Huawei P40 Pro review

26 Mar 2020

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AHMAD, 30 May 2020Huawei 40 Pro is the worst many applications do not work without... moreYes you are right! But I think itÂ’s worth it! Because it has the best camera in the world! And its design is so fantastic! But I prefer all Apple phones to all android phones!
Good luck😉


Huawei 40 Pro is the worst many applications do not work without Google services on the device I do not mean google's own applications but applications from other developers. What a bad experience.

You MUST install (from APK Pure for now):
1. OneDrive
2. Microsoft Edge - Can sync with desktop Microsoft Edge
3. Outlook - that one is CRUCIAL. You add your google account here. Now you can sync google contatcts with help of this app. Just select that in settings.

  • Akram khan

Bossgod, 27 May 2020Huawei P40 Pro awesome phone Yes

  • Bossgod

Huawei P40 Pro awesome phone

  • Anonymous

Anybody who has a P40 Pro able to get 40 MP photos from the ultra wide camera? I only get 10 MP, both in regular mode, pro mode and RAW.

  • about radio perfor?


I read that radio installed in P40 (balong 5000) supports many 5G nabds (instead Qualcomm 5G radio 5x just one band ) bands including the band 700MHz in EU. Is it confirmed from your tests ? Has P40lite same radio performances ? Thanks in advance.

  • Filip

Great phone in all, would love to have one!

  • Anonymous

I thought that the claims about the faked moon shots are not true. I read that Huawei denied it. But actually Huawei didn't deny it. Huawei only denied that they replace the moon with actual moon photos. But they didn't deny that they use machine learning zoom. Machine learning can do whatever the AI wants, a company isn't necessarily able to understand what the AI is doing. The AI was maybe trained on moon photos.
I looked at the translation of the allegations and the arguments seem to be extremely convincing. As far as I understand, Huawei even inserts craters when you take a photo of a blurry moon photo (a photo of a photo).
Furthermore I have compared a published moon jpg of the P40 Pro with a moon jpg of a Canon M50 + 105mm lens. Although the Canon + 105mm lens has nearly 4times as many sensor pixels per lunar crater, the Canon didn't really have more details (only in certain areas) and looked more pixelated.

Miro, 05 May 2020What about Google? There is no Google, no play store? no, and pretty hard to get the needed google services on there, without which some google apps won't work

Who gives a shit how good phone cams are. they are for holiday snaps, and selfies. Paps and pro do not use a phone cam, so they score nothing imo.

  • Miro

Mihaela , 03 May 2020Great phone! Battery life is excellent. It lasts for two days, e... moreWhat about Google? There is no Google, no play store?

  • Mihaela

Great phone! Battery life is excellent. It lasts for two days, even if you using phone all the time. Very good camera. Phone Clone, AppGallery and MoreApps works well for many apps.

Claire Redfield, 06 Apr 2020Exynos is the worst midrange garbage chip that exists. It's a cr... moreyea, agreed. I immediately removed the Samsung S20 Ultra in my choices as Exynos is the only available unit they have in our country. Otherwise I would have to import it from Amazon and lose out on warranty coverage and more taxes. Other SD alternatives here are not just as good as the S20 Ultra really if not for the shitty chip it has that is known for overheating and throttling.

Will they allow telephoto zooming ins 60fps mode instead of just Digital zoom at 60fps?. I don't understand why they dont allow the switching of lenses from main lense to the telephoto lense when recording in 60fps. Can anyone explain why?

it's my favorite smartphone in the world.

  • Guest

Actually, wide-angle photos are better that "normal" ones :-D
They will never do it properly.

  • Anonymous

Why does no one complain about these ridiculous punch hole screens, it really doesn't get worse than this unit.

All of this year's phones are ruined. I'm glad to have the OnePlus 7 Pro which I will hold onto until under display front cameras arrive.

  • Mohit

Best Mobil for you

ypcx, 07 Apr 2020Tom had a different result with battery life - Snapdragon severe... moreI think that Tom's review was before the update.
Anyway, I'm not saying exynos is better than SD,
I was just shocked to see that battery test result.
Exynos was performing even poorer than we expected. Running at 60 degrees(outside temp) while the SD was running at 45 degrees.
That's why I shared it with Nick to know his opinion. But he didn't reply.
I think he's just mad at me.
I can't help it. He's just sharing confusing-illogical information about P40 pro. So, I had to strongly disagree with him.
Anyway I'm really eager to see the new battery test at the end of this month(probably within that time s20 will get another final update for now) by 'Phonebuff'.
I'm guessing Samsung might have lowered the GPU frequency because GPU was causing the trouble.