HTC Touch Cruise review: Happy cruising

04 February 2008
Pocket PCs have been keeping us busy these days. Just as we gave you LG KS20, it's time for our one-on-one with the HTC Touch Cruise. And hey, are those workhorses getting sexier or what. As one of our readers sharply observed, those devices just...

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  • Marton Hamar

Raddedy, 05 Mar 2017where can l get this deviceYou can't. You may want to buy a newer phone.

  • Marton Hamar, 30 Apr 2015How to change my settings languages become english . becaus... moreYou should try to go into Settings. If you can remember which buttons do what, try to find a button for options about the system or general options (I dont know which, I'm an Android user.) Do the same with this menu until you find language options and then select English.

  • Raddedy

where can l get this device


How to change my settings languages become english . because my settings became taiwanese settings pls help me thanks

  • vips1031

I got this HTC Touch Cruise and it just switches-off on its own. Initially I thought the SD Memory card is the problem, but after replacing it, the problem persists.

  • Jehnavi

surprisingly weird..

  • Jehnavi

If you check the reviwes on the net for HTC TYTN 2 or HTC Cruiser (700&600eur) you will find out that those devices are
everywhere rated like a next best thing after the Star Trek Tricorder.
The bare fact they don't have hardware drivers (because HTC never made one) noone even finds out or mentions.

  • Jehnavi

Put simply, its a super-user device, its feature list alone is justification of this. Anyone who uses their device for connecting to mobile and WiFi networks regularly and would also benefit from GPS navigation and mobile email connectivity (Exchange supported) should seriously consider the HTC Touch Cruise.

  • Nick

Couldn't agree more with previous post. I used Touch Pro for 3 days and was lucky to sell it as fast at same price - and get Touch Cruise. Yeah it is QVGA screen but even 1-2 milimeters bigger than the one on TP. Everything else - build quality, weight, one hand usability (REAL D-pad with jog function), is unmatched. If you search for the business WM phone, instead of some desperately-trying-to-beat-IPhone toy - this is the last decent HTC you can get.

  • vlad

The patience is the key.Those between us familiar with xda-developers forum understand that sometimes we need to do some work to make things better.
I have money to buy top of the top...the question is who need this fresh meat with big screens and small capacity batteries.For me the touch cruise is still the best,because the time of really good devices with vga screen is still didnt come.
The HTC Diamond,touch pro looks like sh..t when people touch their screens with the fingers..i prefer stylus.People cry about video playback performance then they try to play full uncoded movies on this tiny device with 400mhz processor...this is so stupid.want to see movies ? buy cowon portable player with vga screen and enjoy...
btw today with new cooked roms this device rocks.

  • bamba


  • Lucian

I have a difficulty in using the built in Cybron Voice commander. Is there anyone else with the same experience? Do anybody have suggestion what kind of voice dial is better?

  • Anonymous

if anyone has this phone can they please tell me if you can listen to music while the GPS application is up.

  • Serge

very glossy screen and frame around it

  • Serge

.mp4 payback performance sucks big time

  • abu jassem

its a phone with bad graphics... :s i dont like the outer shape and their are many bottons under the screen ..

  • Anonymous

You are all familiar with the mess that HTC created to their clients with their latest top priced and high-end PDA devices that are sold without appropriate drivers that will put in use the hardware specified in the device.
I`am not mad about that...
HTC marketing or whoever did this at HTC, will sooner or later face the sword of the market laws or they will simply be sued.
(So far despite the annoncments, they wont develop any HW driver.)

I`am mad about the top "professional" reviewing sites that we read every day and they have a huge "%" in shaping our opinion
as future consumers when they test new industry devices.

If you check the reviwes on the net for HTC TYTN 2 or HTC Cruiser (700&600eur) you will find out that those devices are
everywhere rated like a next best thing after the Star Trek Tricorder.
The bare fact they don't have hardware drivers (because HTC never made one) noone even finds out or mentions.
And you don't need to be an expert to find that out! They are so under-performing and they are so slow!
Quick comparison of those products with few years older products will show the difference immediately.
Its like someone is testing ATI or NVIDIA latest graphics cards without the drivers and RECOMENDS them as top gear!
What the hell they were testing?!!!
Damn I`am so pissed and so disapointed...

PS (No problems without the driver ??)
Some comparisons ...

PS. I was hoping so much for this phone... I`am waiting to see what Toshiba G810 Portege smartphone will offer...

  • afdo

Bad graphics performance
Bad graphics performance
Bad graphics performance

  • Beastage

oh no... I was afraid of this review... so won't be getting it...

The peeling paint is unacceptable after 1 week of use, in 1 month it will be hideous! , add on top the bad graphics performance... I'll wait for something else.

  • 13BT

The issue with video playback and things IS indeed a driver issue.

I am wanting to get my hands on this phone but would love it if they could fix the damn missing display driver beforehand! So the phone performance is up to par as it should be!!!!