Huawei P40 Pro+ review

10 June 2020

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  • Kev

There is a trick to turn off the upscaling and the cropping of the telephoto cameras. However, I am not sure if it works on anything other than my own P30 Pro.

What I do on my P30 Pro is use Pro mode, and crank the format to RAW. In this mode, there is no crop and also no upscaling, as the 5x is now the native 125mm and 8MP in resolution. I believe the P40 Pro/Mate 40 Pro offers the same result, and the P40 Pro+/Mate 40 Pro+ would offer two variants of this: 80mm and 240mm.

One warning: the OIS does not kick in when you use this mode.

  • AnonD-973296

Consumer: hi! i would like to buy a new Huawei
Storekeeper: ok! which one?
Customer: The Huawei P40 Pro 10x Super Zoom Ultra 5G.
Storekeeper: Im sorry a what now?

  • Anonymous

Huawei could make their own OS rather than depending on Android if they're willing to invest in app development market

Top model top phone. The best camera in the world.

ypcx, 01 Jul 2020> When it comes to zoom last year's P30 series won&... moreBecause those "Youtube videos" definitely go in-depth and do image quality analysis by blowing up the image at 100%, right?

P30 Pro' telephoto lens don't fare well in backlight conditions nor in low light. P40 Pro+ performs much better here on the other hand. Why? Because it actually has a working auto HDR and uses BM3D NR to more efficiently get rid of noises.

Yes, I know, P30 Pro has some minor edge in resolution between 5x and 10x, but at below 5x P40 Pro+ continuously outperforms P30 Pro thanks to intermediate telephoto lens and more mature image processing. It's simply a better phone for zooming, and by "better" I mean like significantly superiour.

Nick Tagataka, 11 Jun 2020Double the maximum reach, far superiour intermediate zoom q... more> When it comes to zoom last year's P30 series won't even come close to this one.

that's not what the youtube reviews have been showing.

  • Rlyt vlogs

Enjoying my one now!
Need to explore more to use this properly for the features to extend its capacity to the fullest!

  • Billyc

Why Lg V60 is not in the comparison? It's value preposition is something to beat in 2020, yet not getting the deserving highlight!!!!

  • Anonymous

I think that the autofocus failed when gsmarena took the moon photo. On YouTube there is a reliable source which showed slightly better results from the P40 Pro Plus.

  • Naeim

U didnt talk about reverse wireless charging , is it charging wirelessly another phones at 27w? Can u plz tell me about that ? bcz i heard at least 10w reverse chargin on mi 10 pro

  • Rana Adil Hussain

Very nice looking

Mikethebike, 14 Jun 2020I have a Mate 30 pro without GMS I have the Google maps ap... moreAll these arguments started due to higher rating given and this rating should be generalized, not with one individuals thought. Same way if you are not using Facebook, Gmail or Google Maps it's fine, it's your choice but billions of people in this world are using them.
Another argument is that you can side loading, yes but how many can do this? So again it's not a general approach.

Many other doing joke about HMS without knowing anything in depth.

So in general it's not worth $1500 phone and the rating given is not what this device deserves. And keep in mind apart from Camera nothing is new and innovative.

... Healthy Living

  • Alex

Black Mamba , 17 Jun 2020Dslr is not intended to be used in Auto mode. In variety o... moreAre you trying to convince me or yourself? LOL
You don't even know that almost every shooting mode on a DSLR is automatic or semi-automatic (Tv, Av, Auto, Program, Scenes). You don't even know that most people use these modes, even professional photographers. You don't even know that you have the option to choose RAW, JPEG, TIFF ... You don't even know that, if you choose RAW, for most photos is enough a couple of clicks and sliders adjustments and that you can automate the process.
How much time you think a professional photographers spend editing, if they need a couple of hours for every photo and they shot 1200 photos on the wedding?
Wanna talk about who is born what?

  • Black Mamba

Alex, 17 Jun 2020If this is not a professional photography, why the obsessio... moreDslr is not intended to be used in Auto mode.
In variety of scenarios, smartphone giving same quality in Auto mode.

Unless you shoot in RAW and put in the hours editing it, you ain't getting a better photo quality out of a Dslr than a smartphone with computational photography.

People using smartphones have already clicked a picture and uploaded it or send it to someone while Dslr junkies are busy cleaning lenses, worried about carrying all that bulk and tuning manual settings to get perfect shot.
The perfect shot has already sailed away before the photographer gets it.
As usual, for professionals only, not for consumers

Do you understand practicality or were you born du*b?

SpiritWolf, 13 Jun 2020For me it's easy. Even if Chinese company spying on me, it ... moreIt's looks like u love china very much. Instead of referring many other things (cause this is not that forum), leme give you latest example of ZOOM a company based in USA but chinese owner and having servers in china obey Chinese Govt order and shuts down one activists account. Other than that it's proven security and data breaching issues with ZOOM.

So it's dangerous to believe in China, their talk and act is always different. I do rather believe in terrorist than China, cause I know that I m talking to terrorist and what they talk and act is same.

I can't dream with open eyes so
.... Happy living

  • Alex

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2020Enjoy your Dslr bulk where you spend hours on a single phot... moreIf this is not a professional photography, why the obsession with cameras on phones?
By the way ... "spend hours on a single photo in RAW mode" "since it sucks in Auto mode"?!?!? LOL ... You don't know much about cameras and photography, don't you?

  • Anonymous

Alex, 17 Jun 2020Show me one of your awesome photos you took on your way to ... moreEnjoy your Dslr bulk where you spend hours on a single photo in RAW mode just to get the best photo out of your camera since it sucks in Auto mode compared to image stacking camera smartphones where you simply don't need any editing.

This isn't professional photography pal.
You are on the wrong forum.

I have a question about the tripod which use To make the phone more steady to shoot video Huawei p 40 pro plus

  • Bdk

I want to know the name of the tripod in the video of Huawei p 40 pro plus to use it to talk steady video

  • Alex

Hans, 15 Jun 2020A moot point! You always have your phone on you and you nev... moreShow me one of your awesome photos you took on your way to the grocery, when you needed a quick snap, but you didn't have a camera with you, only your phone. Go ahead.
By the way, for a quick snap, a $100-$150 phone is sufficient. For a good photo, you need a real camera and some knowledge about what a good photo is.
And by the way, wherever cameras on phone will be in a few years, rest assured that they'll still be far behind real cameras.