LG KS20 review: Fashion Pocket PC

29 January 2008
With the highly successful KE850 Prada and KU990 Viewty, it's a point taken for LG - users just love their touchscreen handsets with big displays and no keypads. Seeing the next in line was only a matter of time and last summer's announcement...

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  • REM

how to change launguade???

  • Emmanuel osei kofi

I use this phone;i mean lgks20 for 4months i cannot connect the modem to PC,

  • Piyush

I've been using this phone for the last 2 yrs. And the phone has been to service center more than 4 times, this phone carry out with some bizzare problems. It has issues with its joystick, with its touch screen, battery life, small keyboard, no way to get backup of u r contacts, Bad sound quality (so don't even think of playing music)...summary:- This phone sucks Last time it's been in service center for more than 3months....IMAGINE,,

  • kokompe

i have a 4 gb microsd inserted into ks 20 but i do not see it as installed in the phone is there anywaz to extra intall it?



  • sikka

RjB Detroit, 01 Feb 2009Avoid this phone. Sorry, I really wanted the great features... moreI agree with RjB Detroit. This phone suddenly goes dead specially when you need to make an urgent call. The Battery life is very short and even though the phone indicates that the battery is full in actual fact it is dead. Mine is a new phone and yet, I have to keep the phone on charging all the time otherwise rest assured it lets me down suddenly.

  • sit~~

this is a great phone!

  • John Sherman

I am, 02 Nov 2008Where can I find the CD software to connect the phone to my... moreI have an original CD. I can copy and send it to you? I am looking for an English version user/owner manual.

  • anon

I've checked with Singapore's singtel shops that LG has stopped the production for this phone. Anyone knows where else can i get this phone in singapore. & how much will it cost me without contract?


  • Andrew

Hi. Anyone knows if the 3.5mm jack audio adapters available for other LG phones (e.g. LG Chocolate) can be used with the KS20? The connectors seem pretty much the same but I'm not sure 100% that it would work.
I would like to buy a shorter adapter as the one that comes with the phone + the earphones' cable seems too much cable to carry...

  • Darek

Terry, 30 Jan 2009hey does anyone know where to get bigger keyboard and how... moreBig keyboard install instruction : www.lg-ks20.com

  • RjB Detroit

Avoid this phone. Sorry, I really wanted the great features this phone had too but the performance isn't there, even for the low price. The phone during it's best days is slow as melasses, and in true Microsoft fashion, the phone locks-up regularly, and when it does you can't even make a simple phone call (so much for emergency calls too!).

WiFi works when it works, connects when it wants to connect, browser displays pages when it wants to display pages, and goes on...

I uploaded music to my external card and Media Player always freezes half-way when updating the media library, doesn't matter how much or little music I have on the card. Just useless.

This phone also doesn't support anything above 2G memory card natively. You have to find clugy solutions on the net to get this phone to recognize anything above 2G. And, you want to upgrade to Windows CE 6.1? Good luck... those clugy solutions are even harder to follow (believe me, I tried... I'm a computer professional and couldn't get this thing uppgraded, and one wrong move and you might as well throw the thing out). From what I've read, LG will probably not make CE6.1 available so you'll be stuck with the slow performance (still, I wonder just how much better CE6.1 really is...)

Sorry, it's just not worth the frustration. I'll be selling mine on eBay and let someone else who may be more patient than me have a go at it.

  • Terry

hey does anyone know where to get bigger keyboard
and how to change its regional setting to Korean or Japan because all I have is either English or Spanish and I live in Japan
if you guys do here is my email jj4ovr@yahoo.com it would be thankful if you guys can help me thank you

  • Anonymous

it's the cheapest 3G winmo-based phones available today.

  • I am

Where can I find the CD software to connect the phone to my pc?
My kid broke the CD and...
Please, help!

  • ariLLiUS


batt drains like hell.. can anyone tell me how to reduce the power usage so that if i use regularly without calling it could last 4 at least 3-4 days..

n, where to download bigger key board so i could touch it..

  • marxman

what is the maximum resolution of video file that I can play on this phone??? is it possible to watch videos with 320x240 resolution since this is the native resolution of this phone( and via windows media player)? Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

Anyone know where to download the free keyboard optimizer so we can actually use the touch screen with our fingers instead of the stylus to type emails and text.

  • red

i've been using KS 20 for a month and here are a few comments:-
- sylus gets stuck halfway to prevent it from dropping off accidently. i've had my fair share of stylus-less phones and PDAs
- in place of an OK button as an exit, i use the right button beside the j-stick
- had problems switching between Wi-Fi and service provider EDGE. still hasn't resolved the latter
- speaker sound cracks up after 75%, but fine when hooked up to speakers (bluetooth/cable) as well as headphones
- no choice language option in PS Note, thus makes it tricky to write using local language
- battery has short life span (1 day) so keep charger handy (tip - bring USB adapter as provided as it charges phone whenever connected - defeats the whole purpose of a mobile office doesn't it :-)
Other than the above, I stand by the comments mentioned in review
Do add if i've missed anything.

  • Anonymous

FFS people, stop arguing over GPS!
This topic is about LG phone and not about what you like or not!

  • Mobile maN

OK GPS is nice feature when you dont have GPS in your car. It is convenient. However, my N95's GPS is so slow in catching signals and cell phone's screen is so SMALL.