Huawei Mate Xs review

13 May 2020

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I like this device, and how its screen could get small or big by folding it. Sadly the price is just very steep at the moment. This is indeed for those rich guys / early adopters, haha. Hopefully in the coming years it would be cheaper. But also hope they could improve the durability of the device, cause by the looks of it, an accidental drop or scratch from the pocket keys would cause more damage than regular flagship smartphones we see today which has very durable scratch resistant finishes just like the ceramic body of the P40 pro plus.

How many month does this baby last. And what are the things that tends to spoil on this 📱

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Anonymous, 06 Jul 2020It seems whole review isnt about Mate Xs self but how it is... moreThe Galaxy fold design will die. It's for folding phones what windows mobile was to early smartphones. A dead end. The actual solution is to wait for the tech to mature so that we may not need protection for screens and *then* we'd see the Huawei's thing being done en masse.

I mean what's wrong with smartphone makers? We went from not needing cases to absolutely need them. It's a major step back that they have not developed reliability as they were developing phones' uses.

IMO the big next step it would be on materials. Once that happens it would enable folding phones for real. Mate X series is a taste of the future but with too many problems. Reminds of the initial iphone. Great concept, bad realization (you could do almost nothing with that dumbphone).

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It seems whole review isnt about Mate Xs self but how it is superrior against Galaxy fold, how bad Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Why you must buy MateXs, how hard Huawei worked on that thing.

In review had been told screen is totally flat when unfolded but it is a cheap lie.
You can even see that at pictures...
And other lies continues among the review....

I think myself, both matexs and fold ugly, useless, meanless, stupid things...
But if I had to choose one then it would be Fold.
Because Huawei's way about folding is fail, there is no way you can protect screen, it will got damaged afterall.
Much more...
A-symetric design is total disaster...
There is no word to explain how ugly MateXs look like when its folded.
You can use Fold while half folded but that is impossible with MateXs, contra folding gives you only one possibility...
Which is semi-dual screen...
But Fold has already one while folded...

Sorry saying that but this review is more like a PR advertisement rather than real one.
A real review must be subjective about pros and cons, of course editor may tell about his/her feelings and personal experience about product but not like facts...

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ool, 25 May 2020 crazy development, how smart is to have a soft display wra... moreNot a problem if you install screen protectors though

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crazy development, how smart is to have a soft display wrapped around the device

Surely they can't seriously expect people to pay those prices? Significantly more than double the price of the Samsung equivalent?

You guys have to realize Huawei occupies no real estate in the minds of most American consumers. This argument is tossed around by the minority. The majority of Americans don't visit sites like this or tech tube channels to check out phones coming next year or to read about 5g wars. They focus on the phone they have.

Most people have an opinion about apple. Most Americans have no feeling about Huawei. They don't know they exist. I dont even think I've seen a Huawei laptop in Best Buy and they aren't banned. trump has made his issue with China. I dont recall him ever speaking the words Huawei. This 5g issue is the most exposure they've gotten in America.

No one is going to convince Americans their iPhone is anything other than a luxury device. The majority of them are happy with their phones. Side loading or not side loading is not even a choice. Its a issue that doesn't exist for most Americans.

  • Robert

sandro, 19 May 2020Save yourself the effort. Most if not all comments concerni... moreYou are incorrect.

I got the p40 Lite. Huawei actively had blocked all the side loading of options as they are found. Previously you could use a number of techniques, like restoring a backup but the latest version of their backup software won't let you do it. It maybe possible but it is not trivial and not in the realm of normal people anymore and on this trajectory it won't be possible without custom firmware soon.

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Yeah, the thing is: even with GMS installed, push notifications are mostly hit-or-miss.

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jmdeviveirosf, 17 May 2020It´s very easy to put in the Google Mobile Services..... moreSave yourself the effort. Most if not all comments concerning GMS are not about finding a solution or asking a question but rather trolling. It's common knowledge now that one can easily sideload Google on any new Hiawei phone and that most important Apps actually work without having GMS by a simple workaround. Trolls can't stay quiet otherwise they won't be trolls.

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How is this even relevant. You are comparing apples and bananas (pun intended). This is a unique phone. No iPhone (or any other Android phone) comes even close to its experience.

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JDK, 18 May 2020If you had 4 people in your family, you could buy an upcomi... moreExactly !

AnonD-754814, 18 May 2020One person can buy Galaxy fold along with an iPhone 11pro a... moreIf you had 4 people in your family, you could buy an upcoming iPhone 12 max for each of them.

Or, you could buy an iPhone SE for each people in TWO 4-people families.

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AnonD-926702, 18 May 2020and yet the chinese OEMs try so hard and desperate to enter... moreSo?

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Anonymous, 15 May 2020In Russia, many have this phone, they bought also folded mo... moreand yet the chinese OEMs try so hard and desperate to enter the western market, the western market is the biggest market by a long shot, the people are wealthier and can afford more stuff hence why Xioami is happy to sell their crappy mi10 for 1000 euro in germany while selling it for around 500 in china and the rest of asia. It's simple math dude, people got more money so they can and do spend more cash. Why do you think apple sells their stuff so extremely expensive in china or india? They know that most people there cant afford it but the ones that can afford it have more than enough, the distribution of wealth in those country are still ridiculous and there like 10% of super rich and 90 % of people who can't even afford a 200 dollar low end phone

S Yu, 17 May 2020Since when has Huawei shied away from dubious marketing? If... moreHuh? They never said they used a glass on this phone nor implied so.

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One person can buy Galaxy fold along with an iPhone 11pro and go to a vacation date with the same amount of money the Huawei fold costs.
3300$ lowest price !
4500$ on Amazon.

It´s very easy to put in the Google Mobile Services... everybody can find instructions on you tube

Since when has Huawei shied away from dubious marketing? If they completely walked around the term "glass", it means they have not a shred of glass in that screen, unlike the Z Flip.