Huawei P40 Pro review

26 Mar 2020

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  • 13 Sep 2022

flagshipper, 29 Jan 2021never tried this brand because no rooting. i have tons of s... moreBut we have call recording on Huawei and it runs natively in the phone app.

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    • Pk93
    • PTG
    • 26 Jun 2022

    I bought it in April 2022 and installed GMS

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      • Flaviu
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      • 11 Nov 2021

      Mr. Singh, 08 Aug 2021I will not recommend bcoz I bought it and doesn't supp... moreThis was launched in the begining of 2020, and you buy it in 2021 and give it bad review because it does not support google? You didn't know that when you bought it? Too fresh information for you?
      PS: it was launched without google services, didn't loose support, so it is like buying an iPhone and giving it bad review for not having google play store, as you do not like app market.

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        • Jv6
        • 25 Oct 2021

        Mr. Singh, 08 Aug 2021I will not recommend bcoz I bought it and doesn't supp... moreCan be modded and use app gallery of Huawey and playstore of Google...

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          • Mr. Singh
          • Hxf
          • 08 Aug 2021

          I will not recommend bcoz I bought it and doesn't support Google play services. Second Huawei have its out app gallery where you will not get all the apps. Apps updation issue is there. Third when we are playing some video and there is some message in background in some other app for 2 seconds sound of that video like got muted. I approach them they said we are trying to increase sound transfer rate in our devices. In the nutt shell choose other device than Huawei

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            • 13 May 2021

            Smartphone users need more OS's than just that android.

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              • 09 May 2021

              Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021My only question is... can I pick the thing up without dist... more"Vanced" is the best alternative for YouTube. With NewPipe you don't have possibility to login with your account and look for the videos you stored within your library. Just playing videos, so you need to decide which one suits you better.

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                • gBk
                • 06 Mar 2021

                Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021My only question is... can I pick the thing up without dist... moreDo you mean if you can watch YouTube? Yes.

                - NewPipe
                - YouTube in Browser

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                  • BrM
                  • 10 Feb 2021

                  My only question is... can I pick the thing up without disturbing whatever it is I'm watching on Youtube?

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                    • flagshipper
                    • 8we
                    • 29 Jan 2021

                    never tried this brand because no rooting. i have tons of software requiring root, starting with AdGuard (VPN already allocated), AppOps, enable call recording, f-droid, debloat, xposed etc.
                    but I admire they are without Google, great advantage.
                    sadly i will never try them because of noroot.

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                      • Aquila
                      • 0Ud
                      • 28 Jan 2021

                      Fully enjoying my deGooglefied buttery smooth P40 Pro

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                        • 08 Dec 2020

                        Roberthxx, 30 May 2020You MUST install (from APK Pure for now): 1. OneDrive 2. ... moreWow! This is a break thru solution for all huawei P40 citizens.
                        I salute u,sir...or it ma'am?

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                          • 07 Dec 2020

                          Anonymous, 23 May 2020Anybody who has a P40 Pro able to get 40 MP photos from the... moreSame there, It's quite strange and I'm starting to smell something weird coming from Huawei

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                            • T man
                            • f3e
                            • 22 Nov 2020

                            Hello gentleman, I have p40 pro but my camera up to now I don't how to setting please so can you help me how to settings the camera

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                              • AnonD-935752
                              • fFC
                              • 06 Sep 2020

                              good no google

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                                • herc182
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                                • 31 Aug 2020

                                I just bought a mint second hand one on ebay (£470). I have (about to sell) the Mate 20 pro. The latter is the best phone I have owned to date, and owned IPhone's, Samsung Galaxy's (S7 Edge was my favourite, but the Note series were good too) - and despite not having google services, I love it. Phone clone is actually quite brilliant - a lot of the banking apps continue to work. The camera's are amazing and the portrait mode quite incredible. You can create a folder of shortcuts for things like gmail (i use outlook now) or ebay, which of course won't work without GMS. My TWO biggest issues are no NFC payments in UK - Huawei wallet doesn't support it and losing paid subscriptions to a few apps (not the end of the world). Appstore updates a bit more of a pain. I use "Aptoide", Appgallery, petasearch, APKPure and amazon App store. Between PRK and Aptoide, I am basically sorted. For me, its the best hardware out there, best camera and excellent price point, especially second hand (so many are mint because of the GMS issue, and largely unused). Google maps also works for some reason! Can't sign in, but fine by me for odd trips.

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                                  • Nina
                                  • 3pK
                                  • 29 Aug 2020

                                  Sui, 20 Jun 2020I have a "difficult" question, would you buy a Huawei mate ... moreI have p30 Pro and 2 weeks ago upgrade it to p40 pro.. The best decision made.

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                                    • Chuy
                                    • 8Zd
                                    • 25 Aug 2020

                                    A couple of days ago I bought the huawei P40Pro, and I was warned that it no longer included anything related to google. I don't care about that, I'm happy with the brand, and I change every time the new P family comes out. I'm happy and I'm not in the least dissatisfied for not having google apps. I'M WITH HUAWEI 100%
                                    I'M WITH HUAWEI 100%.
                                    I love huawei from Monterrey Mexico

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                                      • Mikky
                                      • NXj
                                      • 24 Aug 2020

                                      It's a great phone but without playstore, it's not good for me.

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                                        • 24 Aug 2020

                                        Miro, 05 May 2020What about Google? There is no Google, no play store? i just hope google will shutdown soon! you effin people are so dependent on it and doesn't try to explore more out of the shell!!! remember that nokia has its own before google controlled it!!!