Sony Xperia 10 II review

8 June 2020

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  • Jeeva Sundar

Sally, 23 May 2021I really enjoy watching films through my Xperia 10 ii. It&#... moreHow is performance tell me

  • Jeeva Sundar

Sally, 23 May 2021I really enjoy watching films through my Xperia 10 ii. It&#... moreHello brother ,how is performance the Xperia 10 ii ,how many hours battery life single charge ,any problems this phone please tell me

  • Sally

I really enjoy watching films through my Xperia 10 ii. It's really amazing for film. Sound quality is pretty amazing as well with headphones. It's a perfect phone for my daily usage. I love Sony.

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021Xperia 10 III seems to fix most of problems with Xperia 10 ... morewell I'm not sure about the stereo setups, there is no mention of it in the official specs from Sony, most probably it's a mono speaker.

  • Anonymous

Xperia 10 III seems to fix most of problems with Xperia 10 II model:

Stereo speakers finally!
4500mAh battery with 30W fast charging

  • Suniel

Dominique, 30 Nov 2020Speakers' volume is not loud enough.It hangs sometime, speaker's volume is not proper and loud enough. Comparing with other mobile phones in this budget, this sony Xperia 10 ii is not worth.

  • ZcDanny

The design it's nice the feeling of holding good. But the camera is poor and the waterproof resistance is week, already returned and change one phone because the water destroyed my power button. Even the xperia z2 had better camera in photos than z10 II

  • Trump

vionw2, 05 Jan 2021Chrome occasionally hangs, but I can live with that. The fi... moreThen dont open them?.

Chrome occasionally hangs, but I can live with that. The fingerprint sensor works about 1/3rd of the time, but I can live with that too. For some reason, you cannot uninstall the abominable Facebook and Netflix apps that come pre-bundled with the phone, but fine, if I close my eyes, cross my legs, and repeat "Om" to myself over and over while listening to gentle nature sounds, I can maybe just barely manage to accept that as well.

The one thing I cannot stand about this phone, the insufferable flaw that makes me want to throw it out the window, is the absolutely worthless camera(s): every time I try to take a picture there is a 2-3 second delay before the picture is taken - you can guess how well that works for me when I'm trying to take a picture of my baby - and even when I'm taking pictures of static objects, the result is far from satisfactory. This is simply inexcusable in this price range and in 2020: I have owned cheaper phones than this that took better pictures in the mid 2010s. Instead of wasting resources on multiple sensors and lenses which are for the most part useless, they should stick to making a single decent quality sensor and lens.

Its only redeeming qualities are the Gorilla Glass 6 screen and the water/dust resistance.

  • KO

No call quality test or mentions in this review? It is a PHONE as well..! ;-)

  • Kedilkk

Milo Benz, 19 Nov 2020I left Samsung S10e for this phone because of battery life ... moreWhat about video?

Max, 23 Nov 2020What problems with speaker Speakers' volume is not loud enough.

  • Max

Dominique, 17 Jul 2020Quite satisfied with this phone with some bits of downsides... moreWhat problems with speaker

I left Samsung S10e for this phone because of battery life and I'm very happy. Xperia 10 II is a great phone and I would highly recommend it. The screen is bright, UI is fluid and fast, the build is solid and battery life is excellent. The phone feels great to hold and can be easily operated with one hand - just the way it should be. On many days I finish with 40% or more battery charge left, never less than 30%. The charger is not fast but we all sleep at least 4 hours per night so why should I worry about charging speed if the battery can last the whole day? Software is clean and very well done. It includes Sony's exclusive Multi Window option to lounch multiple apps simultaneously. Works great but coming from Samsung you will be disappointed. Samsung offers excellent browser, calendar and email client that beat competition hands down. The browser was possible to install on Sony but I'm having trouble finding calendar and email client that can even come close to Samsung's apps in security, usability and speed. Also, Xperia 10 II does not offer HDMI output as part of the USB OTG package, this is something I wish GSMArena review told us. Samsung Dex made me ditch my laptop 2 years ago and I could stop buying laptops or desktops since.... Other than that, I think Sony is onto something with making IP68 rated one hand phones that offer great battery life. Samsung missed a beat there while Apple is joining the trend. Too bad Apple is so greedy and thank you Sony for this little gem of a phone.

  • Curious

A question for users of the Xperia 10 ii: Do you experience any issue like the camera shutting down due to overheating? I suffered this issue in the Xperia XZ I had years ago, so I am wary if new Sony phones have this issue too. The Xperia 10 ii price has dropped a bit, so I am thinking of getting one as second phone. Thanks.

  • Vaske

I am using this phone since August and I am really satisfied. Phone works really fast and there was not a single bug what so ever until this day. Battery is just great, while I use phone very often for Youtube, it EASILY lasts a whole day. I usually charge it every second night, when using it regularly. I'm in love with it's 21:9 screen, it's slim and tall, feels really nicely in the hand. Camera is not the best, but you certainly can't expect a perfect camera between mid-rangers. It has 4 GB of RAM which is enough for every app out there. Chipset could be better, but also enough for normal users. If you want a crazy procesor, you will go with some flagship anyway. Overall 8/10 for me, since it could certainly be a little bit cheaper.

  • hashim17

Used the phone since June, good - OS as close as stock android; bad - torchlight light is washed out, speakers very soft, will feel laggy if you have a lot of app installed. This phone launch 3 months prior to pixel 4a, should have waited for pixel 4a

  • Anonymous

Jonas, 04 Sep 2020I'm very happy with this phone. Not being either a gar... moreAny ghost touch issues?

  • Anonymous

Any ghost touch issues with this phone? That's the issue with my XA2 Ultra. Have had it for 2 years and it acts up every once in a while. Have just gotten used to it since it works well and serves its purpose aside from that.

  • Newbie with xperia

I have bunch of QC2.0, QC3.0 compatible chargers and a power bank. All these seem charging the xperia 10 II with similar speed as the original charger. Looking on the recomended quick charger by Sony it seems to be USB PD compliant. With an old Lumia 950 charger it seems significantly faster.

I am not able to find the CQ3.0 mentioned in any official specs, which could explain why the above happens.

I have not yet tried with any USB PD compatible charger to see