Oppo Find X2 Pro review

18 Mar 2020

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I own one. And it is worth every dollar of it's 1200usd pricetag. I compared it with P40pro, Mate30pro, s20 ultra. And I beat them. Also I am cooler under load, faster charge, lighter only 200grams for huge 6.7" screen.
Dolby stereo speakers. 1 billion color 120hz refresh rate 3K all time best screen. There is no phone comparable with find x2 pro's screen.

Also main camera is custom made by Sony. No other phone has this camera. Yes. Exclusivity. Camera and display and 65w charge with that double stacked battery and cool phone under load. All is exclusivity. Exclusive to find x2 pro!!

If mate40pro does not impress me enough to sell my find x2 pro, I will wait march 2021 for x3 pro. Such a brutal amazing phone is my new phone find x2 pro.

Anonymous, 11 May 2020I got my contract-free Find X2 Pro (12GB Ram / 512GB) Orange Veg... moreBecause it is not apple or samsung
Look what I shot:

left is mate30pro right is find x2 pro

left is p40pro right is find x2 pro

in the original photos these with _ everywhere are mate30pro and p40pro, rest are find x2 pro

This phone is very overlooked and hidden from reviewers that can, but do not want to say the true it is the best phone in 2020 (for now) which something big.

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I got my contract-free Find X2 Pro (12GB Ram / 512GB) Orange Vegan Leather for U$1060 (MYR4600) with an Enco Free wireless earphone ($120) and $50 voucher, making the final price < $900. I don't know why the editor is complaining so much about the price, listing it as the single factor to not go for it. Different market has different price point - this should be decided by the person paying for it. Focus on the phone instead, GSMArena.

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2020Lack of fully functional Google Play services and Locked bootloa... moreYou mean new Huaweis ? Huawei Appstore is upgrading every month. They will get there. I have time till november/december. And mate40pro might not deliver. Nobody knows.

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Nick.B, 29 Apr 2020It is not the perfect phone find x2 pro. I just love it is small... moreLack of fully functional Google Play services and Locked bootloader is perfect phone?

It is not the perfect phone find x2 pro. I just love it is small form factor for a 6.7" phone and only 200gr and still powerhouse on of fastest phone now, best screen, 5g, one of best camera setups, beauty design,
It is something like LG. Lovable. Not perfect. Is what it is. In my mind.
Maybe I will sell it november december and get mate40pro I have big hopes and I know Huawei will deliver masterpiece after huge fail with mate30pro. I am comming from mate20pro(5 month ownership) and a lot of LGs before mate20pro. But I do started to love Huawei. They are less passionable then LG, but still they catch up. Mate Xs, P40Pro+(comes in 1 month) with 10x real optical and 40w wireless charging (lol!) are just some examples and a clue mate40pro will be brutal. Lets see. If it does not deliver I will wait spring 2021. Spring is always strong ofcourse.

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GSMArena not testing audio in headphones now? =(
Or is it due 3.5mm lack?

4.2 stars where mi10pro just got 4.4

I do believe find x2 pro deserves 4.2 or 4.5

come on wireless charging is not so common. I know nothing doing wireless charging for years. People with phones supporting it. They just plug the cable.

Gotta love this phone! I am waiting Xperia 1 mark 2 and P40Pro+. Poor display in last one, but if it upgrades (apart from the 10x optical) in photo and video from P40Pro even higher, I will sacrifice the HD+ screen with worse colors and qualities compared to stunning xperia and oppo find x2 pro displays.
It will be between those 3. If they fail I will wait november the mate40pro. As currrent mate20pro user I do love mate idea. Especially the fact it will have both sub6 sa/nsa and mmwave 5G on board, new kirin 1000 cpu and gpu mainboard, and I hope bring back qhd screen (like mine) plus bonus 90 or 120hz refresh rate. Bring back volume hardware keys, keep IR face unlock, keep hardware LED notification. Make 5x optical (mine is 3x). Go beyond 140 points doxmark just like p40pro+ will pass 140. Make a winner entering 2021. If I don't buy the first 3 I mentioned before that :)

Morsel, 04 Apr 2020Saying my details is a security flaw it might be because I'm not... moreDude you've no idea what are you saying.. An eee guy make those computer parts you cse guys work at..

And I gave those informations even you didn't know about.. That's why you invented the 'full colour' phrase..
Sorry dude, this it's the process of measuring peak brightness level of a display and the process has nothing do with rgb requirements, because it's matter of colour accuracy then.. Even why you need to care for brightness in full rgb? I'm damn sure you don't even use more than 200 nits maximum time unless you go in the bright sunlight and excel the brightest 300 nits or more and your mobile has good control of sunlight reflectivity and good number of contrast ratio 5 to 1.. Displays I mentioned obviously able to get 1000 nit peaks brightness in hdr whether not filling any rgb requirements.. Because it has nothing to do with peak brightness level then..

SP3r3 Leader, 04 Apr 2020If you're graduating in CSE then yes you're in PC massively but ... moreSaying my details is a security flaw it might be because I'm not using a fake username like you. CSE guys are both in hardware and software field unlike someone graduating on 'SE'.
I don't have much info about tvs last couple of years. So, can't really say where are Tvs now.
Anyway my debate with you wasn't Tv. Was it ?
You said there are monitors with both full color coverage and 1000+ nits brightness.
Give me an example and I will shut my mouth.
You are the one who gave me examples without even knowing clear details about them.
So, who were acting smart ?
I still believe Tvs can't provide accurate colors. But not much sure about it.

Morsel, 04 Apr 2020Yes It has to cross 1000+ nits and having full color coverage. ... moreI doubt even a today's TVs could do that with a noticeable p3 coverage even in hdr..

Morsel, 04 Apr 2020Let's not talk about degrees here. I'm not graduated yet. But th... moreIf you're graduating in CSE then yes you're in PC massively but only in the software site.. Where we work on the core of the product.. Without our making a software engineer can't apply anything he programs. Let's count, from semiconductor to the power button everything there are blessed by the eee based engineering.. Even this subject is much more related to the foundation of today's smaller computing system quantum mechanics.. Yeah I'm not obviously denying the absolute need of CSE but just clarifying you about the basement.. Here not me who was being smart. It's you tried to be more intelligent by saying about your knowledge.. Mine was just a smart reply to inform you that here you aren't the only one who knows about computer more.. I'm enough confidant to work with any of microprocessor company in next 10-15 years if everything goes well.. Even I didn't find anything security flaws here that can make a issue of my identity.. I even haven't said enough about me..

SP3r3 Leader, 04 Apr 2020Tell me what was your point about? Monitors to cross 1000 nits b... moreYes It has to cross 1000+ nits and having full color coverage.
That's what I was arguing about.

SP3r3 Leader, 04 Apr 2020You thought I've less knowledge about computer? Dude just tell w... moreLet's not talk about degrees here. I'm not graduated yet. But the subject I'm graduating is more connected to PC world than your Electric Engineering. Thought the core of Display department is in your area. But we still hold knowledge about every area of Computer.
I'm not trying to leak my privacy here. So, don't shout much about your degrees. That's not going to help.
Anyway My saying wasn't to disrespect you. You just came in and gave examples which does not fulfill my requirements and you were acting smart.

Morsel, 04 Apr 2020I simply don't remember when I took a debate about you. Also y... moreActually you'll very much notice that those displays have a brighter luminosity can excel the colour brightness more.. I pretty believe those monitors I mentioned here before can hit nearly 1000 nits on full screen coverage if not contain any rgb requirements..

SP3r3 Leader, 04 Apr 2020Tell me what was your point about? Monitors to cross 1000 nits b... moreI simply don't remember when I took a debate about you.
Also your reply doesn't make any sense.
Most of you reply is going on my side.
My point was It's not possible to make a LED display with both high color coverage and high brightness. This is why professional monitors aren't into the brightness.
Then one guy replied with 2 ASUS monitors which have 700nits brightness.
My reply was simple. There is no monitor which can do full color coverage and 1000+ nits at the same time.
I also don't understand why're you giving examples with mobile display brightness. That's so small scale.
OLED TVs aren't like OLED display on mobile.
To get that brightness OLED Tv needs a separate back light. Previously they needed separate color filter too(Don't know about last 2 years model, still I believe they do).
So, that kills the advantages of OLED.

Anyway I will still be happy if you can refer a display which is truly 1000+ nits with full color coverage.

Morsel, 23 Mar 2020I have more knowledge in PC industry than I have on smartphone w... moreYou thought I've less knowledge about computer? Dude just tell what's your requirements? I can make for you anything you demand (gaming rig, workstation, servers, nas, san, prepare a new pcb where you can make diy, fix any of some deep errors of parts ie. motherboard etc. I'm a graduate in major EEE and Masters in SE.. And planning to do PhD in SC.. So I know the deep engineering and study about computers parts so well. Our family business have two companies on IT and software section, and hardware and retail section.. We have 7 super shops ( hardware and retail section) of computer, electrical and electronics parts in 6 cities.. And I'm the incharge of the section as father looks after the whole company himself (CEO and chairman). My mom and younger brother look after our IT farm and software solution sites..

Morsel, 23 Mar 2020I have more knowledge in PC industry than I have on smartphone w... moreTell me what was your point about? Monitors to cross 1000 nits brightness right? So I just gave you a simple answer with no argument mindset. It was not a condition on 100% or more sRGB and less AdobeRGB.. Because in peak white brightness test rgb has nothing to do then. That would be a matter of luminance. Because that is a test of peak brightness of a few area on white.. Not a saturated sRGB test or testing more space AdobeRGB or etc..
Who has said that?
Even did I mention about full screen? Did you ask about the peak brightness at full screen? Or I said that could be done when the screen is in full shape? Nope!

Tell me which smartphone could cross 1000 cd/m^2 on 100% apl despite being a much smaller display? None! Such as s20 ultra gets 1342 nits brightness at vivid on 1% API only! Lol (it makes sense tho) While 828 nits on 100% apl.
When the older PA32UC could get 1200 nits brightness while covering 25% apl.. Apple pro xdr can get nearly 1600 in hdr. Don't know about the display coverage tho.. So result of PA32UCG could do similar. Although I found its typical peak brightness is nearly 700 nits on 100% apl.. There isn't much review tho, but I believe the result could be better in HDR..
Even there are other monitors have a peak brightness over 1000 nits..
Now about TV.. On my recent observation, a TCL TV could get almost 2000 nits brightness probably on 10% apl. But couldn't pass 600 nits at 100% screen coverage. I don't know tho was it on sdr or hdr.. I didn't concentrate that much there.. Even on your sRGB issue about TV, I don't remember which TV has sRGB standard other than P3 standard now.. If you know let me inform..

But my last word is, don't take some words so seriously, because you could be understood wrong.. And if you say about debàte then you may also know that I never stop in ãrgument if I'm not wrong.. And here I wasn't wrong..