Samsung Galaxy S20+ review

25 Mar 2020

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  • MohideenPMS

Very worst.....if my mobile is idle for 15-20 min then internet is not working. i have to restart the phone to get the wifi connection

  • Bhaskar

The review is good. But I have observed that it's display is affecting eyes, I'm getting strained if I see this mobile for more time where as it is not like that when using galaxy S9 or IPhone 12

10 hours difference between 1440p/60Hz and 1080p/120Hz despite the higher screen resolution and yet there are 'tEcHieS' out there who always say that 60Hz is 'oUtdAtEd'? My God, 'tEcHieS' can really be a stupid shill. The same goes for sponsored YouTubers.

M, 10 Feb 2021Can any one please let me know that which tempered glass us... moreLook for RhinoShield.

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2021The s20 plus has been a downgrade from my old s9 plus, pers... moreMakes me wonder if indeed you're really using S20+ as it seems you're not aware that there's "vibration intensity" in settings where you can throttle it into your preference. And there's also a feature to double tap to wake or lock this phone aside from the lift to wake gesture.

  • Anonymous

The s20 plus has been a downgrade from my old s9 plus, personally. I just can't bring myself to get used to it, even if I'm happy for the bigger screen size and better battery which will undoubtly get worse as it gets older. Thus it makes me regret the purchase even more as I know that my current phone will probably perform worse than my s9 plus. First, the touch sensor is placed somewhere in the middle that makes it hard for me to even place my thumb exactly on that place. It does not seem to unlock with a dark screen and my thumb placed over it, so I have to use the power button to be able to see the symbol. This makes me have to open the phone with the power button to see the thumb symbol. This leads to much more hassle to unlock my phone from my previous one. Second, the speakers(?) vibrate like crazy, even if my volume bar is not even at 40%. I heard it's because they made the speakers more powerful, but I notice no better quality when I watch youtube videos, plus I prefer that my phone doesn't vibrate at a any low to mid volume. There are many more small things I have to be nitpicky about as I use my phone all day round and those small inconveniences just add up. Aside from these, camera quality is nice, I'm not using it too often enough though

  • Eric Saward

Batman1964, 12 May 2021My Samsung S20+ is the worst phone I ever had. The battery... moreYour right

  • Batman1964

My Samsung S20+ is the worst phone I ever had. The battery life SUCKS, and every time there is a software update, something new and different stops working on my phone.

Please don't buy this phone....its nothing but a high-priced piece of CRAP!!!!!

  • Dacanin

Ir just peace of shit i had in thept 4 samsnumg premium bat this is pure 0
He fall from 30cm high nd the screen broke like a botle of bad beer😄
I will never bought not even on Samsung product

Dear Galaxy fans. Don't you have enough S20 plus phone from morning till night? I have 10% power left at 3:40 screen time. of course it was 120hz

  • M

Can any one please let me know that which tempered glass used as I am using the tempered glass but my fingerprint sensor is not working

  • Khan

Jazee, 19 Nov 2020Potential buyers with special interest in the performance o... moreYour comments is very small... Can you explain to details all.

How come the video still comparison between the S20 and S20+ shows such a different quality, the S20+ being way better when it's actually the same hardware?

  • vma

ramzes, 09 Dec 2020hi guys, how's the battery life after the update (One ... moreyes

  • Amir

ramzes, 09 Dec 2020hi guys, how's the battery life after the update (One ... moreI received the update on Iraq rom. The battery life was so bad even at power saving mode. But after changing the rom to Germany, I have experienced even better battery life than OneUI 2.5.

  • ramzes

hi guys, how's the battery life after the update (One UI 3 and Android 11)?
does this update changed the battery life? or worst? thanks!

  • Nickname

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2020I recently purchased my S20+ and it got a silicone protecti... moreNahhh. Worst battery ever
My 2 years old nova 3i (power saving) still beats the s20+(60 hz) in battery life.

  • Fif

Hi has anyone had word message come up with the phone listening to conversation and it typing things we can't stop this from happening and can't find where it is but comes up at night

  • Jazee

Potential buyers with special interest in the performance of the cameras on this phone should understand the actual optical zoom is 1.08 so the focal length of the actual lens is basically the same as the non-zoom camera. This is unlike say the S10 5G which the actual lens of the camera is 2X. However Samsung makes up for this by using a 64MP sensor. This basically results in as good or better zoom shots up to about 5X zoom than a phone with a tele-camera with a 2X or 3X optical zoom lens but only a 12MP or 16MP sensor. But to say the phone uses digital zoom above 3X is incorrect, it is ALWAYS using digital zoom on the telephone camera.

The reason why it performs well can be explained by considering number of sensor pixels used decreases by the zoom factor squared when using digital zoom. So, the lowest zoom of the tele lens on the S20+ at 3X is essentially a 7MP sensor. 3 squared is 9. 64MP divided by 9 is 7.1MP. (You may be wondering, if you are always cropping the sensor than what's the point? The 64MP sensor is primarily to provide 8K video recording capability.) Compared to say the S10 5G which has a 2X optical zoom and 12MP sensor. So a 3X zoom for the S10 5G is a 1.5X digital zoom of the 2X optical. 1.5 squared = 2.25. 12MP/2.25 = 5.3MP. So you can see how the S20+ can keep up with other cameras with 2X or 3X optical zoom but only 12MP sensors. It's notable though that with 2X zoom, a camera with a 12MP sensor and a 2X optical zoom has a higher resolution image than the S20+ at 2X zoom since the S20+ doesn't have an optical zoom lens.

What's more interesting is the 64MP sensor on the S20+ has a 0.8um pixel pitch which means the sensor is roughly 9,500 pixels by 7,150. So at 3X zoom the sensor output is going to be digitally cropped to around 3,160 x 2,380. However no matter what zoom resolution you use, Samsung outputs a 4032x3024 size image, basically "faking" the resolution for all images taken at anything over 1X zoom. The file size goes down as the zoom goes up even though the image resolution stays at 4032x3024 because the JPEG compression algorithm basically can see it's a fake resolution (essentially a lower resolution source image interpolated up to a higher resolution.)

I'm not sure why manufacturers do this except for only from a customer satisfaction perspective as people would be complaining why their 10X zoom images are only 950 x 715 pixels. Yes, S20+ users, that is roughly the true resolution of a 10X zoom image from your phone. But consider on a 12MP sensor with 1X optical lens, that true cropped resolution is closer to 400x300!

The bottom line is the S20+ Tele Camera is basically equivalent in resolution to a phone with a 12MP camera with a 2.5X optical zoom because it's not actually an optical zoom lens. So Samsung's advertising it as a 3X "hybrid optic zoom" isn't a total lie, but 2.5x would be closer to accurate as far as the equivalent of an optical zoom on a 12MP sensor. To get the best images on this camera you just want to use one of the 3 cameras without manually zooming in. If you do zoom in on the tele camera, try to not go above 5X.

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2020Hello i am confused between samsung s20+ and iphone 11 can ... moreIf you are fan of customization, you can create your own every stone on the galaxy devices & give different flavors for visualization
Then go for S20+, you will not regret