 in the bank if you're in the US and save you all the trouble of having to figure out when you'll be recording with which camera on the Ultra - the iPhone can record with all of them at the same time."

The 3 camera recording is a gimmick. It bakes the PiP or split screen into it, and it's difficult for edit it well in post. Plus the quality of the video is limited to 1080p, and less impressive in quality than either the single video FilmicPro or even the default 1080p on the iPhones.

So, Samsung's Exynos SoC is still inferior to SD?

Not surprised about that.

Pretty sure the Exynos S20 series is also gonna have weaker battery life and connectivity than the SD variant. Samsung should just kill their flagship Exynos SoC and just stick to making mid to low end Exynos SoCs for their low to midrange devices. Leave the flagship phone SoCs to SD.

Samsung's really $camming its customers in many markets by selling a device with an inferior SoC for the same price (or even higher price) as a better one, which they've been doing since the S8.

To the ones that I had warned about this day of shame for Sammy's S20 Ultra:

Overhyped cameras

Overheating in benchmarking/gaming/etc.

Embarrassing video recording

Deceitful marketing shennigans

I take great pride by saying, first:



8 seconds night mode? Huawei does in in 3. Since 2015-2016 :)
Does the s20ultra bake eggs in that 8 secs as well?

Morsel, 29 Feb 2020Some people just can't accept some truth. They have to deny it a... moreMy thought is if Samsung is not doing design their own processors, so they can design their own gpu that can perform better than Mali. Having own plant of manufacturing microprocessor is so beneficial for one if they are also able design their own fabrication patterns ie. Intel, AMD etc..