Huawei P40 Pro long-term review

27 May 2020

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Shoeb, 04 Jun 2022Huawei P40 is best ... If you are a Huawei user than Google... moreYes I can confirm that. This is the best phone I never had. That's why I will wait the P70.

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    • Anonymous
    • pRi
    • 26 Sep 2022

    P40 pro is still camera King. even S22 ultra Photos are worse sometimes. Selfies with 3dtof are way superior. Dunno why no one includes it anymore.
    And with googlefier google works like 95%.

    PLEASE, smartphone company's, build more phones like this !!!

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      • Shoeb
      • g3U
      • 04 Jun 2022

      Huawei P40 is best ... If you are a Huawei user than Google is not an issue, infact having Google authority in phone is an issue.

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        • MUBEEN
        • f3h
        • 10 May 2022

        Say what you want... playstore is a issue...everytime theres a update on clash of clan... i have to wait for the latest apk to load it.... i cant do in app purchases in the game cause i dont have playstore. i have to go to my samsung phone and buy from there. its a great phone but i think the screen is way too small. are the hassle of not having playstore worth it.. i dont think so... i think the san\msung note 20 ultra was a way better option with a way bigger screen.

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          • Blerim
          • 3kg
          • 21 Feb 2022

          Huawei P40 Pro, the best phone anyone can have.
          Long life battery, perfect design, optimal performance. All these features for a good price.
          as a matter of google play, i dont need google play, because i will always use Huawei and i will transfer the same app through cloning.

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            • Paul
            • n2y
            • 23 Oct 2021

            In Timisoara you take the night pic?

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              • Timothy
              • 6rp
              • 02 Jul 2021

              I am really satisfied with the p40 pro... I can easily side load APK files for apps, no need to have google play store. The camera is superb, the battery time is decent.

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                • NSR
                • XWD
                • 11 Jun 2021

                So far sooooo gooooood. !!
                Only issue is can't sync with google contact.
                Thnx to Gspace and Petal search !!

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                  • Khalifa Aurakzai
                  • FSx
                  • 10 Jun 2021

                  Sir I am network errors issue in 8 ball pool game on huawie y6p plz help me tnx

                    Thank you GSMARENA! you guys have gone beyond to review phones and have covered almost all of the areas I as a someone interested in phone tech looks for in a review.

                    I wonder why no one has brought up the subject of a lack of updates being released to AppGallery? When using APKPURE you will often see apps showing availability of new updates but huawei appgallery shows nothing? Also I found Apkpure to have duplicate apps present.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • YUU
                      • 08 Mar 2021

                      It's very good phone and no playstore but can use just download them petal search to do it all software I hv been used it ever no YouTube on the AppGallery site this is what I have it all this after that u can hv it all

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                        • Patrick Tan
                        • bJb
                        • 08 Mar 2021

                        Zayed , 07 Dec 2020Can you share how to do that? U can try petal search from Yr AppGallery account n check n.all the software n like waze, opera and everything hv it here

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                          • Zayed
                          • nC6
                          • 07 Dec 2020

                          Paul-RP12, 28 May 2020There is no problem installing and integrating GMS and the ... moreCan you share how to do that?

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                            • Mark
                            • 7Qj
                            • 28 Sep 2020

                            Paul-RP12, 28 May 2020There is no problem installing and integrating GMS and the ... morecan you tell me how you did this i have the same firmware etc but ive tried for 6 hrs not joy - could you email me details or post a link on here

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                              • anythink
                              • Kig
                              • 05 Aug 2020

                              Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020instead of google-huawei will spy on youdont forget apple

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                                • Sg76
                                • nFM
                                • 03 Aug 2020

                                p40pro+, 08 Jun 2020Im waiting for P40 Pro+ review (with 240mm tele). These are... moreNo phone will replace dslr for me.

                                I'll stick with full frame and option to change lenses for as long as possible.
                                Can't beat quality of good optics.

                                Not seen sports shooters, fashion photography or wedding photographers using phones camera instead😏 of cameras.

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                                  • Trustcrusher
                                  • 0mq
                                  • 01 Aug 2020

                                  Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020instead of google-huawei will spy on youAmerican and national enforcement and secret services can impact my life with the data google spied from me, the chinese can't. If the latter become a legitimate factor in my country i will be concerned, but until then huawei spying on me is irrelevant.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • LiQ
                                    • 31 Jul 2020

                                    trustcrusher, 30 Jul 2020I am considering getting the P40 pro for some time for 2 ma... moreinstead of google-huawei will spy on you

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                                      • trustcrusher
                                      • SdG
                                      • 30 Jul 2020

                                      I am considering getting the P40 pro for some time for 2 main reasons: 1) the best phone on the market overall; and 2) free of google spying;
                                      However, there is an important point, which has not been addressed by any review anywhere so far, and that is the mobile banking apps. I am tired of reading about how to run the BS social media apps on the "no-google" phones, but banking is something else. Obviously, you can't trust you credit and debit card security to third parties, no matter how "trustworthy" they may seem.
                                      Can someone confirm whether google somehow intermediates, secures and most importantly authenticates the connection with the banks' servers? What I mean is will I get the apps "officially" working if i download them as apk's from playstore and install manually on the p40 pro?

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                                        • Jarret
                                        • vV5
                                        • 10 Jun 2020

                                        RAM, 30 May 2020Should I buy note 10 plus or Huawei p40 pro You should prefer to Samsung S 20