HTC Touch Cruise review: Happy cruising

04 February 2008
Pocket PCs have been keeping us busy these days. Just as we gave you LG KS20, it's time for our one-on-one with the HTC Touch Cruise. And hey, are those workhorses getting sexier or what. As one of our readers sharply observed, those devices just...

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  • Christov

"I'm fourth!!!" (Does that really matter?)
Anyhow I've used the o2 variant of this phone= the Xda Orbit II and to be honest I didn't like it
Screen wasn't responsive, I tapped, tapped some more, eventually stabbing it. At which point; it worked.

  • Anonymous

lg ks20 is superior to this. But i realised that windows mobile only gives 65k to phones, hmm..., hopefully the new windows would support more.

  • nick


nice phone, content with my N95 though. Still the winner out of everything else on the market i feel.

  • Anonymous

surprisingly weird...

2nd to post!!

  • nokiadict

Nice Phone but the fact that the display is almost illegible under sunlight is a minus, pitty.


1srt Dude