Samsung Galaxy S20+ review

25 Mar 2020

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  • ludoallstar

going to buy it

  • Anonymous

Gers010 , 28 Mar 2020I am fed up with those curved bezel less screens of Samsung, lot... moreYou got it all wrong, the slim bezels let you slap on a mid thickness case without ending up with an iPhone style bezeled phone.

  • John

Something must have been wrong with your test phone that you used for the S20 (base model) review, because in the good light studio photo comparison, the S20+ (from this review) is sharp everywhere, while the standard S20 is unsharp on the right and top sides of the photo, even though they should have the same lens and sensor. My own standard S20 is also sharp everywhere, unlike your studio test photo.

  • Max

Please add "Very low light" scene to Photo Compare Tool!

  • Gers010

I am fed up with those curved bezel less screens of Samsung, lots of input mistakes and the screen geometry is ruined!

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Did you apply the latest update?It's impossible to apply an update to a phone that fake disgruntled user doesn't own.

  • Recently own

Coming from a S9+ I would say this is a nice upgrade. The only thing I really miss is the Heart Rate and the speedy finger print sensor, because it is true the one on the S20+ is not as good. Other than that, and I must state my model is a Snapdragon/512GB, this cell is a beast. Fast as ever seen, beautiful at-the-highest-extreme display, reactive to Bixby instructions, and mind blowing long lasting battery, up to 10 hours of mid to heavy use. I would have liked its costed a little less, like in the 1K US$ vicinity, but this is a phone for the next two or -easily- three years ahead.

GkR, 28 Mar 2020Well, I am in India and return policy is not there like US. Hop... moreI'm not in the USA, I'm in UK.

WazzaG, 26 Mar 2020Well if you dislike it that much return it if you're within the ... moreWell, I am in India and return policy is not there like US.
Hope you clear.. its rocket science for us... :)

  • Anonymous

nate0, 26 Mar 2020Then your headphones support aptx :)Yes,
This all after latest patch updates

  • Anonymous

Minas, 27 Mar 2020Why don't u make a throttling test in exynos version? The exynos... moreThing is last year the gpu was half as powerful 50% and still throttled to half that speed

This year the GPU only 15 % behind depending on how it throttles now

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020There were reviewers who tested it out. They didn't find much of... moreWhere can I find this review?

  • Minas

Why don't u make a throttling test in exynos version? The exynos chipset this year it give similar results with snapdragon 855+ and when it get heat is going worse...Samsung have to stop increasing prices and get snapdragon on every unit of galaxy

WazzaG, 26 Mar 2020My s20+ will automatically select aptx for my headphones. Then your headphones support aptx :)

  • Anonymous

GkR, 26 Mar 2020I bought this s20+ by impression it would be solid than note 10+... moreDid you apply the latest update?

nate0, 26 Mar 2020Yes, the bluetooth service/standards can be changed in the devel... moreMy s20+ will automatically select aptx for my headphones.

WazzaG, 26 Mar 2020Bet it's still in the hidden developer mode.Yes, the bluetooth service/standards can be changed in the developer menu, but they will always be dependent on the app being used and the receiver of the signal.

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020It is better testing the speakers. Using earphones, the resul... moreGuys I never mentioned using head phones. Every device converts audio signal over a cable so that what you send from your device to the receiver gets sent as accurately as possible. That is either over a jack or USB or even Bluetooth (but Bluetooth has the aptx standard). Every device can be subjected to response test in how it sends this signal to a receiving end. Sure the speaker test is cool and honestly is useful and glad they added it, but I don't make a purchase based on how loud or accurate the tiny speaker etc sounds. I never expect much from that little speaker anyway.

Anonymous, 26 Mar 20201) Gsmarena already concluded that your headphones will matter a... moreMy point on the response for audio sent from the phone (Analog to Digital/Digial to Analog) is not to see who sounds better over headphones or not. Of course headphones will make all the difference. Like you mentioned a V60, V50, V40 etc will always have more accurate audio with less noise etc than most other phones. There is a more universal test that can be used that subjects the audio response of every phone in the same way their speaker test does. I am just uncertain why they chose to leave it out.

nate0, 26 Mar 2020No, I meant Qualcomm charges licensing fees for aptx codec/protocol.Bet it's still in the hidden developer mode.