Honor 9X Pro review

11 Mar 2020

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  • 02 Oct 2021

Anonymous, 06 May 2020It's so easy to add GMS that I wonder if a fairer way of re... moreI agree. It us great phone. Depend what Are You looking for. Not for gaminig. So is perfect for me is what i was looking for

    Khalid, 01 Dec 2020It is call recording option???yes but after install ht app recorder small app search to find it easy and enable call recording

      World no 1 Worst mobile
      We need apps not work and available apps also not working in honour 9x pro.
      Time waste
      Money waste.
      I wish to destroy the factory with my URINE

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        • Hussain
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        • 01 May 2021

        Honor 9x pro is the dirtiest i have ever seen,
        It's the biggest dirty phone in the world that no one should buy and waste time on.

        The applications we need will not work

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          • Haneef
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          • 16 Apr 2021

          Before buying any Honor phone pls read.
          Hello guys, I have been an Honor brand phone user and a big fan since i have bought my 1st honor device back in 2016 i.e. Honor 4x.since then i have been using and recommending honor phones in my family and friends circle. But this time i have made a bad decision of buying Honor 9x pro. Seriously, i was so eager to buy this phone that i haven't mund that this phone does not have Googleplay services. This thing give me a headache. No app support for Google apps, quick apps does not sync automatically, 3rd party apps does not run properly and keeps crashing specially banking apps, most of the apps says APP REQUIRES GOOGLEPLAT SERVICES TO RUN, and crashes. And worst customer care doesn't care about this, worst customer service I have ever experienced. They dont even have a proper answer for my problem in 25 days. So again, dont buy these phones

            Kaloyan, 12 Mar 2020The Honor 9X Pro has ClearKey CDM, which is also Google's. ... moreYou are correct.

            I have the Indian retail unit running EMUI 9.1.1 on top of Android 9 with Nov, 2020 security patch. However while using DRM Info app on my Honor 9X Pro, I find only ClearKey CDM with Version 1.1 to be present. Why Widevine CDM is not present when both are owned by Goggle is a big mystery to me.

              Aierlan, 12 Mar 2020The article mentions the k30 as having Google's blessing bu... moreXiaomi's have two main sub-brand Redmi & Poco.

              Redmi K30 & Poco X2 are the same phone. Depending on geographical location and market it varies. In India we, have Poco X2 with full support for Google Mobile Services(GMS). We also have Honor 9X Pro. However the Honor device have no GMS support and instead comes shipped with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

                Whackcar, 12 Mar 2020I disagree. Huawei has already released a Playstore alterna... moreI agree Huawei and its subsidiary Honor are trying hard to get more app developers onboard their own AppGallery. It has been over a year since US trade ban and in meantime Huawei seems to have worked tirelessly and it shows. Make no mistake still its no where near Google Playstore, but it is getting there. Honor India’s President, Charles Peng, during Honor 9X Pro launch in India said they are going to invest heavily in Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) & its AppGallery. Eight months on I now find many favorite local apps available on HMS.

                Day before yesterday I got hold of a Honor 9X Pro global variant running Android 9 devoid of Google Mobile Services(GMS). I never though buying this phone as I am a Google nut, but Honor was clearing the stock year end and the latest price of just INR 12.75K ($170/€156) is just insanely low for 9X Pro with or without GMS. Bought one at a heartbeat. Now after using I feel this is the best phone one can have under INR 15K ($200/€185) in India.

                Prior I was not able to think of using a phone without Google eco-system on Android. After using 9X Pro for two days, I can now safely say I can. I have switched to Microsoft Eco system on 9X Pro and I trust it. My home PC runs Microsoft Windows.

                The Indian retail version still runs EMUI 9.1.1 on top of Android 9 with Nov, 2020 security patch. However EMUI to me is the best Android overlay that has come out of China, and it shows. Very mature UI, liquid smooth with a level of immediacy that can only be equaled by EMUI 10 on top of Android 10 currently running on my View 10. The latest Xiaomi's MIUI 12 over Android 10 on both X2 & M2 Pro are also very good and so is RealmeOS, but they lack a bit of finesse compared to EMUI and that immediacy feel while using their phones. Of-course the awesome Kirin 810 SoC in it plays a big part in this equation.

                I side-loaded APKPure app store from CNET while using Huawei's AppGallery in tandem to download/ replace below apps:

                a) Google Gmail -> Microsoft Outlook
                b) Google Chrome -> Microsoft Edge
                c) Google Keep -> Microsoft OneNote
                d) Google Youtube -> Using Edge to view in Web mode. Any better suggestions?

                In my PC I synced all my Chrome bookmarks to Edge and voila, it is now available on the Edge app on my 9X Pro thanks to its cloud eco-system just like Google. Edge is as good as Google Chrome. APKPure gave me the latest apps from Google Playstore. By now apart from Google own apps that requires GMS almost all other apps are now available for download Huawei's own AppGallery. Till now zero regrets in using a GMS un-certified Android OS over Honor 9x Pro. Let's see what holds in the future.

                I suggest anyone should gun for it with a budget of INR 15K ($200/€185) if he/ she have the understanding of installing apps from places other than Google Playstore.

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                  • siva prasad
                  • XPM
                  • 08 Dec 2020

                  good evening sir,
                  camara live focus option availble or not

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                    • Khalid
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                    • 01 Dec 2020

                    It is call recording option???

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                      • Bhavya
                      • DkS
                      • 05 Nov 2020

                      Anonymous, 06 May 2020It's so easy to add GMS that I wonder if a fairer way of re... moreHow to fix it... Can u please explain

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                        • Shubham Saini
                        • rAN
                        • 08 Jul 2020

                        naresh, 28 May 2020This model 9x ram use ddr3 or ddr4 lpddr4x ram
                        and ufs 2.1 storage

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                          • 21 Jun 2020

                          Anonymous, 06 May 2020It's so easy to add GMS that I wonder if a fairer way of re... moreHow u did can u explain

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                            • naresh
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                            • 28 May 2020

                            This model 9x ram use ddr3 or ddr4

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                              • 24 May 2020

                              Dileesh.M, 01 Apr 2020I disagree. Apps are what makes a smartphone and a smartpho... moreThis is the best mobile without the services of Google because the apple ecosystem doesn't have the playstore but it developed appstore and let we give some time to improve the huawei app gallery and its the 3rd largest platform. Huawei dares to build their own os and own chipsets and own software and trying to comepetate with Google and apple ecosystems and want to be unique

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                                • 06 May 2020

                                It's so easy to add GMS that I wonder if a fairer way of reviewing this might have been to say "it doesn't come with GMS but I added it myself and here's how I did it", and then concentrate on the phone itself? I have the same feeling reading other recent Huawei and Honor reviews, they all concentrate on the lack of Google when it's an easily fixable problem.

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                                  • 01 Apr 2020

                                  BliTTzZ, 18 Mar 2020I can see all recent Honor and Huawei devices recieve low r... moreI disagree. Apps are what makes a smartphone and a smartphone that doesn't have such a platform as Playstore (that has this humongous collection of Apps) preinstalled in it, especially when we take into account that there are other devices out there that is equally or almost as good in everything else, does make it relatively less recommendable.
                                  People like smartphones because of how convenient they're and
                                  therefore Huawei, whether we like it or not, is in a situation where it's products however excellent it maybe is quite inconvenient and cumbersome relative to its competitors.

                                    I can see all recent Honor and Huawei devices recieve low rating even tho GSMA praises them overall. Is it because they lack Google services? I don't think it's fair to lower the score because of this.

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                                      • 17 Mar 2020

                                      Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020No value because of no Google services. UI is bad. huawei u... moreEvery thing is excellent google must be because I m using your honor9x mobile & I want to buy an another honor9x pro mobile phone.

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                                        • 16 Mar 2020

                                        Huawei should unlock their bootloaders and then at least you have the option to install custom roms/firmware, gapps, etc. Personally I would prefer not having all of googles bloatware, facebook, etc installed especially now that you don't have the option to uninstall some of their services. The only app I would use is the play store, but then there are alternative app stores.. I look forwards to seeing GDSA