Oppo Find X2 Pro review

18 Mar 2020

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  • 30 Oct 2022

ASIF 171, 05 Sep 2022"XIAOMI 11T PRO" or ''XIAOMI REDMI K50&... moreoppo better than xiaomi

    "XIAOMI 11T PRO" or ''XIAOMI REDMI K50'' or used ''OPPO FIND X2 PRO'' ..Which one should i go for...?? hi experts,,please let me know in details..as all these are almost same in price in my country.

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      • Sohail
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      • 08 Nov 2021

      Hi all, I appreciate if anyone could confirm about DLNA Miracast (wireless screen sharing) system in the phone?
      It doesn't showing in the features gsm arena

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        • 02 Oct 2021

        Nick.B, 10 Jan 2021Running it 8 months now. I will upgrade to x3 pro after 2 ... moreturn out the find x3 pro is plagued by the overheat snapdragon 888 and they downgraded the camera with gimmicky 10bit photo capture and microscope lens, the display also smaller than the find x2 pro.

        The only thing find x3 pro does make it right is the optimization of snapdragon 888 it does great balancing performance with temperature with the expense of downclocked cpu and gpu, but i think performance wise will be around 865+ level not bad

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          • 31 Aug 2021

          Ahmed , 23 Jan 2021the lower camera is that responsible for zoom from 1x to 10... moreThe square camera is periscope zoom which does 5x optical to 10x hybrid and 60x digital. Get your information right

            10/10 , im usually a Huawei phone purchaser. Ever since i moved from LG phones. I still like LG and Huawei, and i will purchase them both again down the line at somepoint. But just now im a new OPPO customer/fan.

            I have the FIND X2 Pro 5G. Its 100% the Quickest phone ive ever had. It browses through menus and searches lightning fast !! The Huaweis amd LG were really quick also with no problems and u thought there prob wasnt another phone out there tht could get much quicker until i tried this beast.

            It feels pure quality also. The only thing i struggled with was getting used to using it and working out how to do this and that on it. Also accessories arent abundant. You do get them but not large collection on offer. But apart from tht the phone itself is 10/10.

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              • 24 Apr 2021

              Sue de Nym, 24 Apr 2021Only single sim from what I can gather despite dual sim sta... moreJust got an International model and it is Single Sim. Despite that, the device is a Beast and if you find it for around 650 euros, its a bargain

                Only single sim from what I can gather despite dual sim stated in this review.

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                  • 02 Feb 2021

                  Surprisingly, certain 48 megapixel sample images do have more detail than the 12 megapixel sample images despite the quad pixel autofocus sensor. Certain sample images don't look bad, when downsampled to 24 megapixels.
                  So I guess this could be an advantage over a 12 megapixel dual pixel sensor, where 24 megapixel images would have no advantage over 12 megapixels due to the microlenses (that's why Google and Apple don't output 24 megapixel images).
                  But here there must be a special algorithm that isn't possible with dual pixel sensors.

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                    • 26 Jan 2021

                    GSMArena flagship phone camera reviews be like- ThErE iS nO nOiSe AnD iT iS tRuE tO lIfE 😂

                      Ahmed , 23 Jan 2021the lower camera is that responsible for zoom from 1x to 10... moreFrom where did you get this info from? The square is the periscope telephoto camera, this is the camera that the phone uses when it zooming from 2x to 60x. The middle camera is the main camera while the bottom camera is the ultawide camera.

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                        • Ahmed
                        • D7n
                        • 23 Jan 2021

                        the lower camera is that responsible for zoom from 1x to 10x
                        the square camera is responsible for zoom from 10.1x to 60x
                        the middle camera is the wide angle camera
                        in the end it becomes clear that square camera is not useful

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                          • 22 Jan 2021

                          "The 48MP mode comes with a noise penalty and doesn't offer too much along the lines of improved detail. We did get more definition in specific patterns in our studio charts but hardly any improvement in real-world shots. "
                          The reason is that this isn't actually a 48 megapixel sensor. It's a 12 megapixel Quad Pixel (not Quad Bayer) sensor with 12 million microlenses. Otherwise you can also say that Apple and Google use 24 megapixel Dual Bayer sensors. 12 megapixel dual pixel sensors could output 24 megapixel photos, but there wouldn't be any advantage, that's why it's 12 megapixels.

                            Running it 8 months now.
                            I will upgrade to x3 pro after 2 months when release
                            Best 2020 phone
                            I bet x3 pro will be 2021 phone too

                              Dutchyboy1, 23 Oct 2020Im another one moving over to OPPO from HUAWEI, ive been wi... moreI've just done the same, home from mate 20 pro which has been an awesome phone to the find X2 pro mainly for the sake of Google apps, not keen on Samsung's exynos chips either

                                Im another one moving over to OPPO from HUAWEI, ive been with HUAWEI since the P9, i had a MATE10 , P10, MATE20 pro, MATE30 pro, but i need Google play for sone apps like FOOTBALL MANAGER, PES MANAGER and a few others. So i moved to OPPO after seeing there high end specs on there devices on here. Im not let down. If your looking for a new phone company due to HUAWEIS problems i can confirm OPPO is a worthy replacement.

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                                  • Sliverboy
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                                  • 09 Aug 2020

                                  Living in an exynos region I will prefer this find x2 pro. Paying premium for exynos is a ripoff. After S7 and S9+ I gave up with samsung.

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                                    • 12 Jul 2020

                                    Battery is more than 6000 mah....

                                      Why is the find 2x pro only single SIM?

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                                        • 25 Jun 2020

                                        Camera manufacturers need to understand that manual white balance must be available in auto mode, not only in manual mode, if the image quality in manual mode is worse.